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28-08-2008, 21:33
Hi guys this is my 2k list of daemons, hopefully it incorporates all the good stuff about daemons like big gribblies, good magic and great combat ability, anyway ...

Herald of Nurgle 205
Palanquin, Slime Trail, Noxious Vapours

3 Bloodcrushers 210

Herald of Khorne 165
Jugger, Armour of Khorne,

16 Plaguebearers 222

20 Bloodletters 270

2 x Herald of Tzeentch 290
Power Vortex

2 x 14 Horrors - 336

3 Beasts of Nurgle 300

The plaguebearers team up with bloodcrushers to hold flank and destroy tough enemy units like ironbreakers or chosen,. the bloodletters try and kill slightly weaker units with the help of the beasts if needs be, if not the beasts run round making "friends" with cavalry, fast cavalry skirmishers ect. The horrors with the herald release the magic assault targeting artillery and shooting primarily and when both armies get stuck in they can hold off and deflect charges ect ...

what do you think?



29-08-2008, 09:08
I would trim down the plaguebearers and blootletters, freeing up points to give the PB a standard of seeping decay and maybe one of the horrors an icon of sorcery.

Bloodcrushers without a herald ... be careful with them :p

29-08-2008, 15:21
Interesting list however i'd run it with

Herald of Nurgle with BSB and Banner of Unholy Victory

Herald of Khorne with Firestorm Blade or Spellbreaker/Soul Hunger against High Elves.

2 Bloodcrushers 3 50mm bases makes the unit far too hard to move and wheel around.

16 Plaguebearers FC

16 Bloodletters - FC

2 x Herald of Tzeentch - 1 to take Spellbreaker if your Khorne Herald doesnt and i'd prefer to see a Master of Socery just so you can tailor your magic phase a bit depending on who your facing.

Use the points saved to increase your horror units up to 18+ this will make them lvl 2 and give you a chance at casting their spell without using your base dice... Also if you can get a gift of Chaos off it can be devastating.

I'd also trim back the Beasts too 2 models as well and add in some furies possibly or find a few spare points for flesh Hounds to give you some more speed and reach.

You seem to have a primarily infantry force as well have you considered dropping the bloodcrushers and taking a unit of flamers to give you some shooting as you advance? Could cause a bit of damage and remove a rank or 2 from a key unit before you engage and has a better chance to go threw than magic.

Anyway thats just a few points... Play a few games and let us know how you go.

29-08-2008, 22:14
Thanks for the replies flamewave and yves, i see your points are fairly similar but i will say this,

the herald runs with the bloodcrushers giving them hatred and some more attacks priceless, i am predicting one casualty due to shooting from the unit, so that i will atlest get 6 WS5 S5 attacks and 7 WS 5/7 S6 attacks, killing blow, pretty darn hard if you ask me.

i see your point with 20 Bloodletters and 20 Plaguebearers, 20 is partly for looks and partly to have at least 15 by the time i get in combat, then i can flank tough troops with my bigger stuff.

i think i will probably keep the list as it is, seeing as i have already made movement trays and bought models hopefully i can get this army on the table quite quickly (if i have enough cash lol)