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Andrew Taon
28-08-2008, 22:43
Here is a list I've been playing for a while to a decent level of success (winning a lot more than I lose but more like 50-50 against serious tourney players). The overall army fits my style of play having a mix of solid Cavalry, Infantry, and Shooters. I like the flexibility of this list. I'm interested if some vets can see some oversight on my part where I can min/max more than I am...I can see a few places where I should be able to change things up for good and am wondering if others see these same things.

Grand Master w/ Dawn Armor
9 Reiksguard Knights w/ Champion, Steel Standard, Musician

10 Reiksguard Knights w/ Champion, War Banner, Musician

Warrior Priest w/ Great Hammer, Armor of Meteoric Iron
30 Spearmen w/ Shields, Standard, Musician
8 Free Company

Captain w/ Sword of Might, Full Plate, Enchanted Shield
29 Swordsmen w/ Standard, Musician
8 Free Company

10 Handgunners

10 Huntsmen

5 Pistoliers

Great Cannon
Great Cannon

Hellblaster Volley Gun
Hellblaster Volley Gun

Lev. 2 Wizard w/ Dispel Scroll x 2

28-08-2008, 23:08
I see no reason to use spearmen... I enjoy using greatswords with my warrior priest, great weapons with hatred is awesome... Also I think the huntsmen is a waste of points... And maybe give the grandmaster Laurels of Victory, they are awesome, but if you wanna keep him cheap he is fine as he is...

Andrew Taon
29-08-2008, 10:50
I have often considered dropping the spearmen and five swordsmen for a unit of greatswords. They can really outfight another army's average unit and their stubborn rule ensures that they'll stick around against elite units. I think you're right about the laurels of victory, they really ensure his unit is breaking other units in combat like it needs to be. The huntsmen are really worth their weight in gold. They prevent march moves on the flank I position my shooting and can help against pesky war machines I don't want to/can't deal with with my cannons. On paper they look terrible, but they allow my other units to shine.

29-08-2008, 14:52
Ohh they are scouts? I forgot you could do that to the stupid archers... Well then they are usable...
Consider making the knights 6 broad (maybe add 2 to lords unit, and drop 4 off other unit)... 6 broad is the optimal versus small infantry armies, and the 1 ranks is not worth aspiring for, but outnumber and able to take lots of wounds... Anyways you can also go with the current set up and just deploy them 6 broad...
and why 8 detechments? 4 broad? I use 9 and deploy them 3x3...
Cosinder putting your wizard in the fast cavalary... I love them mobility they provide, and being able to flee 3d6 and possibly rally and move afterwards, but they should have a musician...
Anyways try out the greatswords with a warrior priest... They are awesome...