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30-08-2008, 19:25
The beastmen rumour thread seems to be getting cluttered with wishlisting, so might as well have a proper one for it.

I personally want more magic items and for wargors to be able to ride chariots. But am fairly happy with the list otherwise. Except the raiders only going 4-wide, and GWs excuse of its RAW then allowing us to mark chariots and changing how stuff works ie glean magic and skulltaker in the DoC FAQ.

30-08-2008, 19:49
Plastic minotaurs. (this would get me collecting BoC)

Plastic Beastlord Kit, with standard bearer option (would be helpful imo)

Tzaangors and Slaangors (are they spelt right?), was really hoping they were coming out with the last release as i was so impressed with the pestigors.

Thats about it really as i don't play but love modeling miniatures : /

30-08-2008, 19:59
Raiders should rank up in fives. No idea why GW upheld this after the release of 7th Edition instead of fixing it, but it really needs to change in the next Beasts book.

30-08-2008, 20:00
Allright what about this for a wishlist

Plastic everything.
A flying beast unit (it´s not that needed but it would look cool)
Chaos dragons (thou not as mounts)
Option for marks on centigors
A new hero (don´t know what but it would be fun with more than two hero choices)
Alot of background and nice artwork
Things that lead to more players starting them
A place working at it as GWs newest background developer
A promotion for the great job I done on the book
An extra large WD to celebrate it´s release
Rules for HUGE monsters hardly suitable for non-legendary battles
A confirmation that Tigermen of Ind will be the next army to be released
The money required to buy the spearhead
A huge spearhead

Devil Tree
31-08-2008, 10:38
The first thing we need is for Beast Herds that rank up 5 to 10 wide. This would get a rank bonus against things like chariots. We also wouldn’t form conga lines against other skirmishers.

Beasts also need some sort of immune to psychology on the charge rule. With low leadership, beasts are dog meat against anything that causes fear.

Plastic Bestigors, with better stats
Plastic Minotaurs, with hooves
A flying unit
Psychotic Half-spawn Gors
An Ungor skirmisher unit with thrown weapons or short bows
Centigor characters

31-08-2008, 11:22
Army list:

Ungor Skirmishers with javelins.
No restriction on the number of marked Bestigor units.
Centigor hero
Beastherds rank up 5 wide. I would like them to be better at flanking too (maybe a +2 bonus for a flank charge to represent the fact that they're sturdier than normal skirmishers)


New minotaurs. I don't actually care whether plastic or metal- just make them look good for once.
Slaangor and Tzaangor. This almost certainly won't happen. The Bestigor models desperately need updating anyway. My guess is a plastic kit with different standards to denote allegiance (yawn).
New beastlords- the current metal are OK, but a bit underwhelming.
New shamen- the current models are awful.

Phoenix Blaze
31-08-2008, 12:35
Thicker models. And by that I mean, Bestigor and Wargor that are tall, and chunky, like heavily muscled, but with that ever so excellent beer gut.

I'd love to see some Slaangor, that GW never released any annoys me, and it's also the reason I went with a Khornate army as there were already Khornegor and they were awesome.

Tzeengor, I'm not sure I'd be too bothered by.

New Dragon Ogres! Oh by the Gods, they are badly needed, the current ones are fairly dire when compared to say, the plastic giant or ogres.

I'd really like to see some sort of ungor only skirmishing unit, would be cool. I'd also like to see some back of the book lists, one being a properly drilled army of beastmen where the Gors are in ranked units and the Ungor skirmish, like back in the day, but I don't think GW like back of the book lists anymore. The bastards......

Weldo Rubin
31-08-2008, 12:51
New Dragon Ogre models (the current ones are Editions old).

Chimaeras and Basilisks as monstrous mounts for the Characters.

Silent Surrender
31-08-2008, 12:56
A monstrous lord equal to an ogre tyrant in stats, always thought Doombull was a silly name, that can have magic items (not just a weapon)

A monstrous wizard so you can have an army of just monsters.

Would be cool with a special beastmen magic lore.

As someone said id love to have an unridden chaos dragon.

Less armour (if any?) in the army as a whole but more special rules like regeneration and scaly skin (or maby tougher stats) to represent the feral spirit of the army.

I have always seen beastmen as chaos undivided, I mean would a beast have the ability to tell the difference between the gods? Would he even want that?

