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02-09-2008, 05:42
ok new to he and putting together a list that i think would be competative but a little risky as well, ok here it is

lvl 4 archmage lormaster cloak, foianaths robe, jewel of dusk, elven steed. 378

untouchable exept with magic and he gets a 2 plus ward save against those, points well spent if you ask me to have a nearly untouchable lvl 4 wizard on a fast steed, and he would be untouchable against dwarves and basicly any army that doesnt have magic.

lvl 2 dispell scroll x 2, silver wand, 185 points

lvl 2 annulian crystal, 175 points

noble, dragon armor, shield, gw, reaver bow, mask of merlord, 151

he rides in a chariot and shoots his bow on the move till he can charge in.

chariot, 85

lion chariot, 140

5 reavers, w mus and bows, 112

8 silver helms, shields, drakemaster, mus, sb, talisman of loec, amulet of light, banner of sorcerry, 309

2 x 15 sea guard, w shilds and full comand one unit has lion standard.

220 and 245 respectivly

start would be to put my 2 mages in the sea guard units and walk up and cast as they shot there bows, and if charged the seagaurd will use spears and accept chalenges.

reavers will assist with some shots, march block ext, or just charge in with the knights and 2 chariots.

arch mage will create as much destruction as possible being all but impossible to kill,

hight damage, low modle count but could work really good an be awsome to play and would probably destroy any magic heavy army, and do lots of magic damage.

10-12 power dice, 7 dd, 2 dispell scrolls, 62 wounds.

02-09-2008, 08:35
Folariaths robe: Character on foot only.

02-09-2008, 09:13
Okay first, things first, what the heck do you want your army to do?

You try to be able to cast your enemy away with magic, yet you also try to slam his face in combat. This can succeed, but only if you have experience with it. As you appear new to High elves, I would suggest you do either defense or offense right, and not having a bit of both.

Now to have a few tips for your list:

Tiranoc chariots are better served without heroes riding them. They have enough power to threaten the enemy, yet are cheap enough to be sacrificed should it come to it. Use them as spoilers.

8 Dragon Princes ( I assume they are, since Silver Helms don't have Drakemasters) is a very odd number. Generally speaking, they do better at smaller sizes, so that all your models can attack.

Other than that, the units are good as is (as has been noted, the archmage is illegal), but I would give some of them the boot to bring your list towards either defense or offense.

Hope you'll enjoy playing games with your High elves...

02-09-2008, 12:14
if your new to high elves then dont take loads of magic. taking a cc character is probably better and gives more ld. dont take 8 dragon princes (if those are dragon princes) and maybe change the lothern sea guard into spearmen. try to include a unit of on foot elites cos those are really good.

im not sure wether you are going for blasting or smashing just like armilthuan said

02-09-2008, 21:16
yeah i agree it is a bit of a odd list, was just playing around with some ideas, ok the lvl 4 can only be on foot, thats not a hard fix, I was thinking of changing the list up and playing w mostly core units, because while the speacials are great, they are a bit pricey money wise for the points you get out of them so ill probly field a more shooty list w heavy magic to save on the pocket book to start out with, heres what im thinking.

more deffensive list and high shooting and magic stay's the same and same hero make up but ill probly give him a elf steed and use him to throw out 3 str 5 hits a turn with or neer the reavers. those were silver helms, and i can just bring 5 of them to swap some points around, but i wanted around 8 so they dont die as easy and i hold the banner longer, but iether way they stay as more of a counter charge unit.

sea gard stay, so much better than spearmen for few more points, I like the idea of shooting, then standing and shooting as a charge reaction then laying waste with my spears, ill probly ad a unit of 10 bowmen and mabey a bolt thrower or two, ill re work the list and post it. While i am new to he, i am not new to magic so for my pocket book heavy magic is the best way to be competitive and cheap.

02-09-2008, 21:41
Seagaurd are great if you go defensive. For just a point or 2 more than archers (which you want when you go on the defense), they can be deadly for a lot of opponents in combat to. I use them in units of 15 in a formation of 10+5 on the ground, 7x2+1 on a hill and 3x5 when combat nears.

Also, Silver Helms don't have an option for a magic banner.

If you have the money, you can add a chariot or two (I have three myself, I love chariots! ^^), to threaten the enemy should he gain ground.

Also, the next thing on your to buy list should be an Eagle. They are god's gift to the High Elves. And the best unit by far in the list. For knowing how to use an Eagle, you can use the search function of Warseer.

Hope you enjoy playing High Elves!

03-09-2008, 00:18
thx for the help. yeah your right about no banner for silver helms, hmm may have to invest in some lions.