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30-08-2008, 17:58
So since the 7th edition VC rules came out I've had a number of battles to test how units now hold up and see how some of the new ones fair amongst old strategies. I run a combat lord, which does get me into trouble at times, but I'd like to limit the enemy's ability to cause me such trouble without going full-out magic-heavy.

As it stands (and has stood since 6th edition), I play my lord on foot in a block of 20-25 skeletons, with the bones being there simply for static CR as well as missile protection. His setup includes Red Fury, Infinite Hatred, Sword of Might, Walach's Bloody Hauberk and another item or power depending on how I feel. Honestly, the vampire rarely needs the static CR, but the missile protection is a must, as well as the ability to allocate wounds on them. A problem I've been noticing recently is that my opponents don't like him in combat, which saddens me.

My usual number of power dice is 6-7. I plan on increasing it.

I have devised a few tactics which are likely not new (or so I hope) and wish for feedback from those who have tried them. If they are new, let us debate.

First, I have been meaning to pick up some dire wolves. They will be in the army regardless, however I am thinking of giving the Talisman of the Lycni to my vampire lord and putting him in a unit of 9 wolves. Any opponent would be hard-pressed to prevent this unit from entering combat and I feel my vampire would be able to do much more killing, which is what he is designed for. He would be equipped in the same manner as always, with the exception of the talisman, and may or may not be boosted a magic level. Now I would like to take the Lore of Beasts, but in order to keep him tooled as I wish, he cannot take Forbidden Lore. Therefore, my other vampire will do so. He is always mounted and joins either Black Knights or KotBK, so will have no problem keeping within the 12" for The Bear's Anger. To increase power dice in this army I would take the extra magic level for the lord, two vampires (one with dark acolyte), and a necromancer. This brings my PD to 9, 10 with periapt. So, not only do I have a fast-moving, devastating lord, but my magic ability will also be significantly improved over what it was before and is capable of making my lord even nastier.

I do have some other ideas involving knights, but as long as this post is I think I'll wait until I have some feedback for those.

Thanks in advance!

30-08-2008, 22:12
I'm not too sure about the Vampire - Dire wolves combination...
They die to easy and are also hard to heal, leaving ur lord all alone in the middle of the table. Maybe a more solid protection for ur lord could be the answer, like Black knights... or even blood Knights.
On the other hand if u plan to use them as a screen, i would recommend fell bats instead.
They can be raised easier than wolves since they count as infantry, plus they fly!:D

30-08-2008, 22:27
The direwolf ablative wounds might work, but I'd recommend a very narrow unit (like, three men or less) when you get into combat since the wolves are more or less free wounds for the enemy. I don't know if putting your Lord with the wolves is wise though as they're not THAT hard to kill, and if your general dies you lose. A fighty-hero vampire with the wolves is something I've seen used to great effect however.

It's kind of pointless taking Forbidden lore on a hero since don't have enough points left for Dark Acolyte (limiting you to level 1, and 2 dice per spell). If the enemy really is worried about that spell they can stop it fairly easily. In any event that seems like an awfully expensive option for a character whose purpose is (it sounds) to cast one spell to boost another character's power.

31-08-2008, 01:49
@ Stinkfoot & vahouth

In most of the battles I've had so far with my Lord leading skellies, the skellies have done nothing but die and in the last two battles I've been so terribly constricted by anti-magic that I've been unable to raise any of them.

@ Stinkfoot

The lvl 1 vamp w/FL is ONLY for bear's anger. It would practically be his sole purpose.

The real purpose of the wolves is to provide missile protection for the vampire. Once in combat, the vampire tears troops to pieces, especially when bolstered by the bear's anger. We're talking 7 attacks at st7, re-roll failed to hit, and the possibility for an additional 7. On 3+/2+ with re-rolled hits, 14 wounds is actually very possible, though I would gauge my expectations to 10. The whole idea is a very quick, very mobile unit to provide basic support to an engine of destruction.

31-08-2008, 02:37
That is absolutely a one-trick army. Your vampire isn't that great without Bear's Anger, and there is no way an opponent is going to let your (admittedly formidable) plan go through more than once.

If you can roll 8+ dice with LotD, one at a time, there will be very few armies that can stop your magic phase. What does your raising caster setup look like?

31-08-2008, 04:48
That is absolutely a one-trick army. Your vampire isn't that great without Bear's Anger, and there is no way an opponent is going to let your (admittedly formidable) plan go through more than once.

I disagree with the one trick army concept. What I have described so far is just the lord's combat ability and the lvl 1 vampire caster. The lord is still a lvl 3 wizard with vampire magic (another reason for giving forbidden lore to the lvl 1, that way I don't waste the casting abilities of the lord on bear's anger), then there is the necromancer and a lvl 2 vampire caster. Plenty of raising will be going on, along with a number of bound spells.

What does your raising caster setup look like?

Do you mean the other casters in the army or an army built around casters? As for the latter, I have not designed a magic-concentrated VC army. The lvl2 vampire caster in the army is set up with dark acolyte, avatar of death, the black periapt, and the tomb blade (he'll be with skeletons). Then there is a necromancer mounted on a corpse cart who has the book of arkhan. Mind you this is what I've been considering, nothing tested and not necessarily what I'm going with.