31-08-2008, 13:20
Hmmm...I've been thinking about this for a while now...what would be great...let's work our way down the list, shall we...

-change the way ambush works...as it is, it's not really good enough to merrit using it on a regular basis
-obviously change raiders rule
-maybe include something like the empire's "core flaggies" rule with taking beastlords to make chariot's, centigors and minotaurs core...this rule is a little iffy but might be interesting (NOTE: keep reading to see the reasoning behind these)
-make a useful selection of magic items now that ours got neutered
-remove marks and make some sort of "beastmark" system which is fairly similar (I simply believe that BoC should be undivided anyways)
-give doombulls 5 wounds and a full selection of magic items and increase their points and allow 2 units of minos to be taken as core
-let beastlords and wargors wear chaos armour and lords allow 2 chariots to be taken as core; wargors 1
-fix wargors point costs or give them something extra...as it is they are worse than empire captains but 10 points more
-make a minotaur hero level who can be the BSB and will allow a single unit of minos to be taken as core. Stats wise: M6 WS5 S5 T4 W4 I5 A4 Ld8 Pts. 130
-make a centigor level hero. Stats wise: M8 WS5 S5 T4 W2 I3 A3+1 Ld7 Pts. 95 with some fancy rules (maybe something that affects the drunk test like 2-5 is hatred BUT must re-roll succesful stupidity tests on a 1)
-fix besitgors so they don't actually suck...not exactly sure how to do this but whatev...give them options for add. hws, great weapons or halberds, a shield option, and increase I to 4 and decrease points obviously by ALOT
-give herds the option for gors to take light armour (I'm not a huge fan of this but it will make it so that hw/shield is actually useful)
-give bestigor driver on the chariot a halberd (as a GW is the same S bonus but strikes last) and increase I to 4; decrease ungors WS to 3 and make them a special choice
-make centigors fast cav (or at least the shooting rules for them), give weapons options; halberd, spears or great weapons and the option to take a few different sets of armour; something like scale armour that gives the effects of heavy armour combined with barding (giving a 4+ save since they don't get the mounted bonus but removes the fast cav rule BUT doesn't reduce Mv by 1"). This would give us a nice medium heavy cavalry unit that could outcharge other cav and hit like a ton of bricks, but isn't super survivable...as you may be able to tell, I think centigors and minos are the coolest units in the list and really want to be able to use more of them!
-give minos a heavy armour and shield options and make it so their weapons are similar to ogre clubs.
-remove ogres, dragon ogres, shaggoths and trolls from the list as I think they fit much better into a mortal chaos list
-keep the giant, but make it a minotaur giant with a rule set similar to the bone giant (?)
-introduce a beast spawn of some sort with different traits (ie. gor aspect, minotaur aspect, centigor aspect, etc.)

Any of these sound reasonable? I would really like a balanced BoC list, not a power gaming one but one that stands a good chance against all enemies faced...

31-08-2008, 13:31
More units and variety.
Plastic bestigors with god specific bits.

31-08-2008, 13:59
Moar monsters!

Basilisks, Chimeras, Cockatrices etc.

31-08-2008, 14:34
Moar monsters!

Basilisks, Chimeras, Cockatrices etc.

Seconded! Especially chimeras.

31-08-2008, 15:45
mmhhhh, easy one :
-ungor skirmishers
-centigore heroes and lord
-minotaur heroes
-chimeras, cockatrices, basiliks as mouts for the beastlord
(basilisk and cocktrice also usable for wargors)
more options for:

Weldo Rubin
31-08-2008, 16:14
...Chariots, Centigors and Minotaurs Core...

What? Aren't Chariots Core already?

31-08-2008, 16:21
What? Aren't Chariots Core already?
they are but cetainly won't stay there

Duke Georgal
31-08-2008, 16:47
Movement of six inches!

Seperate Gors and Ungors into different units.

31-08-2008, 17:01
Here's a list of things i want for beastmen ranked in order.

