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29-08-2008, 17:04
The temple was quiet... forest was quite... all of Lustria was quiet... because deep in the heart of a temple city a slann was drunk...

A terrified skink preist did his best his calm his master, "I'm sure they meant well Fatius Toadius. They love you, and we love you. Now how about you give me that bottle..."

The skink narrowly ducked in time to the avoid the bottle the smashes against the gold encrusted wall behind him. "Nnno! Theey abanduuned mee... those ********** BASTARDS! Iii'll make them pay... Nnnno! Whho neeeds theem... not mee!"

Fatius Toadius, 2nd generation slann of old ones, and ruler of the city, fell forward off his golden throne and smacked his head as his fell to the ground.

Still worried about his masters wrath the skink poked the slann with his staff to see if he was ok. With a rancid burp and then the beginning of a loud snore, the skink was able to wipe the sweat from his brow.

Everything was going to be ok...

"GARRAGHH!!!" It was a warning call from one of the kroxigor! The city was under attack!

Running to the window Uselessius Priestus confirmed his fear as he saw the columns of empire march towards the city and in the distance cannons were setting up to knock down their defences. They had to be stopped!

Looking back at the snoring (who was now laying in a pool of his own regurgitated bile) Uselessius knew he would have to lead the armies himself.

After giving Fatius a swift kick in the head the skink priest grabbed his helmet and rushed out of the temple and to the army of saurus and other lizards awaiting his command.

So I had a 3000 point game with my lizardemen against my friends empire yesterday.

Since this is the same empire player that has had to bear the brunt of my vampires attacks I decided to try something different and go combat heavy.

This was my list:

Scarvet on coldone w/ itzl, tepok, light armor, shield, burning blade
Scarvet on coldone w/ itzl, tepok, light armor, shield, piranha blade
Scarvet w/ tepok, sotek, light armor, shield, greatweapon, jaguar charm
Skink chief w/ sotek, light armor, shield, cloak of feathers, sword of might
Skink priest w/ diadem of power

20 Saurus w/ full command
20 Saurus w/ full command
10 skinks w/ scout
10 skinks
10 skinks
10 skinks

6 saurus cav w/ banner blessed banner
6 saurus cav w/ banner warbanner
3 Terradons
3 Terradons
6 Chameleon skinks

3 Salamanders

His army was: (I can correct this if he sends me his list)

Arch lector w/ dawn armor and a magical weapon that gives +2 str on a war alter
Lvl 4 mage w/ seal of destruction (light)
BSB w/ giffin banner, full plate, on a barded steed
Warrior priest w/ full plate, barded steed great weapon
Warrior priest w/ full plate, barded steed great weapon
Lvl 2 mage (light)

9 Inner circle knights w/ full command
20 Flagellants w/ prophet of doom
25ish halbrediers w/ full command
detachment of 10 halbrediers
detachment of 5 crossbowmen
25ish halbrediers w/ full command
detachment of 10 halbrediers
detachment of 5 crossbowmen
10 huntsmen

Great cannon
Great cannon

Steam tank
Rocket battetry

The board was 6X4 and there was a hill in the back of his deployment zone with a forrest on either flank (for those looking at the picture, the trees were left out to make it easier, so there is just the base). There was a small hill on my left flank and forest on the right, and a piece of impassable terrain on my far right flank.

I deployed from left to right: warbanner cav w/ piranha scarvet to the left of the left hill, to the right of the hill was a unit of jav skinks w/ chief and terradons behind, stegadon, saurus, salamanders w/ priest, saurus w/ jaguar scarvet, stegadon, behind the forest on the right was a unit of blowpipe skinks and terradons, then to the right of the forest was the blessed banner cav w/ burning blade scar vet, and on the far right flank (out of picture) was another unit of jav skinks.

He deployed from left to right: knights w/ warrior priest between the forest and the hill, on the hill there was a cannon, rocket battery and halbredier block w/ warrior priest and lord mage, in front of the hill was the arch lector, both detachments of halbrediers, then a halbredier block w/ BSB and hero mage. Behind and to the right of that unit were the detachments of crossbowmen, and to their right was the flagellants and the stank with the cannon behind. Finally the giant was on the far right flank.

