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Lapsed Pacifist
29-08-2008, 18:55

Just wondering if any one knows of any clubs in North or Central London that play lotrs on a regular basis?

It's just that the ones i've been to don't seem to be into it, i suppose i could try GW shops but i'm a bit old to be playing with the kiddies (i'm not saying everyone who plays in a store is a kiddie, but all the people playing lotrs seem to be).

Is the game played more often at home with friends? Where do other people play?

30-08-2008, 11:00
I pretty much always play at my local store, which isn't a GW but a partnerstore.
There are several gamingboards there, in the basement, all with exchangeble scenery, and if both players have painted armies, you're sometimes allowed to upstairs, in the middle of the store itself.
LotR-speaking, there are some kids there, but never played them. Being 16 myself, I usually play against one of the guys with whom I play a campaign there. All 5 of them are about 16/17 too. Some adults are interested when they walk by, as they know LotR and all, but barely anybody plays it.

31-08-2008, 01:32
compared to other gw games and even FoW and stuff like that, it seems almost no one really plays LotR sadly enough...
ive never seen a game played in my local store, and only a few people i know do

31-08-2008, 09:54
GW Bluewater is currently running a Fantasy Fellowship campaign and including myself there is only about five people who regularly play (It's nothing to do with my ride of the Ringwraiths army compelling the ringbearer to his doom, honestly!).

Since the films it has been mostly kids playing it and the Veterans have moved back to WH and WH40K.

Would have loved to entered the second alliance tournament at Bromley but
was too busy.

"The Nine ride forth again!"

31-08-2008, 17:11
Finding other players is, of course, the biggest problem with LOTR. In my experience, one just doesn't come across games, tournies, leagues, etc. very often at GW or independent hobby stores.

But surely somewhere in London there are active adult gamers playing the game. Lots of people DO play the game, in the shadows...

In my case, no known LOTR players and a store owner who was down on the game prevented me from getting into it when I started GW gaming years ago. So I happily played WHF. Only recently did members of my gaming group and I decide to give it a try. We usually play at my home.

I hope you find a congenial group of players.