View Full Version : 1500 Daemon list. Friendly one!

02-09-2008, 15:08
Well, i am starting a new Daemon army. Last time i played warhammer, Chaos had beast , warriors and Daemons in a single codex, so dont beat me too hard

This is a list to play with a couple of frieds, not into competitive play. That been said, lets go with it !

Khorne Herald. Jugger , Flaming sword. khorne armor, Bsb with the -2 ld banner (Cant remember the name...) 290 Points

Slaanesh Herald: Slanesh seduction, Allure of Slanesh. Lvl 1. 190 points

Tzeentch Herald. Master of Src. Spellbreaker. Mounted on disc. 185 Points.

16 Bloodletters, with champion and End.war standard 241 Points

15 Daemonettes, with champion and Extasis standad. 229 Points.

5 Flamers (with pyro). 190 Points.

5 hounds. 175 points

Total: 1500 Points.

45 Mins. 5 PD , 4 DD and 1 "Scroll".

The herald of khorne is a no brainer.. Maybe i could change the -2 ld to the -2 to magic one, i guess i ll have to try out wich one fits better.

The Slaneesh herald and the Daemonettes. AsF. Ws 5 2 attaks.. with the help of the Herald, they ll crush anything but high T Trops. Allure of Slaneesh and Seduction on herald.. well, the herald is pretty easy to kill.. so thats the only way it ll last on CC (with the -2 ld banner 4 sure).

Hounds , Flamers and the Tzeentch herald.. no brainers i guess ^^u.

Well.. No Siren Song, No massed pink horrors, no nurgle..

The idea is to have a strong list, but been hable to have fun with it (Wich means, the op MUST have a chance !!!)

Well, what do u guys think about it? Remember i have been out of the hobby for a looog time, so any inputs are apreciated.