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01-09-2008, 07:03
i was thinking of making some profiles for 2000 Ad's judges/ dark judges (im already doing one for judge death and i've bagsied doing that seeing as im already working on it) this will be for a laugh but i need other people to do them as well.

01-09-2008, 18:59
i'm not too familiar with them but as far as i know they are still human so their stats wouldn't be absurdly high i presume.
as a baseline for a "standard' judge i'd say something like

WS:3 / BS:4 / S:3 / T:3 / W:2 / I:4 / A:2 / LD:8 / SAVE:4+
with some badass gun (most likely something akin to a bolt pistol) and maybe a bike (so they might have T:4)

anyway that's how i would envision them, now offcourse special judges like judge dredd would get a some stats improved.
and perhaps some special rules, but seeing as how i'm not the most knowledgable on the subject i'll shut up now.

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02-09-2008, 13:33
judge death:

ws| bs| S| T| W|I|A |ld|sv
10| 0 | 7| 7| 3 |7|4|10| 4+

Special rules: his touch is death, fleet, rage, spirit and mind, life is a crime, undead, independent character

His touch is death: if he wounds anything they are killed outright no matter how many wounds it has. also he counts as having a power weapon

spirit and mind: once every turn you may nominate one unit to be possesed this unit are now under your control for one turn however this does not affect independent characters unless they are phykers.

life is a crime: when assaulting non veichles judge death has +2 attacks.

undead: he has a 4+ inv

wargear: frag and krak grenades,
teleporter: he can arive using the deep strike ability.

phychic power: his phychic power is done at the beginning of the dark judge turn and follows the normal rules for phychic powers.

terrify: select one enemy unit and these are now automaticaly pinned for one turn. Note: judge death must have a line of sight.

ok thats judge death out the way now ill do a rookie for the non dark judges


ws:3/ BS:3/ s:3/T:3 / W:1 / I:3 / A:1 / LD:7 / SAVE:4+

then the gun ill think of later