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30-08-2008, 05:26
I recently bought the Grey Knights sequel, Dark Adeptus, but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. In my ever-changing prospects for future armies, Dark Adeptus Mechanicus is now somewhere near the forefront. Can anyone detail what they have and do in this novel or any other source?

30-08-2008, 09:16
One of the things they use in the novel are 'Data Daemons', think Norton anti-virus gone wrong.

30-08-2008, 09:31
Isn't norton based on a deamon already? Oh no, that's windows defender...

30-08-2008, 18:45
Well, a small task force consisting of a Grey Knight squad and an inquisitor retinue land on a forge world that has just reappeared from the warp. You get lots of info how such a planet would look and function (background), some AdMech, some Dark AdMech, some Titan stuff, but not a whole Dark AdMech army description. Worth reading. Also have a look at the soon to be released AdMech novel, possible FW coverage and the Micro Art Studio miniature range.

30-08-2008, 20:33
Yeah, I've already got a loyal Mechanicus army using some Micro Art Studios figures and a lot of other conversions. I was wondering if there was any info out there on Dark Mechanicus that would inspire to make some traitorous cousins.

If there's not much information out there on Dark Mechanicus, how about Daemonforges or whatever the places Soulgrinders come from are called? Is there any information other than that one sentence?

30-08-2008, 20:45
Dude, if you want a dark mech. army, make it up as you go. There really are infinite possibilities. For instance, Dark Adeptus makes them out to be bio-tech engineers ( a lot of their stuff is described as having biological/fleshy components), etc. These are an isolated faction of dark mech though, there are more organized forces within the eye on chaos forgeworlds and the like.