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The Antakari

Special Rules:

Steel Resolve: All Antakari models are severely tolerant, able to fight without distraction with impeccable resolve. They are not, however, immune to the terrors of the world, and are affected by psychology in all other instances except for when they charge, or are charged.

Antakari: The Antakari are semi-daemon, magical in nature yet of mortal birth. As a result, all Antakari models and units have Magic Resistance 1, a 6+ Ward Save, and are immune to killing blow.

Battery: This unit is deployed at the start of the game as normal, but may not move, under any circumstances, except when fleeing from combat. They count as war machines and infantry. Battery Units may fire their weapons twice at long range, or once at short. They may always stand and shoot.

Dominance of Will: Such is the ravaging strength and mental presence of this character, that all those around rally to his side, and his opponents quake in fear or are stricken with pain. This character is your general, and his leadership range is 15”, all enemy units in combat with this character take break tests on Stubborn 5.

Aura Field: A unit or model with an Aura Field cannot march, cannot be march blocked, and cannot move through any difficult terrain of any description. An Aura Field gives a 3+ ward save, and renders the owner immune to poisoned attacks, killing blow and flaming weapons/attacks.


Blade Singer - 255 Points.

An ancient embodiment of weaponry and war, the very rage and anger of the world. A humanoid figure, clad in long swirling robes with tendrils and swirling trails that floats at speed across the earth, feet barely touching the ground, like a hummingbird of destruction and death. Such is the strength and skill of the Blade Singer, that even a Bloodthirster fears this maelstrom of steel.

6 10 4 4 3 3 10 5 9

A Blade Singer is a Lvl. 2 Wizard, who selects spells from the Lore of Blades.
Special Rules: Dominance Of Will, Always Strike First, Antakari, May Not Join Units.
Equipment: Hand Weapon, Additional Hand Weapon.
May take Skills from the Aik Of Savagery, Lust and Fate equal to 150 points.

May Exchange Hand Weapons for Glaive: +6 Points. (+2 Strength, halve I value.)
May Exchange Hand Weapons for Bolan: +15 Points. (Allows ranged attack, inflicting D6S2 hits to all units in a 90 degree arc and within 6”.


Autarion - 300 Points.

An Autarion is the guardian of the world's knowledge, embodying the connectivity and tactical prowess of the world's races. He is the governing drive, the unified presence, the role the blade plays. They are often glowing humanoids with transparent bodies that appear almost ethereal. From their outstretched hands they can summon dense spheres of matter, tearing through swathes of the World's Enemies with ease.

5 4 4 3 3 3 4 1 10

An Autarion is a Lvl. 4 Wizard, who knows all spells from the Lore of Blades.
Special Rules, Steel Resolve, Antakari, Cannon.
May take Skills from the Aik of Knowledge, Lust and Fate equal to 150 points.



Dusk Riders - 20 Points Each

Mimicking octopi, jellyfish, and other many limbed creatures, the Dusk Riders are inhuman, small spherical bodies which glow in the limelight following by long whiskery limbs which lacerate and flay their foes. They hover midair, flickering about the battlefield sometimes as jet as night, others, a translucent grey.

8 10 0 1 2 1 10 4 7

Unti Size: 5-10
Special Rules: Skirmishers, Ignore Difficult Terrain, Poisoned Attacks.

Harriers - 30 Points Each

Harriers are great winged bird like creatures, the governors of the sky, and the Antakari vision of hope. They appear translucent, as much of their kin, but are glowing and radiant, like magnesium on wing. You could describe them as beautiful, until their searing heat tears at your soul.

6 5 4 3 3 2 5 2 7

Unit Size: 1-3
Special Rules: Antakari, Steel Resolve, Flyer.

Callon Guard - 12 Points Each

As the Dusk Riders flicker, and the Harriers glide, the Callon, the Guardians of Hope, march stead fast across the battlefield, like relentless, incandescant suits of armour. Their great blades glimmer, humming with electricity with each and every thundering strike.

4 4 4 4 3 2 5 1 7

Unit Size: 10-15
Special Rules: Antakari, Steel Resolve.
Equipment: Great Weapons.


Aggrell - 30 Points Each

The Aggrell are curious things, they are humanoid, like the Autarion, yet they are encassed in a permanent disruption field, that casts aside all forms of energy, yet lets it through to the outside with ease. Laying down darting balls of energy as supporting fire, these slow, levitating orbs strike fear into the most resilent of foes, as no armour offers protection against anti-matter.

0 1 6 2 3 2 3 1 7

Unit Size: 1-5
Special Rules: Battery. Antakari, Steel Resolve.
Equipment: Aura Field (Pavise,) Catalyst Spheres (2X Repeater Handguns, always stand and shoot, can move and fire, AP-2.


Aik of Savagery

Guttural Roar: 30 Points.

In the heart of the battle, the roar of the Antakari can deafen the soul, crush the heart, and render even the most victorious of opponents numb with fear.

If wounded during a round of combat following a charge, the character gains +D3 combat resolution if they or the unit they have joined loses combat by 2 or more.

Relentless Form: 25 Points.

Trained by the most ferocious of Blade Singers, your rain blow after blow down on your opponent in a furious, unseeing Maelstrom, the very embodiment of the Way of the Antakari.

The character with this ability gains +D3 attacks during each round of combat.

Strength Over Grace: 45 Points.

Abandoning the way of the Antakari in their blind rage, this hero of the people strikes with enough strength to sunder stone, but with wild and reckless abandon, such blows often strike nothing but air.

The character gains +4 Strength, and their weapon skill drops to 3.

Forbidden Training: 130.

Since the forming of the Antakari, the influences of those thought sane has crept into an ancient form known only as ‘Senthui,’ Thought to be Druchii in origin, it is the tool of assassination, and a brutally effective method of combat, especially in the hands of the avatars of the blade.

All attacks of the wielder have the Killing Blow, Poison, and Armour Piercing Special Rules.

Parry Blow: 10

The ability to parry all but the strongest of blows is a vital defence in the Antakari Training,

Gives a 4+ ward against combat attacks with STR 5 or less.

Avatar of The Blade: 130.

Gives +2 Strength, +2 Attacks, Magical Flaming Attacks, one model in base contact must pass a WS Test at minus 2 to be able to attack the equipped character.

Strong Arm: 10

Increase the damage inflicted from a Bola to 2D6 S3 hits.

Rune Hunter: 35

Enemy Wizards within 12” of the character must roll an additional D6 on all casting rolls. Any rolls which fail to meet the casting value inflicts D6 BS2 Str 2 Hits on the caster. (Even if they could not be singled out.)

Aik of Lust

Pleasure Seeker: 25

Re-roll all to hit rolls that are not 5’s or 6’s.

Sanitised Mind: 15

This character may re-roll one leadership test, not a break test, during the game.

Soul Reaper: 20

For each wound this character inflicts that is unsaved, add 1 to the CR of the combat if you are outnumbered, to a maximum bonus of 2.

Insatiable Greed: 100

Double all victory points gained from this character or a unit he is joining. The character becomes Frenzied, has Hatred, and gains D6+4 attacks instead of his or her normal attack characteristics.

Entice: 45

If you win combat with this character, reduce the running distance of the enemy units equal to the amount you won combat by.

Bluff: 15

In a challenge, reduce the amount of attacks of your opponent by 1, to a minimum of 1.

Possessive Rage: 150

Whenever you inflict an unsaved wound on a character, or a unit, if you win combat you may steal one magical item from that character or unit for each wound you inflicted. Any benefits of such items which are legal choices (you may not take more than 2 of the same item etc) apply for the remainder of the game.

Seduction: 35

Your opponent’s armour save is negated if they are in base to base contact with the character.

Aik of Fate

Destiny Weaver: 150

Gives a 2+ ward save against the first wound, 3+ against the second, 4+ against the third, 5+ against the fourth, and 6+ against the fifth. Your character is immune to killing blow, poison and cannot be affected by stupidity, frenzy or hatred.

Evasion’s Avatar: 10

You may re-roll one D6 during the game, the re-roll result stands.

Convulsing Visions: 35

Gives MR 2, and a Dispel Scroll.

Dawn Reader: 60

After spells are selected, and all units are deployed, you may re-deploy D3 of your units.

Gifted Seer: 80

Your opponent must reveal all ‘hidden’ items within 6”, and you may force your opponent to re-roll one d6 per magic phase (yours included.)

Armour of Chance: 45

Gives the wielder a 4+ armour save, which cannot be improved, or modified weaker than 6+.

Destiny Bond: 75

When the final wound is inflicted against this character, the cause of that wound is removed from the board, with no saves allowed. (Remove war machines, entire units if ranged attacks, and monsters and handlers if one unit.)

Aik of Knowledge

The Winds Explored: 150

When you select spells, you may shuffle the spells your opponent receives between all legal casters. (You may only switch one spell for another, you may not change the amount of spells each caster has.)

Chanson of Vigour: 15

You gain MR1 if targeted by a spell cast with one dice.

Supreme Intellect: 45

At the start of each of your turns, nominate a character or unit on the board. On a roll of 4+, your opponent must tell you every single detail about that unit, including hidden items, mundane equipment, and even points cost.

Tactician: 20

You gain +1 to your roll to determine who begins the game first.

Yggdrassil’s Scholar: 20

You know an additional spell.

Story Weaver: 55

All enemies in base contact are at -1 LD, and all friendly units/models in base contact are at +1 LD.

Determined Conductor: 40

+1 to cast all spells.

Weaver of Manna: 35

+1 to dispel all spells.

Recklessly Confident: 90

All spells cast are counted as being +2 to their rolls, and all instances of D6 are increased by one D6.
If you miscast, roll twice on the table, both results apply.


So, this is my current project, besides painting Skinks. I'm still working on unit types, and the rest of the Aiks, they need refining and tweaking to eradicate broken combinations and the like, and there will eventually be fluff descriptions for all the aiks, special characters, background iformation and the rules and spells for the Lore of Blades.

Essentially, other unit suggestions and the like would be tremendous help.

A short summary of the Antakari:

They are the embodiment of the world's inner soul, the Gaia of Warhammer. They're a small, incredibly elite force that forms from the planet's will when it's life is in danger, and it needs to intervene to guide the events of the world away from her. So hence most of them being translucent and made of energy.

Let 'em rip!

01-09-2008, 17:18
I think that their extremely low strength ain't too good.

01-09-2008, 19:04
I think that their extremely low strength ain't too good.

But they've 4 Poisoned attacks a piece, which can deliver 28 poisoned attacks when 7 to five models frontage. I think that makes up for it :D

01-09-2008, 19:45
But they've 4 Poisoned attacks a piece, which can deliver 28 poisoned attacks when 7 to five models frontage. I think that makes up for it :D

Ah, didn't see that. I think I'l go and read it more carefully.