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31-08-2008, 01:19
This is a Nehekaran creation from Lybara, city of scholars, featured in the (excellent, btw) Black Library novel, Nagash the Sorcerer. It's essentially a magitek hot-air balloon, and I decided to adapt it for a 'modern' (dead) Nehekaran army.


Lybaran Air-Chariot (0-1 Choice)………65 Points/Model

Air-Chariot - - - - 5 5 - - -
Skeletal Crew 4 2 2 3 3 1 2 1 3
Unit Size: 1 Air-Chariot, 5 Skeletal Crew
Equipment: The Skeletal Crew are armed with Bows. The Air-Chariot has a 5+ Ward Save.
Special Rules: Floating High, Fickle Winds, Crew of the Wind, Lybaran Incantations, Ptar’s Guidance, Large Target, Undead

Floating High (Movement)
There are many creatures with the abilities of flight, ranging from small birds to mighty dragons. But the Air-Chariot is not possessed of wings, and has need of neither rest nor nest. Where other flying creatures of battle swoop down upon their foes, scratching with talons or breathing noxious gases, the Air-Chariot remains aloof, floating among the clouds like a cork bobbing on a river’s surface.
The Air-Chariot moves as a Flying unit, with the following exceptions:
* The Air-Chariot may only move 10” rather than 20”.
* The Air-Chariot may end its movement ‘in’ impassable or difficult terrain (but not another unit), and may Fly as normal.
* The Air-Chariot may not charge another unit under any circumstances.
* Only units with the Fly or Large Target special rules may charge the Air-Chariot.
* Units without such rules cannot engage the Air-Chariot in combat in way, including charging other units in combat with the Air-Chariot. However, they may ignore an unengaged Air-Chariot for the purposes of Movement (moving ‘through’ it).

Fickle Winds (Drifting)
The aviators of Lybara were well known for their skill and bravery. Their skill was proven by the efficiency and safety with which they plied the skies. Their bravery was proven by the knowledge that, at some point, they had to have gone up in an Air-Chariot without the aforementioned skill. Even the greatest sailor must buckle down in a storm, however, and even the Air-Chariots piloted by the undead are subject to the whims of nature.
At the start of each of the controlling player’s Movement Phases, after charges but before other movement, roll a Scatter Dice. The Air-Chariot moves D6” in that direction (if not in Combat). This is compulsory move that represents the Air-Chariot drifting in the sky. After this move, the Air-Chariot may move as normal.
If the Air-Chariot enters the radius of the Howler Wind spell, it takes D6 S5 hits as though it were a Chariot in difficult terrain.

Crew of the Wind (Riding the Air-Chariot)
The capricious wind spirits bound within the balloon of the Air-Chariot do not bow fully to the will of any man, even a dead one. When freed of the interfering levers and pulleys of its undead crew, the Lybaran Air-Chariot simply drifts, free on the wind. This often leads to frustration on the part of enemy marksman, as the last of the crew falls to the ground as a pile of disanimated bones, only to rise from the wicker floor of the Air-Chariot moments later.
The Air-Chariot is not an actual Chariot in any sense. Instead, treat it as a Ridden Monster. Randomise missile hits against the Crew and Air-Chariot as normal (1-4 it hits the Air-Chariot, 5-6 it hits the Crew). If all the Crew are killed, do not roll on the Monster Reaction table – instead, the Air-Chariot may not move (except for its compulsory drifting). If the Air-Chariot is destroyed, any remaining Crew take an automatic S4 hit, before forming a ranked unit where the Air-Chariot was, subject to all the rules of normal Skeleton Warriors.

Lybaran Incantations (Incantations and Undead)
The Air-Chariot, as a combination of the sacred sciences of Lybara and the holy knowledge of the priesthood, is often trickier to influence with magic than might be anticipated. The air-spirits bound to the conveyance may drive it like horses pull a chariot, but they cannot be goaded into a particular motion by even the most urgent Incantation.
Although the Air-Chariot and its Skeletal Crew are Undead (and subject to all its rules and restrictions), they do not lose additional Wounds when defeated in Combat.
The Air-Chariot may not be healed by the Incantation of Summoning, nor affected by the Incantation of Urgency. However, its Crew may be healed (even from destruction, if the Air Chariot still exists, in the same manner as a Screaming Skull Catapult) by the Incantation of Summoning, and may be affected by the Incantation of Righteous Smiting.

Ptar’s Guidance (Bound Spell)
In the times when the army of Lybara was alive, and led by its scholar-king into battle, he would often use the Air-Chariot to soar high above the battlefield, conveying his wishes to the commanders below through a cunning system of flags and bronze mirrors. Such times have since passed, and the flags are rotten and the mirrors have dulled. However, the priesthood of Lybara have again proven their mastery over the sands of time, and inscribed hieroglyphic runes imbue these ancient tools with the power they once held – the power of the will of a king.
During the controlling player’s Magic Phase, the Air-Chariot may be used to cast the Incantation of Urgency or the Incantation of Righteous Smiting as a Bound Spell at Power Level 5. Note that neither of these Incantations may be used on the Air-Chariot or its crew.
In addition, the Air-Chariot (although not its crew) has a 5+ Ward Save and Magic Resistance (1), representing both the sturdy nature of its construction, and the protection of the Nehekaran gods.


I'll probably be doing a few more of these: the Rasetran Thunder Lizards and Chariots, the Lybaran Constructs, the Mahraki Sphinxes, the Lahmian Fire-Breathers (or whatever they were called) and, of course, Nagash himself, all changed for a more 'modern' setting.

Thoughts? Balanced? Unbalanced? Useful? Useless?

Hideous Loon
31-08-2008, 09:50
Khemrian constructs like this one are good to give additional flavour to the boney ones. Keep going with them, even though they might not be as balanced (the Air-Chariot isn't bad for a homegrown) as the "official" list.

Might be useful for claiming table quarters or wizard-hunting.

31-08-2008, 13:17
Bound powerlevel 5 and 5 crappy archers... A bit hard to kill, but reminds me of the corpse cart, just flying and alot of special rules... maybe 85 pts... A bound spell is very nice in the tomb kings army, but its not powered...