1. Better leadership! Honestly, they're big beastmen surrounded by chaos! They should be higher in leadership!
2.New Troops. - I want to see what you imagine in Beastmen. Different creatures and large units to fight others.
3.New character types. - I really need a more of a variety of leaders for my army.
4.Plastic Minotaurs. - This is self-explanatory
5.New Dragon Ogres

31-08-2008, 17:24
I would like the following: -

1. Ungor skirmishers. I don't believe they need to be armed with ranged weapons as I don't think it fits the back ground. Just clubs and shields.
2. Minotaurs. New plastic models are urgently needed.
3. Hero's. Both Minotaur and Centigor hero's. There is just no choice at the moment.
4. I like the Dragon Ogre models and at £12.00 a piece I'm willing to stick with these!!
5. I would like to see some mutant beastmen rather than spawn. Some with wings (not harpies), some with tougher hide or extra arms so they have abilities similar to the Saurus spawnings.
6. A complete rewrite of the magic items and raider rules.
7. Wargors are currently over priced and need to be more flexible.

31-08-2008, 17:27
Actually, how about some kind of "War Cry" special rule or something (like on Rome: Total War with some of the barbarian units) which would give some units (for example) a strength bonus on the turn they charge, or maybe some kind of psychology bonus like stubborn for the round in which they charge.

EDIT: Oops. Just noticed that Devil Tree suggested something like this already. I second the motion.

31-08-2008, 17:40
New bestigor, new besitgor, new bestigor and more new bestigor. They desperately need new models, and quite frankly I don't care if they are plastic or not. I just want the models (plastic would be nice though).

I would also like to see some of the other crazy stuff you could expect to find in a beasts of chaos army. Before we had gors, smaller gors, slightly bigger gors, gors in chariots, gors with horse legs and a slew of medium sized monsters. Everything fit into the category of being a gor, or something on an ogre sized base and ranked up into units. I think the occasional odd unit with some different ability would be nice.

31-08-2008, 18:05
Beasts IMHO need a major overhaul IMHO. How they rank up really needs to be sorted out along with the how they rank up. Ambush also needs to be sorted out.

Along with this I'd give the Beast heards some kind of 'Wild Charge' ability that allows them to cause fear on the turn they charge. This helps them get around their poor leadership preventing them from charging anything remotly scary while still keeping the feeling that they are a raiding force that will fall back if the battle starts going against them.


31-08-2008, 18:46
Plus one strength on the charge like in BB might be good, I forgot how annoying even the old chaos warriors and saurus can be to herds (2 herds and a wargor bouncing). Causing fear would be quite cool as well. And more monsters is always good.

As for the models DOs (even if we don't keep them), bestigors and minos are the big ones. And how annoying are the separate horns on centigor most of mine don't have them.

31-08-2008, 20:28
I think fixing beasts is a pretty huge project.

I think Chariots, ogres, trolls, and spawns should be out. Dragon ogres are iffy. Should not get better leadership, should not be wearing better than light armour,

Herds- I really like the mixng of ungors and gors. I think it's interesting and do not want them seperated. I'd play lizzies if I wanted them sperated. Should be 5 wide, and should charge on ambush, scatterdice rool needs to be an inches away from point of entry not like opposite side. Beastmen should have WS 3. slings or javs should be option.

Beastigors- need to be re-done. not useful and more importantly, they are boring.

Centigors- I guess fast cav, although scout would be cool. Need hero. Can mark

Minos- are fine, hero would be nice. Mino shaman would be neat, but.

Giant- Not a big fan, not sure beastmen is a good match for them, but whatever.

Shaggie- yeah needs some help.

So need some stuff added to specials and rares. The big beasties idea like others have noted. That would be fun.

As is, the list is really missing something to make the army unique and flavourful over mortals and/or ogres. The above is minimum I would expect, but honestly I hope they totally re-conceptualized into something new.

31-08-2008, 21:24
First of all they need to be put back in with the mortals an deamons to get back the flavourful chaos we all have come to love.

After that they need a major rules overhall, RAW bah how come alot of other things are able to change under this concept but not one that really really hurt an entire army??

And last but not least loads of monsters small one big ones with nice models to go along (in plastic ofcourse). Seriously i miss the good old days when armies could have manticores ,chimeras the od emperor dragon ;) and such. Bring monsters back to WHFB

31-08-2008, 21:30
I'd be happy with a ritual burning of the FAQ and its replacing with the words "Rank to Five!" ... :)

That's all I'd really want...though fixing the Shaggoth would be brilliant considering how much better things like Hydras, Steam Tanks, Dragons...etc are than it. :p

31-08-2008, 22:21
I'll be happy as long as DO's and the Shaggoth stay. I have had enough models rendered into paper weights from the big Chaos split.

I'd like to see chariots stay as core.

