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As part of my background for the characters in my Space Marines chapter, "Odhinn's wolves" I am writing small snippets of story for each of them, here are the ones I have so far and they include small descriptions also,
C&C people?

Venerable Dreadnaught - Lord Thor
Lord Thor was once the Lord of the 4th Great Company of Odhinn's Wolves until his entire company met with disaster on a mission to aid a planet overridden by the minions of the Chaos God Nurgle, Thor led his entire company in a phenomenal attack against the main communications and aerial defence fortifications that Chaos now controlled. However when the Battle Barges Sleipnir and Mjollnir arrived they found few survivors of the fourth company, which had been rendered asunder by Chaos Titan legions. Lord Thor himself was mortally wounded in combat and after seeing that his pack brothers would be cared for was interred into an ancient Dreadnaught sarcophagus and fights still for the chapter.

The Idavoll mountain’s were mostly obscured behind the driving snow, obscured even from the enhanced vision of Thor as he stood looking over his new home world.
Behind him the shadowy form of Yggdrasil stood out against the snow and his eye ran over the fortress’ detail as he strode towards the great doors.

Inside the howling wind was cut off as soon as the doors closed and Thor paused to shake some of the snow off his wolf pelt. As he entered the chamber the heads of the other two Wolf Lords turned and they nodded in greeting as he took his seat.

The echoes of another approach reached their sensitive ears of and each stood respectfully as the Great Wolf entered the chamber and took his seat.

He looked first from one then another of the three Lords sat before him, each wanted their Great company to be the one dispatched to Medina to fight the Nurgle incursion.

“Lord Thor.”

The leader of the 4th Great Company nodded his grizzled head, “Great Wolf.”

“You shall go to Medina with your pack.”

Thor grinned exposing his fangs, “The rotting ones will feel our bite Great Wolf”

The growl of assent from the other Lords echoes in the stone halls as Thor rose to assemble his company.

Growled orders sent Chapter surfs running with messages for his Commanders as he entered his own chamber and took up his great hammer, he could feel the lust for combat building as he prepared himself for war.

Wolf Priest Njord
Njord was originally a Wolf Priest in Logan Grimnar's Company and was chosen from among many to leave with Odhinn and to train the new marines for the Odhinn's Wolves, old even by the years of a genetically enhanced superhuman Njord leads packs in to battle consistantly and there are few in the chapter who have not had the benefit of his teaching.

The aged Rhino troop carrier hummed in perfect condition across the plain in the shadow of Hive Zion. Inside the blood claws pack anticipated immediate combat, accompanying them was the calm figure of Wolf Priest Njord, a stark contrast to the relatively frenzied Blood Claws.
The Rhino spun to a halt and the blood claws dived out of the opening hatch to be held back by Njord’s barked commands. The great gateway into the hive was only a few yards away an a number of the blood claws were staring upwards at the gigantic structure. Njord knew what they felt, there was nothing like this on Fenris where they came from. Njord noticed one of the blood claws, one of those honored with a power axe, who paid little attention to the structure though he was staring towards the gate and sniffing the air, his eyes darted over possible ambush positions his mouth open in a semi snarl.

“Odhinn, lead on!” Called Njord.

The young blood claw shifted his power axe as he moved quickly against the side of the gateway. The others raced after him and Njord has to physically haul one away from a line of weapons fired that traced out of the opening.

“These are no fools young one, these are the best the god of decay has to offer, less haste, more cunning.”

The young claw nodded and Njord wandered how many of his pack he was going to lose this day.

Rune Priest Munin
The oldest and wisest of the few Rune priests in the Odhinn's Wolves Munin is personal friends with the great wolf and one of his most trusted advisors. His abilities on the field of combat have oft turned the tide of battle far in favour of the wolves.

Munin could hear them, the foul warp presence of the plague bearers like a pressure in his mind. They were still quite far and his own acute physical senses as well as those of his battle brothers had yet to detect the presence of the daemons.

Stealthily despite his armoured bulk Munin moved to the side of his Lord and friend.

"The plague carriers approach."

Odhinn glanced at his friend, he knew his friend's powers and the truth he brought, his mouth curled into a feral grin. "Then they will soon be surprised."

In a corner of his mind Munin saw the rotting host of the Deathguard as his familiar flew over the pestilence ridden warp creatures and the bloated traitor marines.

Soon enough the sharpened sense of smell Odhinn's wolves possessed, even over brother marines of most chapters, picked up the smell of decay and the packs quietened and waited.

"Munin my friend, fight with me?" Growled Odhinn.

Munin nodded in ascent, his mind preoccupied on the enemy's position.

As the enemy reached the magic point he was waiting for he keyed his vox.


The tanks of their force rumbled up from behind the protective hills that had obscured them from vision and the Wolves rose from their entrenched positions.

Hordes of Plague bearers fell to the blessed weapons of the Executioner tank behind Munin and lascannon bolts lanced out to vaporise armoured traitors and tanks alike.

Munin gathered his power and the air around them began to crackle as his protective shroud fell over himself and the other wolves. Drawing his rune axe Munin joined in the feral battle cry as he charged into combat at the side of Lord Odhinn and his wolf guard.

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