He won the roll for scouts and put the huntsmen in the trees to the right of his deployment zone, and then I put the chameleon skinks in the right trees by his stank and giant, and the scouting jav skinks at the edge of my own forest.


He won the roll for first turn.

Pre-game thoughts: This should be a fun fight. Not having magic allows me to take a lot of hard hitting units and I still have a good amount of DD from all the tepok. The stank had me worried as my LM never do well against it, but with two boltthrowers I might get lucky. This is my first time against the war alter... and all I know is that I have to stop its free spell to hurt everything around it... I'd like to smash it with the jaguar scarvet, but that could go bad fast depending on how he is equiped. Other than that the plan is to bait with skinks and smash with my cav.

Turn 1 Empire:

Stank makes 4 steam points. All combat units move forward but make sure to stay out of charge range. Huntsmen move to the edge of the forest. In the magic phase he makes his unit unbreakable and I stop the rest. In the shooting phase the stank fired on the cav on the right but barely over-shot. Right cannon misfired and can't be used next turn either. Rocket battery scatters and kills one handler. Left cannon makes up for the other warmachines and kills my left stegadon, so only the crew are left. Arrows do nothing.


Turn 1 Lizards:

Chameleon skinks fail their terror and run away from the closest terror causing unit which is the stank. Stupidity is passed. Salamanders move up, and the saurus and stegadon edge up. The crew from the dead stegadon move in front of the left saurus. Left skinks move up and chief moves out of the unit to be just behind. Left cav swing around to face the center of the board. Skinks in the right trees move in front of the stank and giant, and the skinks that had been behind the trees take there place. Skinks on far right flank (out of picture) run up. Left terradons move in front of knights and right terradons fly to the far right flank (out of picture).

*Ok... this was what I was thinking with these moves. If the giant charged the skinks they would die and I would counter with my cav. If the stank charged them they would flee and send it into the impassible terrain. Otherwise the cav could charge the stank if needed too. The salamanders didn't have much chance against the war alter, but it would at least let me know what armor he had. If the alter then charged the salamanders I could flee and counter with the jagaur scarvet. If the knights charged the terradons they would die and the knights would overrun into the skinks for my left cav to counter and the chief to charge the warmachines next turn.

Now lets see how that worked out...*

Salamanders fire on the alter and I learn just how tough that thing is that the arch lector has dawn armor (so probably no switching stats crap). I do a wound to the chariot and eat thee handlers. Stegadon hits the stank and takes off a single wound.


Turn 2 Empire:

Stank makes 3 steam points. Arch lector charges the terradons (?!?!) who flee and the alter redirects into the skinks. Knights move up to center. Huntsmen move over to have LOS to the cav. Flagellants move up as do the stank and the giant (giant set up to cause terror tests, stank setup to steam the skinks). In the magic phase I let the arch lector soul fire the skinks which kills a few. Lvl 1 light does nothing to the stegadon. Rest is stopped or doesn't matter. Cannon hits the stegadon and kills a skink. Rocket battery scatters and kills three saurus. Steam kills 3 skinks, who pass thier panic. In combat the skinks get slaughtered and the alter stays where it is.

*Sorry, forgot to take a pic*

Turn 2 Lizards:

The steamed skinks fail their terror and run like 3 inches (Nicely blocking the path of my cav to his giant). Left cav charge his war alter. Deciding I need to take out those knights (and since the alter was blocking LOS to the warmachines) the skink chief, salamanders, and jaguar scarvet all charge the knights. Chameleon skinks keep running. Terradons rally. The stegadon crew move over towards the huntsment. Left saurus move up to support the combat the right saurus move up to wait for the flagellants. All skinks and terradons on the right side move towards the giant to take it out. Cav move back to stay out of charge range of the stank. In the shooting phase the bolt thrower missed the stank, but a hail of darts and javlins falls the giant, who actually falls on one of the fleeing skinks. In combat the arch lector makes a challenge which I refuse. I thorw all attacks at the alter and manage to do two wounds. In return he kills 2 cav. He is unbreakable and holds. In the other combat the unit champ makes a challenge which my chief takes. I do nothing to him and he kills my chief (grrr). My scrvet makes up for it though and kills 3 knights, and salamanders kill one more. The warrior priest does two wounds to the salamander. I lose comabt but hold.


