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01-09-2008, 07:33
Ive been having trouble with my tomb kings army in battle so far. Im about 2-50-0 at the moment, and Ive been losing mostly against High Elves..
Could you point out any major problems with my army, or give me some pointers on how to win with it? ;) Thanks
My list usually consists of;

King+Chariot -crown of kings, chariot of fire, great weapon
Prince+Chariot- great weapon
Liche Priest- cloak of dunes
Liche Priest+horse- Heiratic Jar

Skeleton warriors x20 + FC
Chariots x4 + warbanner(includes prince)
Chariots x4 + warbanner(includes king)
Heavy Horsemen x8

Tomb Guard x20 + FC
Ushabti x3

SSC -skulls of the foe

01-09-2008, 08:34
Two warbanners is illegal for a start.

01-09-2008, 09:21
First of all, remove heavy horsemen from the list. They are not worth the points in this current edition. I think flails are better than great weapons so try using them. And put several dispel scroll for magic defense. Remove musician from both block units. Other than that hone your tomb king play style as it is the hardest army to master. good luck on the next battle.

01-09-2008, 13:25

I don't mean to be mean, but how are you losing to high elves with this list? It has exactly what you need to deal with the elves: a bucketload of impact hits. Those chariots can (with the help of magic) outcharge anything the high elves have, and should easily kill enough to stop any return attacks.

What are the typical high elf lists you are facing like? All that springs to mind is that you're facing Mr. Star Dragon a lot, which admittedly would be a bit of a problem. As most people will tell you, there isn't an awful lot Tomb Kings can do against big monsters, especially ones that are immune to flaming attacks. Your best bet is to try and get the dragon stuck fighting a big block of troops while you go about killing the rest of his army. Easier said than done if the dragon-player is sensible, but you might be able to lure it within a magical charge of your infantry by sacrificing something juicy, say the prince's (or even king's) chariot unit. Sure, the loss will hurt, but it will be worth it if it deals with the dragon for the bulk of the game. Remember that dragon lord with nothing except dragon armour costs a whopping 529pts! You could even sacrifice the heirophant, if you thought he'd go for it, depending on the rest of your list. Lots of people assume that crumbling = instant death, but lots of TK units have decent leadership (all the special choices barring carrion are Ld 8+ for example) and if the general is still alive and kicking units can use his Ld to resist the crumbling even more.

Anyway, back to your list:

For the king, the Crown is nice, but it does mean you can't have any kind of ward save, which could be handy if you find him dying often. He can't get the +2 strength from his weapon while in a chariot, only +1, and will be going last after charging - which is why flails are generally better, with the flail of skulls especially good. Have you tried the king on foot with the cloak of dunes? Makes a nice change from the chariot version.

Same goes for the prince in terms of his weapon, and lack of save.

Priests seem fine, though there is space for dispel srcolls which always help. Also, it can really help your magic phase to have a couple of bound items around - Staff of Ravening, for example.

Warriors are fine, not the most useful unit, but ok. Musicians aren't a must, but every now and again will get you a vital 'win by 1' situation which can lead to a fear-autobreak. With the king as general, one unit of them can have a magic banner, which solves your next problem...

....only one chariot unit can have a magic banner, and you can't take 2 warbanners in an army anyway, so one of them's gotta go. For the one unit that can have a banner, warbanner is a solid choice, but Banner of the undying legion is also nice, to get another bound spell in there, and Icon of the sacred eye can make your king's unit very strong.

Not sure what the point is of the 8 heavy horse - did you have the models spare from the battalion boxset? :) Despite what most people say, there's no real reason not to take them, but 8 is a weird number, as you don't get even one rank. If you want them in the list, either go with several small units for annoyance/flanking, or one big momma unit for potential fear+outnumbering uses. They can have a banner too if you haven't run out of 25pt banners at this point. If it's not too late, changing them into 2 units of 5 light horse wouldn't be a bad idea, as they can be handy for charge diverting, harassing fire etc.

The tomb guard are a solid unit, if a little slow. The Icon of Rakaph is a great banner for them, and could make a nice surprise for the dragon rider (though he'll only fall for it once).

The Ushabti are lovely models, but very pricey, and can be hit and miss in the game - another scorpion or some carrion could be a cheaper and more effective unit.

I notice you haven't got any archers in the list - a basic unit of 10 is handy in most situations, there are a surpirsing number of things that they're useful for killing, and they can be used to shelter priests and the like too.

Hope some of that's helpful, good luck :)

01-09-2008, 13:45
Id say first off - flails on Chariots are a must really... I tend to run the king with flail of skulls, chariot of fire, then either the golden eye of rah nut, or the collar of shapesh for a bit of protection. Best way to use him imo is in a chariot unit with the Icon of the sacred Eye so the king hits on a 2 in the first round of combat against most things. I tend to go with 3 chariots rather than 4 as well, due to the extra one tending to just get in the way.

On the TG, as noted above the Icon of Rakaph is superb, that or the Banner of Undying legion really...

Personally i also go for 3 liches rather than the prince, as i find you really do need everything you can get magic wise for that all-important charge from the king.

Id probably drop the 20 warriors and take a couple of units of archers instead, as basic warriors are just gonna get minced by anything the high elves can muster.

I do like the Ushabti, but sadly they really dont cut it next to say 2 scorpions (where the T5 especially does help vs the weedy elves, and being able to burrow up and charge warmachines etc is just too good to miss imo)

2-3 swarm bases are quite handy too - again they can pop up if needed and bog down stuff for pretty much the entire game, especially if they get in a flank.

Other than that - 2 catapults are better than 1 ;) sustained fire from 2 should rip apart anything other than the horrid Stardragaon/Dragonprince heavy lists.

Also, if its magic heavy HE, a couple of scrolls wouldnt go amiss id say...

02-09-2008, 01:27
Alright...so im definetly going to take flails for my king and prince in chariot...might try running two SSC...Bound Items...only 1 war banner allowed...I may end up trying a king and 3 Priests, but i hate having to proxy so Id have to buy another liche, so i donno. Another Scorpion or carrion sounds like a good investment as well...

Icon of Rakaph, what does it do? I put that banner on my unit of Tomb Guard, and got into a situation where me and my opponent were unclear about what the 'reform' means. Does it mean I can turn the unit before it charges?

I also think one of my biggest problems is not being able to use my chariots properly...I came to this army from bretonnia, so im just used to a head on charge. Chariots can take on a fair amount, but theyre still light chariots.

Also, my opponent usually runs something like;
Dragon Mage/Prince - Star/sun dragon
lvl2 wizard?
Sometimes Khorhil

White Lions
Pheonix Guard
Bolt Thrower

Tiranoc Chariot
Lion Chariot

Dragon Princes
Silver Helms (usually just uses Dragon Princes though)
Great Eagle or 2

The list changes around somewhat, so its hard to say exactly what his list is, but this is the jist of what is used. Oh ya...and Teclis...

02-09-2008, 04:09
Icon of Rakaph, what does it do? I put that banner on my unit of Tomb Guard, and got into a situation where me and my opponent were unclear about what the 'reform' means. Does it mean I can turn the unit before it charges?

Yes. It means that your unit of Tomb Guard (which hopefully has a Prince or King in it for maximum nastiness) can turn to face any direction before charges are declared. This gives your hardest hitting, most survivable unit a 360 degree charge radius, and means that (if you get the movement spell off) they charge 12 inches at 360 degrees (regular move of 4 plus charge of 8). This means that your best unit can threaten just about anything that approaches your line in any turn. Which is a pretty solid ability, to say the leat.