View Full Version : Wood Elf Tournie list 2250 (when ents attack)

08-11-2005, 00:33
Heres my list I plan on using for the Oz tournie scene next year. Thanks for your comments

1 Treeman Ancient @ 375 Pts
Cluster of Radiants
Annoyance of Netlings

1 Noble @ 120 Pts
Battle Standard
Stone of the Crystal Mere

1 Spellsinger @ 140 Pts
Magic Level 1
Dispel Scroll
Dispel Scroll

8 Dryads @ 108 Pts

8 Dryads @ 108 Pts

1 Noble @ 145 Pts
General; Great Weapon; Longbow; Light Armour; Sheild
Hail of Doom Arrow
Helm of the Hunt
Elf Steed

10 Glade Guard @ 126 Pts

10 Glade Guard @ 126 Pts

10 Glade Guard @ 120 Pts

5 Glade Riders @ 120 Pts

3 Warhawk Riders @ 120 Pts

5 Wild Riders @ 191 Pts
Standard; Musician; Champ
War Banner [25]

5 Wild Riders @ 166 Pts
Standard; Musician; Champ

1 Treeman @ 285 Pts

Casting Pool: 3

Dispel Pool: 4
Models in Army: 69
Total Army Cost: 2250

Thanks for your advice

god octo
08-11-2005, 16:59
wow, that list looks good. Do you have any tactics yet and who is the bsb going with, or is he staying near to units for max effect with the standard.

My only concernis that you dont have many infantry troops and i feel that your charcterts on foot might get left behind by the faster elements of your force, which could be a problem.

08-11-2005, 23:50
I have played with this list a couple of times. And my tactics are basically bsb hides behind the treemen as they advance up the centre by himself or in an archer unit if up against orc magic, comets etc. General sets up on flank with glade riders and 1 unit of wildriders and unleashes HoD early to eliminate
any fast elements or targets that will cause mass panic, allowing them to sweep around unmolested as the enemy is focusing on the virtually unbreakable treemen. Archers setup in places of oppurtunity for maximum damage and dryads go where they are needed