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01-09-2008, 18:15
This is probably a really noobish question, but if something comes with a hand weapon and I buy a magic weapon, does it keep the hand weapon, therefore getting an extra attack, or does the magic weapon replace the hand weapon. Also, I dont really understand the 2 weapon rules... From what I understand you can choose which weapon to use for attacks but at least 1 attack must be allocated to each weapon? Thanks very much,


01-09-2008, 18:27
It replaces old weapon and you always have to use magic weapon. If not otherwise specified.

01-09-2008, 22:34
A magic weapon is not a hand weapon, unless specified as such.
And you only get the extra attack for specifically two hand weapons.
Not to mention you can't use any other weapon if you have a magic one.

But... I don't think hand weapons can be replaced.. Considering you can destroy the magic weapon, but all models still retain attacks with something, be it an armored glove or a dagger hidden in a boot, etc.
Also I don't think it's mentioned anywhere that a magic weapon replaces anything.

Gazak Blacktoof
01-09-2008, 22:38
You keep the hand weapon you started with. However, if you are equipped with a magic weapon you must use that to attack (Bretonnians have an exception in that they may use a lance on the charge).

The only time you may use two weapons is if you are equipped with two weapons that specify they are "hand weapons". If equipped with two "hand weapons" you get +1 attack.

All attacks made by a model use the same characteristics, you do not have to split your attacks between the two weapons.

Example- Dark Elf Beast Masters are equipped with a lash which counts as a hand weapon and allows the model to make armour piercing attacks. Beast Masters also have a hand weapon (all models have one as standard unless they have a rule that specifies otherwise- so even if the equipment listed in the unit entry does not specify they have a hand weapon you may assume they do).

In combination the two "hand weapons" grant the model +1 attack and allow it to make armour piercing attacks (the lash's special rule).

Magic weapons are not ordinarily "hand weapons" this must be one of their listed rules in order that you can benefit from the two hand weapon fighting rules and receive +1 attack- normally it is not possible to fight with a magic weapon and a hand weapon.

Lord Zarkov
01-09-2008, 23:35
magic weapons must also not only be listed as hand weapons but must also have a overide rule for the fact that your are required to use you magic weapon instead of your mundane weapons.

I.e. (from the DE book) the dagger of Hotek can be used to get +1A 'cos it says so, whereas if Morathi ends up on foot with her magical HW she does not get the +1A as she is required to use her magic weapon (but if she miraculously aquired a shield she would get the +1AS bonus for having a hand weapon and shield) there is also I believe a bretonnian magic weapon that can be used as hand weapon, that also can be used to get the bonus AS if on foot but again cannot be combined with his mundane hand weapon for +1A.

Note only magic weapons listed as 'hand weapons' may grant the +1As bonus

03-09-2008, 17:37
ok thanks, so basically, if you buy a magic weapon that doesnt SAY hand weapon it 'replaces' your hand weapon in the sense that you do not get an extra attack, but if it says 'counts as a hand weapon' then you get 1 attack even if you do not specifically get a hand weapon as you always get one? And if you get 2 magic weapons you can use both effects for all of your attacks, or can you never get 2 magic weapons?

03-09-2008, 17:59
but if it says 'counts as a hand weapon' then you get 1 attack even if you do not specifically get a hand weapon as you always get one?

If you mean using the magic weapon and the regular hand weapon at the same time to gain +1 A for additional hand weapon: no.

If you have a magic weapon, then you must use that magic weapon and only that weapon. You cannot use an additional hand weapon.

As for two magic close combat weapons, that is not normally possible: as per the magic item rules in the rulebook, you can only purchase one magic weapon.