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30-08-2008, 10:22
I would not know (because i never did it lol) but while assembling a small empire army i noticed some characters have access to and additional handweapon. my question is do i still benefit from an additoinal hand weapon if i take a magical (handweapon) and if so does it strike with the special rules of the magical weapon or with the S4 of the wearer?:confused:
your information is much appreciated.

Count Zero
30-08-2008, 10:37
no you dont get the additonal attack from a magicial hand wep and normal hand wep (nor do you get the hand wep and shield armour bonus with a magic wep).

there are a few exceptions but they are generally noted in the magic item description, a recent one is a duchii magic wep (i think it gives asf) which says it may be combined with a normal hand wep for an extra attack.

Gazak Blacktoof
30-08-2008, 11:46
If the magic weapon says it is a hand weapon then it follows all the rules for a hand weapon so it can be combined with another hand weapon for +1 attack (models generally have a hand weapon so you can use that one). There are very few magic weapons that actually say they are hand weapons- most of the ones you might assume are, do not include the hand weapon rule and so can not be combined with another hand weapon for +1 attack.

If you want clarification on the uses of any particular items put in a list and people with the army books will give you any help they can.

EDIT: If you use a second hand weapon with a weapon that counts as a hand weapon then all your attacks will be made with the same characteristics for strength, armour penetration, multiple wounds, etc.

30-08-2008, 12:28
Thanks for the clear up guys. :D

30-08-2008, 13:04
For the rules, p.121 of the BRB, under Magic Weapons.