Minotaurs with Chaos Armor, and plastic models for them (as well as DO's) would be great.

Ambush/raider is do for some work, and I'd like to have a flying unit so I can use my furies as proxies. :D

I don't want the army to be re-built from the ground up, I have already taken a big enough hit from the split.


01-09-2008, 05:00
My wishlist:

Ambush: As current if LD passed. If LD failed, come on table a number of d6" away equal to the amount the LD test was failed by. (ie. failed test by 3=3d6" away) Roll scatter die for direction if could arrive in either direction and still on same table edge.

Raider Rule: Rank up 5-10 wide and negate ranks when on flank/rear

Magic Items: better selection

Marks: as per WoC list, but no army-wide panic re-roll (BoC is mortal like WoC after all)

Eye of Gods table: roll like WoC (BoC is mortal like WoC after all)

Beastlord: same, possibly reduce cost; allow tuskgor mount
Great Brayshaman: same, possibly reduce cost; allow tuskgor mount
Doombull: 5 wounds, 200pts; d3xST7 impact hits on charge
Daemon Prince: as per Daemons or WoC books

Wargor: same, possibly reduce cost; allow tuskgor mount
Brayshaman: same; allow tuskgor mount
Centiwargor: standard stat and cost bumps; allows re-roll of drunken roll
Warbull (minotaur hero): 4 wounds, cost? can be BSB; d3xST6 impact hits on charge

Beast Herd: as current, but allow gors to have great wpn or 2 hand wpn. lower ungors to 3pts.
Bestigor Herd: give raider rule, but not ambush; reduce cost to 10 pts and give shield option (they gain more than they lose by going raider)
Centigor: as current, reduce cost to 15 pts. limit to 1 per herd as for bestigors; make them fast cav.; give them halberd and hvy armor option
Ungor Skirmishers: 0-1 unit; scouts; javelin & shield armed (5pts per)
Warhounds: as current, beast rule (ie. doesn't cause panic in non-warhound units)

Tuskgor chariots: markable, as current, 2 for 1 choice (I wish they'd stay core, but doubt they will)
Tuskgor Riders: Bestigors riding Tuskgors, hvy armor, spear (makes more sense in dense terrain than chariot); would give 3+AS (2 for tuskgor+hvy arm)
Minotaurs: (core if Doombull, in which case herds are special and chariots are rare) markable, hvy armor, impact hits on charge (1xST6 per mino)
(Remove Dragon Ogres, Trolls and Ogres to the WoC list; add them back if the actual WoC doesn't include them)

Shaggoth: reduce cost (remove to WoC list if as above)
Spawn: not sure but make it beastie and markable
(Remove Giant as they are in WoC and O&G)
Allow BoC to have unridden monsters like those above without mounts or handlers. Perhaps they are controlled by a magic item on a character?

01-09-2008, 05:17
Let's be realistic though, it'd be a great wish to even get a new armybook. There's been a tendency to drop armies that won't sell much, and I get the distinct impression that Beasts are among the least popular armies in that regard.

01-09-2008, 06:01
I don't want boar riders. Just let GBS, BS and wargors ride chariots, and then take chariots out of the list (only available as character mounts).

Unruly is crap. Something else is needy to make them beasty. It's going to keep them beasty, but give them a way to deal with psychology. I think it would be cool if a unit charged by beasts lost its psychology (so DEs would lose hatred, etc)

Devil Tree
01-09-2008, 09:38
Hero level Doom Bulls, need to be able to take magic items.
All characters should be able to buy chaos armor
Minotaurs should be core, made plastic… …and have hooves.
Chariots should be special, but 2 for 1.
Allow Gors to have light arm with shields.
Stubborn Bestigors with 2 attacks.

Beast need to keep their beast. Trolls, Ogres, Dragon-Ogres and Shaggoths need to stay.
New Dragon-Ogre models desperately needed.

I like zak’s suggestion for mutants. Mutant beasts could have all kinds of weird abilities. Allow them to buy the options for things like: higher strength, more attacks, flying, scaly skin…

I also love the idea of “Wild Charge” right now beasts are 50/50 on whether they charge anything that causes fear and if they get charged, they’ll usually break.

Ungor skirmishers with ranged weapons are perfect background wise. They’re vicious but cowardly, so mobs of them throwing things at hapless victims makes perfect sense. It at least makes more sense than giving them hand weapons and shields, but leave that option for players with the old models.