View Full Version : Newbury Comics a GW indie stockist???

29-08-2008, 20:56
Not sure if anyone caught this, but in the August WD in the independent stockist section they list Newbury Comics in Providence Rhode Island. I forgot about it until the other day when i was flipping through it and thought Id bring the subject here. Now Im sure there aren't too many rhode islanders on this forum, but has anyone seen GW stuff at any newbury comics across the country? Doesn't seem like a store that would carry anything GW...except maybe a space marine box between the CD racks along with the action figures and weird novelty stuff.

Anyone have any idea how this ended up in the stockist list? Sounds a little odd, but maybe thats just GW trying to expand into the mainstream a bit more, maybe trying to expand a bit more in rhode island since there is only one indie store in the state. Although again I really doubt they sell GW, Ill have to stop by next time Im near the mall.