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29-08-2008, 09:24
i wrote this list up just for the sake of it. tell mne what you think of it and how i could imporve it.:)

Bloodthirster Goremane=515
- Immortal Fury
- Armour of Khorne
- Firestorm Blade

Cadaver, Herald of Nurgle=240
- Noxious Vapours
- Nurgles Rot
- Battle Standard Bearer
- Great Standard of Sundering

14 Plaguebearers=223 (Cadaver goes here)
- Full Command
- Standard of Seeping Decay
15 Bloodletters=210
- Full Command
15 Bloodletters=210
- Full Command
6 Furies=72

5 Flesh Hounds=175
5 Flesh Hounds=175
5 Flesh Hounds=250
- Karanak, Hound of Vengence

1 Bloodcrusher=90
- Bloodreaper
1 Bloodcrusher=90
- Bloodreaper

29-08-2008, 14:54
Ok lets see about some feedback for this list....

Bloodthrister - almost the perfect set up and I believe it is against everyone except the high elves with they're dragon armour making them immune to fire attacks... Because of them i'd generally take the Obsidian Armour, Immortal Fury and then either Axe of Khorne for character killing or a Spellbreaker just so you can stop a possible game winning spell from going off.

Herald nice build especially with the Sundering Standard should help dampen the enemies magic somewhat.

plaguebearers - nice i'd add 3-4 models to the unit just to make sure they're around for awhile.

Bloodletters - I've found they don't really pack enough punch without a Khorne herald instead i'd use those as flanking units and drop the standards and champions and use the points to increase the Plaguebearers or add a few more Furies to your unit.

Furies good the bloodthrister can't be everywhere at once use them to support him and try and stay within ld range as long as possible so if you do lose a combat they don't just vapourise due to their poor ld.

Flesh Hounds well I'm still playing around with these people keep praising them and their pretty good however I think 2 units is enough so I'd drop the 3rd one including Karanak as he really is just a waste of points for his price you can get 3 flesh hounds which are far better.

Bloodcrushers - good supporting unit i'd swap out the champion upgrade to a musician so you don't get stuck in a challenge you want to kill models with these and the musician will make sure you don't lose if you manage a draw to a unit that has a musician making you at least being able to take out any annoying fast cavalry units.

With the points saved from dropping the 3rd Flesh Hound unit i'd either get a unit of Seekers with Full command and Siren Standard to go after missile and warmachine crew as well as running down lone mages.


a unit of Nurglings if you wanted to stick with your Khorne Nurgle Theme.

Anyway thats about it for my 2 cents.... Play test it a few times and let me know how it goes.

30-08-2008, 22:11
as the poster above said you may also consider dropping the champion status on the crushers so you can kamikaze mages/gimp hero's who are in units if needed