View Full Version : Vampire Counts 1000 pts starter

Deus Mechanicus
01-09-2008, 12:37
Vampire 150 pts
- Dread Knight
- Infinite Hatred

9x Black Knights 327 pts
(The Vampire goes here)
- Full Command
- Royal Standard of Strigos

20x Skeletons 200 pts
- Full Command
- Spears

10x Skeletons 100 pts
- Full Command
- Spears

6x Dire Wolves 48 pts

Varghulf 175 pts

1000 pts

Ok so the vampire will go with the black knights and the entire unit will have hatred. The skeletons will form the main fighting block here, the wolves will flank and harrass and the Varghulf will go hunting war machines an so on.

On the other hand i have very little experience with Warhammer Fantasy (40ker) so how is this for a starter army? Should i go with something less martial (Even though i would love to make a vampire dread knight model and love the black knight models) and go for something more magic directed?

01-09-2008, 13:17
Havent got my own army of vampire counts yet only the book (so probs completely wrong :P) but from what ive seen i would suggest dropping the vargulf, reducing the size of the skeletons and adding a magic focused vampire. The skellie units do need to be large however you save points by getting small units and just raise more for them each magic phase.

01-09-2008, 14:47
Your army is fine, but infinite hatred is wasted when you have hatred banner in his unit, so take walking death instead... And never never never take spears... And deploy the knights 6 broad or 7 versus large infantry, cause you will never get that rank anyways... Also I would use the points saved from the spears to buy something for the vampire, maybe a gem of blood or a balefire spike...

02-09-2008, 08:06
looks like a solid list, id probly drop the 10 man skeliton unit for some ghouls, you can give your vamp goulkin to have them get a free march b4 the game starts, or not goulkin dont really matter ghouls are great on the charge with poison since skelitons wont win combat most the time and just use there numbers to win combat res and are more deffensive so 10 wont do much but the ghouls will put a hurting on most units, if you wanted to give your skelitons some hitting power you can drop your lords mount and put him in the skeliton unit and now your army is a bit more versitile as apposed to just the knights and the vargalf killing stuff. oh and infinite hatred would be helpfull in ghouls or a skelli unit.