View Full Version : Question about Dark Angels.. sort of.

01-09-2008, 15:34
I know that the DA split down the middle during the HH. What I'm wondering is how many of them would still be around? I was thinking of making a Fallen Angels Termi squad and calling it Dread Wing. How likely (or unlikely) is it that some of the Death Wing would have left during the HH?

Is this idea absurd or is it at all possible? Thanks in advance.

The Judge
01-09-2008, 15:59
I don't think the Deathwing existed at that point of the Dark Angels history... but if they did, I don't imagine many of them would have been left on Caliban to turn traitor.

So not many.

01-09-2008, 16:43
well they had termies, i don't remember if they had similar organization where the first companies would have been termies, they probably weren't called deathwing at the time. but then again how often do renegades/traitors adhere to force organization. go for it.

01-09-2008, 16:47
The Deathwing didn't exist at the time of the heresy. The Dark Angels Legion had a terminator equipped assault company which was then broken up into 100 strong units when the legion was broken up.

I think it would be unlikely that members of this assault company would be fallen. Being equipped with the fanciest armor they would likely be employed in the crusade rather than garrisoning Caliban.

Unlikely doesn't mean impossible though. If you can think of a reason for some terminator suits to remain on Caliban, or a way the fallen may have procured them after the event then why not.

02-09-2008, 22:00
As a marine progresses through the dark angels they learn more and more about their chapters sinister past. I think I've heard some Dark Angels have turned fallen after the horus heresey was over.

As Deathwing are some of the most progressesd marines, it is not unresonable to suggest that as they accumulate their knowledge of their chapters past they may indeed defect, and chose to call themselves by the name 'dreadwing' as parody.

Indeed Fallen marines are probably aware that the DA 1st company marines are called deathwing, so they may chose to parody this.