View Full Version : The Standing Army of Hag Graef 2250 points

02-09-2008, 17:31
Dreadlord-Heavy Armour, SDC, Shield, Cold One, Caledor's Bane, Pendant of Khaeleth, Pair of Handbows-271

Master-Heavy Armour, SDC, Shield, Great Weapon, BSB, Standard of Hag Graef-154

Master-Heavy Armour, SDC, Cold One, Crimson Death-133

Sorceress-Level2, Seal of Ghrond-165

27 Warriors-Shields, FC-204 (BSB here 7*4)

14 Repeater Crossbowmen-140

14 Repeater Crossbowmen-140

20 Corsairs-Handbows-200 (Sorceress here, 7*3)

6 Cold One Knights-FC, Standard of Slaughter, Ring of Hotek-262 (Master Here)

6 Cold One Knights-FC, Warbanner, Pearl of Infinate Bleakness-252(Dreadlord Here)

8 Shades-Bloodshade, Great Weapons-162

Assassin-AHW, Rune of Khaine, Manbane, Cloak of Twilight-166


what do you think Warseer?
im considering dropping the Assassin for another unit of Shades, good idea?