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Papa Dan
02-09-2008, 13:36
Hi there mates.

Im currently trying to rethink my Nuln list. Mainly because I want to get more knights into it, partly because they are quicker to paint. I need some advice on this matter. I really want to use what I have painted and newly bought. So my question is, can I use these and still have a cavalry heavy list, any suggestions on what to include in this list? Could some handgunners and swordmen do any good in a calry list?

This is what is painted:

General with a flaming sword that could be used as a general/grand master/captain.
10 Swordmen including command section. (maybe expand this to 25-30)
1 GC with crew

Assambled and primed
wizard on foot
mounted wizard (at least I want to use this one)
10 Hand gunners (so I really want to use them as well)
Warrior Priest on foot

In boxes
10 Hand gunners (would like to use them so I havnt wasted my money but could choose to have two smaller units or even as attachments instead of fully 20).
10 Halfling Archers (not necessary to use at all).

Really hope I can get some help and suggestions from you! Some IC knights and vanillas would be great to include as a main force.



02-09-2008, 15:38
It'll all depends on whether you want this to be a competitive tournament army or not. If so, you'll probably be forced to field the arch lector on war altar - it's that important I'm afraid.

Assuming the above, we would have available for characters:

Arch Lector (Lord & General)
Captain, mounted
Battle Wizard, mounted & on foot
Warrior Priest on foot

Given that you want the army to be cavalry based, you'll probably want to convert the "flaming sword" character to a mounted warrior priest (with a biting blade if you're strongly inclided towards wysiwyg). The hatred is very important to knights - more so that a hero with 1 extra WS and 1 extra A.

So, that would give us:

Characters (circa 700 pts)

Arch Lector, in chariot (war altar)
Warrior Priest, mounted (with knights)
Wizard, mounted (I'd park him or her in some fast cavalry)
Either warrior priest or wizard on foot (former possibly in swordsman unit, latter maybe in handgunners)

Core (circa 700 pts):

1 unit of swordsmen (don't field them under 25 strong, including character)
2 units of handgunners
2 units of 6 vanilla knights without command

Special (circa 550):

1 Great Cannon
(add another great cannon)
(add pistoliers)
(add a unit of 5+ Inner Circle knights, joined by warrior priest, FC, some banner)

Rare (circa 250?):

1 unit of halfling archers
(Consider a unit of 4 Ogre [DoW] Ironguts, since they are fairly fast)

It all adds up to a rough 2,200 pts. Hope that helped. Adding detachments to the swordsmen would be nice, but (as you noted) you can split a unit of handgunners to do so.

Papa Dan
02-09-2008, 15:52
Thanks for the comments, I do like most of it except for the DoW, forgot to write that I intended to use the halflings as regular archers (as a screen to the infantry).

But would it work with only one infantry unit like that? What would their role be?

Yes, I would like it to be competative but Im a bit fed up with the altar. But I guess youre right about its importance though.

02-09-2008, 18:42
The role of the swordsmen would be to protect the cannons and the handgunners. Unless you forego infantry altogether, it's not a bad idea to have a block hanging back.

You could consider taking a second block, of perhaps flagellants if you want to enhance the priestly theme. They'd even be core - although you have the rare slot free for them. In fact, I think you'll not be using rare choices at all.

03-09-2008, 05:25
If you want pure cav, fill your special slots with outriders. They shred the infantry blocks that standard knights can't break, can take down hydra-class monsters with weight of fire, and can marchblock the really, really nasty units if you need them to. The more committed you are to cavalry, the harder it is to protect war machines and footslogigng shooting units. The only infantry block I would take is flagellants, because they are unbreakable.

And yes, the war alter arch lector is essential. Empire just doesn't have any other HQ options that can compare for a reasonable price. One warrior priest at most, to give your dead killy knight unit hatred, and a couple battle wizards for magic defense (you won't be getting a whole lot of spells off against even 4 dispel die).

03-09-2008, 05:54
Actually, with the following setup, it's not so bad (the equipment is just a quick example):

* Arch Lector on War Altar. VHS, Dawn Armour, Hammer of Judgement.
2 bound spells from the Lord (prayer), 1 from the Altar (Lore of Light)
* Warrior Priest on barded horse. Doomfire Ring. Sword of Might or Enchanted Shield.
1 bound spell from the priest (prayer), 1 bound spell from the ring (Lore of Fire)
* Level 2 battle wizard. Rod of Power, Powerstone.
* Level 2 battle wizard. 2 dispel scrolls.

You'll have 5 bound spells (which require 2 dice each to dispel, although they'll likely let most by, and 6 PD plus the Rod, which can either store your dispel- or your power dice.

Against an opponent that isn't magic-heavy, you can count on circa 8 PD (and 7 DD plus 2 scrolls, minus what you store). This is in addition to 5 bound spells!
Should your opponent be magic-heavy, you have 6 PD to dispel his remain-in-play spells (or to try and a bit of offense of your own), and about 9 DD plus 2 scrolls for defense - that's potent.

A last note: the Ring of Volans is not worth the points. I see it quite often in proposed lists, but it's too random, and too expensive, for it's cost, given that it's a one-use item. Aldred's Casket is a good investment, though - although it's a bit random as well, it can create some seriously nasty surprises for your opponent.

Papa Dan
03-09-2008, 12:36
Hi again and thanks for the comments. I have reworked the list now.What do you think of this?

Arch Lector of Nuln (305p)
War Altar
AmI, VHS, Hammer of Judgement

Wizard lvl 2 (140p)
rod of power

Wizard lvl 2 (125p)
1 Dispel

Champion of the Empire, Johann Van Haelsing (112p)
Full plate
Sword of Might
Shield of the Gorgon

Parent 23 Swordmen (162p)
duelist, banner, musician
-5 Handgunners (40)

20 Flagellants (210p)
Prophet of Doom

5 Knightly Orders (123p)

5 Knightly Orders (123p)

10 Handgunners (110p)
musician, marksman with hochland


5 Outriders (126p)
Champion with Hochland

Great Cannon (100p)

10 IC Knights (330)
Banner of Arcane Warding
Full Command


Helstorm (115p)

Helstorm (115p)

Total: 2236

03-09-2008, 14:06
Adding a warrior priest to the block of 10 IC Knights would take the unit from good to deathmachine, so unless you're committed to not having one, I think he's worth it in every circumstance.

Papa Dan
03-09-2008, 14:19
Adding a warrior priest to the block of 10 IC Knights would take the unit from good to deathmachine, so unless you're committed to not having one, I think he's worth it in every circumstance.

No that IS a good point. I have nothing against it really. Its just about me having to let go of one of my favourite miniatures (the unmounted wizard). But I think that has to be done. And as I have those points from the wizard and there is 14 points left I could create a priest for 139p.

Any suggestions on how to equip him the best way?

EDIT: And as he will be riding with the unit we can take away ONE knight and have an aditional 26p to play with.