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30-08-2008, 09:33
Hi guys

I own the German version of the DE book. There the crimson death is classified as a two-handed weapon that always strikes first with strength 6.

Since the German wording sounds a bit strange and strength 6 with ASF for only 25 points seems way too good, I wonder wether it is a misprint or some kind of error.

Is the English wording the same? If so I wonder why I never heard someone complaining about this item on warseer. :p

Thanks in advance

Benigno (WE)
30-08-2008, 09:45
It does not give ASF, I haven't see that neither the english or the spanish rulebook. The point is that it gives the bearer strenght 6, not a +2 bonus.

Also the english version I saw costs 35 points, but the spanish 25 ? O_o

30-08-2008, 10:42
The correct rule is requires two hands and always strikes at S6.

As it is against forum rules to post pts costs, I'll alternatively say that it does NOT cost 35 pts, and it can be taken as an upgrade to a cold one knight champion.

30-08-2008, 15:10
There are several mistakes in the german version of the Dark Elves book.
Another one that comes to my mind ist the Ring of Hotek.
In the German Version only wizards that are casting their spell within 12" of the bearer are affected. In the English (well... original) version it also effects spell cast on targets within 12" of the bearer.
Well... I think the translators couldn't believe a item so cheap point-wise is that potent. :eyebrows: (playing High Elves by the way ;) )

Hope we get an Errata pdf soon. (at least for the German version clarifying the translational errors)


31-08-2008, 09:26
Thanks for the explanation. Some DE items are really weird. At least I can delete the crimson death from that list (but have to add the Ring of Hotek :p)

31-08-2008, 21:29
The Errata and FAQ section on the German GW site already clarified both these items and several other,too. Just check it out.

31-08-2008, 22:43
That was fast indeed. But I think the Dark Elves errata section is really large compared to others.
Poor work I'd say :eyebrows: