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Grom Hellscream
01-09-2008, 20:32
I've been reading about these guys for a while, from all the dwarf imput i've read i've decided to throw this list together, thanks in advance for feedback

Runesmith, Spelleater rune, spellbreaker rune, shield
Master Engineer, Handgun
Master Engineer, Handgun
Thane, BSB, Rune of Fear

24 Warriors, Shields, Music, Champ
24 Longbeards, Shields, Full Command
10 Thunderers, Shields
10 Thunderers, Shields
10 Quarrlers, Shields
10 Quarrlers, Shields, Great Weapons, Rangers

Bolt Thrower, Engineer, Handgun, Rune of Burning (for regen targets)
Bolt Thrower, Engineer, Handgun, Rune of Puncturing (for chariots)
Bolt Thrower, Engineer, Handgun, Rune of Seeking (for Flyers, lord mounts)
Bolt Thrower, Engineer, Handgun
Cannon, Engineer Handgun
15 Hammerers, Full Command, Rune of Stoicism, Shields

Organ Gun

Models: 114
Unts: 14
Shooters: 4
Close Combat: 3
Warmachines: 7

Dispel: 5 + two auto dispel

So yeah, its a gunline, all those Engineers (all 7 total), open up on skirmishers,flyers, and scouts - especially scouts behind the line and tunnelers they should waste anything they shoot at seperatly from their crews.
The master engineers entrench the organ gun and the cannon.

the real questions are on the rune of stoicism (combine w/ BSB for hopeful auto break) and if i should drop 2 standard engineers and grab the rune of forging on my cannon.


bork da basher
01-09-2008, 21:07
my advice is buy your own hills because you will never get to set all that up to maximise its potential.

id drop a unit of thunderers and bring the longbeards down to 20. 24 is too many for them. i'd also drop the ranger unit back down to regular xbows too i found they are better set up with the rest of your force, move or fire xbows dont make for good scouts.

personnally i think 2 bolt throwers is enough. 4 is overkill and if your facing an army without many monsters or ranks then your wasting their potential. a grudgethrower might be a better choice.

look at your runic items and get some protection on your heroes. even if its just a rune of stone and a shield. your BSB rune of fear is hit or miss. i dont think its worth the points when ive used it. i run my bsb with a master rune of gromril and just have him as a buffer. keep him cheap because he gets alot of attention.

06-09-2008, 15:26
Remember that your engineers can not use their BS with the bolt throwers AND the handguns at the same time. So i would drop the handguns on those guys, and maybe put some runes penetration on the bolt throwers as well to make them autokill chariots and the like. If anything you could give the engineers pistols, so they can stand and shoot.
I also agree with what the others said

Grom Hellscream
06-09-2008, 16:32
Okay then, I did some of that math of the frontage and yes, the army is too big, hills being necessary, but all the move-or-fire makes it ineffective.

SO, my revised list:
Thane BSB, Master Rune Gromril, Master Rune Swiftness, Rune of Cleaving
Master Engineer, Shield, Rune Stone, Handgun
Master Engineer, Shield, Rune Stone, Handgun
Runesmith, Spelleater Rune, Spellbreaker Rune, Shield

24 Warriors, Shields, F/C
20 Longbeards, Great Weapons, F/C, Rune Slowness
10 Thunderers, Shields
10 Thunderers, Shields
14 (7x2) Warriors, Rangers, Great Weapons, Throwing Axes, Musician

1 Cannon, Rune Forging, Engineer, Pistols
1 bolt thrower, Rune Puncturing, Engineer Handgun
1 Bolt Thrower, Rune Skewering, Engineer Handgun
1 Grudge Thrower, Rune Accuracy
15 Hammerers, F/C, Shields, Runes Stoicism and Determination

1 Organ Gun
1 Gyrocoptor

4 cc units
2 shooting lines
6 warmachines

07-09-2008, 04:20
You can only have 1 unit of rangers so bump them up to 10.

The rune of Skewering is very expensive for what it does so I'd get rid of it as well as the remaining engineer handguns as you will never use them.

With the points saved get a unit of 10 warriors with GWs to act as a flanker and buy an engineer for the grudgethrower.

If your planning on having your master engineers joins some of your warmachines then drop some engineers accordingly.

Grom Hellscream
07-09-2008, 22:19
that 7x2 was a reference to their deployment formation 7 men wide (for the throwing axes) and 2 deep.

08-09-2008, 03:19
Are they still a block at that point, or do they skirmish because they're scouts? a 7x2 block wound be hard to set up as scouts.

08-09-2008, 11:14
They are a ranked scout unit, pretty unwieldy really. I would keep them at a 5 frontage to allow them as much room to maneuver as possible (they may even manage to get a rank bonus then as well).

08-09-2008, 17:18
Plus it would make 'em easier to deploy them in cover with only a five frontage (5x2). and with their high tough and armor it's going to be a bit difficult to kill 'em so your not going to lose that rank bonus very quickly.