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31-08-2008, 16:52
Well having seen all the other lists that come around and having played most
''typical'' lists I tried something different and i want your opinion.So here's the list:

Vampire Lord;Master of Black Arts,Beguile,Lord of the dead,
Walach's Bloody Hauberk,Enchanted Shield,Sword of Kings.

BSB Wight King;Banner of Drakkenhof

Vampire;Dark Acolyte,Lord of the Dead,Flayed Hauberk,Gem of Blood

Vampire;Hellsteed,Dread Knight,Infinite Hatred,Balefire Spike,Wristbands of
Black Gold

Skeletons 20 full Command Banner of the dead Legion

Skeletons 20 full command

Zombies 20

Grave Guard 15 Full command Banner of the Burrows

Spirit Hosts 3

Cairn Wraiths 5 + 1 Tomb Banshee

So what do you think???

Also i have this list in mind;

Vampire Lord;Master of the Black Arts,Dark Acolyte,Lord of the Dead,
Walach's Bloody Hauberk,Bitting Blade,2 Dispel Scrolls

Wight King;Flayed Hauberk,Great Weapon

Wight King;Sword of Kings

Wight King;BSB Flag of Blood Keep

50 Skellies full command spears

50 skellies full command spears

20 zombies

15-20 grave guard Full Command

6 Fell Bats

Im planning to join the two Wights in the units of skellies and BSB with the Vampire Lord in Grave Guard

In both lists i could instead use Ghouls(same pts cost)but i rather like skeleton
(at least they get to save)

As always comments and criticism is welcome

(there might be some spelling errors)

31-08-2008, 18:24
The first list doesn't seem very atypical, though your lord is illegal with two pieces of magic armor.

The second list is more unusual, and not in a good way. There are reasons people don't take units of 50 skeletons with spears; they are giant point sinks. Those units won't fight much better than 25 man units, but cost twice as much (more in fact, since they have useless spears). You can make a solid VC infantry list, but such lists ought to be centered around strong raising ability and much small starting sized units, so that you can extend your battle line and lap around the enemy in spite of your lack of cavalry.