Turn 3 Empire:

Stank makes 3 steam points. A detachment of halbrediers charge the scarvet in the knight combat. Huntsmen charge the flank of my cav. Stank moves towards the stegadon (so is now on the opposite side of the forest of my cav) and the fanatics move every so slightly up towards the saurus. Halbredier blocks start moving up. In the magic phase he heals a wound on the alter, but the rest is either stopped or useless. In the shooting phase the right cannon misses, but the left cannon hits the stegadon and kills another skink (hehe). Engineer on the stank kills two skinks with his gun. Rocket battery and crossbowmen kill five saurus in the right unit (pass panic). In the combat phase the huntsmen kill a cav, the archlector wiffs his attack and everything is thrown at the alter (even my scarvet because he forgot to issue a challenge) by either I miss my attacks or the ward saves it and I do nothing. I lose combat but hold. I make a challenge with my scarvet and the knight champ accepts. He does a wound to me but I smach him. His knight kill a salamander and his warrior priest kills two handlers. Both of my units flee and the knights catch the salamanders (and skink priest) and over run into the saurus behind, and the halbrediers don't catch the scarvet, but not both units are blocking the other saurus block (grrr).


Turn 3 Lizards:

Skinks in the trees by the stank fail their terror test and flee... right n front of my cav (I'm getting upset at this point as that 400+ unit hasn't been able to do anything so far).,Stegadon crew charge the flank of the huntsmen, right terradons charge his right cannons, and stegadon charges the stank. Chameleon skinks and scarvet rally. Terradons on the right move up the left flank. All the skinks on the right start heading towards the center. I dispell the unbreakable of the knights. In combat the crew kill 1 huntsmen and both huntsmen kill a crew. Lector kills another cav, but my scarvet smashed the alter and both his units flee and I catch both ending up at the left forest. I make a challenge with my saurus champ and his warrior priest takes it and easly kills my champ. The knights only kill two saurus and I manage to kill a knight. They run but I don't catch them. Terradons wipe out the cannon crew. *Now this is where I learn I did something REALLY dumb...* Stegadon's impact hits do nothing to the stank, but I learn that if you do impact hits to the stank you take them back... My stagdon loses three wounds and I break from combat and run across my saurus who pass their panic. *I don't know which I hate more, the stank or my own stupidity...*


Turn 4 Empire:

Stank generates three steam points. Halbredier detachment charged the jagaur scarvet. The stank charges the stegadon but I flee and get away. Knights rally. Crossbowmen turn to face terradons and BSB's unit turns to face skinks. Nothing really happens in the magic phase. The cannon misfires and blows up. In combat the scarvet only kills 1 and then flees into the stank... (I REALLY was hoping to use him AGAINST the stank...)


Turn 4 Lizards:

Everything rallies. Terradons on the left charge the halbredier detachment in front of the hill and the terradons on the right charge a crossblowmen unit lossing a wound to stand and shoot. Cav on the left reforms to face the infantry blocks, and the cav on the right reform to be able to go around to bottom side of the forest. Skinks move up to firing positions. I forget to dispel the knights unbreakable. Skink shooting kills 1 crossbowmen. In combat I kill two knights (yes) but they are unbreakable and hold. Left terradons kill two halbrediers but they hold. Right terradons kill only 1 crossbowmen, then they kill a terradon and I hit and run away.


Turn 5 Empire:

Stank generate 3 steam points. Mage lord unit tries to charge the saurus but it's hard to tell if the knights block the wheel. We roll it off and it's a failed charge. Stank charges stegadon and it flees and gets away. Flagellants turn to face skinks. Magic doesn't to anything of note. Rocket battery kills 1 skink and crossbowmen kill a terradon who passes its panic test. In combat the warrior priest kills a couple of saurus and hold due to unbreakable.


Turn 5 Lizards:

Left cav fail stupidity and mov forward. Terradon charge crossbowmen and gets shot down. Stegadon rallies. Saurus move up and right cav moves towards stank. I forget to dispel unbreakable AGAIN. In the shooting phase I wipe out a unit of crossbowmen and kill 3 flagellants. Warrior priest kills two saurus and I kill a knight so the warrior priest is all alone. Terradons kill 3 halbrediers and run them down, hitting the flank of the mage lord unit.


Turn 6 Empire:

Stank generates 3 steam points and hits into the stegadon (no running now). Halbredier detachment charge my big unit of saurus (for fun I think). Flagellants charge a unit of skinks who flee and get away. Magic does nothing of note. Rocket battery kills a couple of skinks and they pass their panic test. In combat the warrior priest kills a couple of saurus and holds. The stank smashes the stegadon and a lone crew runs away. The terradons kill 2 halbrediers, but the warrior priest kills a terradon and they hit and run away. Halbedier detachment is messed up and run down.


Turn 6 Lizards:

Skinks keep running. Terradons charge the rocket battery. Left cav charge the flank of the lord mage unit. Skinks move towards crossbowmen. Right saurus move to the flank of the stank. In the magic phase I dispel unbreakable and magic banner into the stank. My shooting wipes out the other unit of crossbowmen and kills 5 flagellants. In combat the terradons wipe out the warmachine crew. The saurus cav can't do anything to the stank. Warrior priest kills a saurus and flees. I catch him and overrun into the lord mage combat. The warrior priest make a challenge which my scarvet takes but they can't hurt each other. My cav kills 3 halbrediers, and the saurus do a wound to the lord mage and kill a halbredier. He loses combat and needs a 4 to not break... and gets a 3.


We add up the victory points and we are within 50 points of each other, so it's a draw.

Post-game thoughts: I was very surprised that it was as close as it was. I thought it was going to be a minor victory for empire and breaking the mage lord was my only chance for a tie, but I had so many bog ticket items either there or at half that I didn't do too bad. We joked that having that 400+ point unit of saurus cav trapped for most of the game saved me. All in all it was an enjoyable game, although for a while there I was getting pretty frustrated as my bad choices and fleeing units blocking my chances to correct them, but I learned several leasons that I won't forget (like don't charge the stank with the stegadon!)

Thanks for reading : )

31-08-2008, 17:17
Really? No comments?

(Is it because the models aren't painted that I'm being scorned?)

31-08-2008, 17:23
Really? No comments?

(Is it because the models aren't painted that I'm being scorned?)

Yes...lol jk

Good Report, nice pics even through they weren't painted ;)

31-08-2008, 18:22
Great report,nice fluff,good pics.It saddens me to see beautiful unpainted armies

Dwarf Runelord 45
31-08-2008, 20:00
Get report a joy to read. Too bad about the 400 plus point Saurus unit not doing anything.

31-08-2008, 20:16
to bad no kroxigors it would have smashed the steam tank

31-08-2008, 20:17
hey! they're not unpainted! didn't you notice those big yellow scaled blocks? beautiful I say!
seriously though surprised by the draw, thought the empire finally got you.

another nice one, M

31-08-2008, 23:26
Great report, shame about the Steg's charge on the Steam Tank, such a silly rule!

31-08-2008, 23:56
Nice write up.

Thanks for letting a fellow LM player know about the stupidity of that s-tank immunity/rebound rule regarding impact hits. That is *********** lame :wtf:

01-09-2008, 00:06
I liked it hey. it was a fun battle report.

Although it would have been cool to see a drunk 2nd Gerneration Slann fight. Maybe he might have actually misscasted a spell or 2.

11-09-2008, 13:16
;) Top battle report as always. If you can manage one with painted armies you may finally kill off all those grumpy sods that keep hinting your opponents have recently crawled out of WarHammer Womb covered in Games Workshop Birthing Fluid TM. LION

12-09-2008, 14:17
The picture of the steam tank appearing to chase the stegadon will be stuck in my head for days.