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08-11-2005, 14:13
Lord of khorne
barded steed GW
Gaze of the gods

Exalted champ
MoK barded steed
GW Crown of Everlasting Conquest

Wargor MoK
dark heart GW
chaos armor

16x warriors of khorne
chosen shields

5x knights MoK
full cmnd.+exalted here
Banner of Rage

5x knights MoK
full cmnd chosen
War Banner +Lord here

80 pts
5x flesh hounds

55 pts
Beast herd
5 ungor
5 gor

230 pts
14x Khornegor
full command
+wargor here

3x Dragon Ogres
GW and light armor

Mutant Monstrosity

5 units of Cav
4 unit infantry

I figured since I was giving you guys so much crap about your lists I would post my own. So far it's done fairly well due in large part to my giant.

My Dragon ogres make up the vanguard while I stack one side with both units of knights I place the giant on the other and let him be a missle magnet. the beasts fleshhounds hit up the warmachines but when the bulk of your army hits the line by turn 2 or 3 warmachines don't really matter much anymore:D
The khornegor unit and the warriors are pretty nuts in combat and the dark heart is a nasty little surprise to spring on enemies.

13-11-2005, 05:43
well then I must indeed have an imposing force of Khorne good to know my list is completely well rounded and perfect in every way. All is as I believed to be true:evilgrin:

13-11-2005, 14:22
You definitely need some light cav in your list to block frenzied troops of making unwanted charges, baiting in other enemies and fleeing or hunting warmachine crews. I would suggest you try and find 10 points somewhere and drop the flesh hounds for some units of 5 warhounds.

Also you might want to consider making the exalted go with the chosen knights and the lord with the non chosen. It just balances out he 2 units a bit more. And chosen warriors of khorne with add. hand weapons is nasty. for S4 attacks for each model! with a front rank of 5, (which with khorne warriors you should ALWAYS have!) thats 21 attacks with the champion! With add. hand weapons, if your hero ever gets into a challenge, watch your opponents face as you tell him he gets 5 attacks:evilgrin:

So here's how I would change your list:
drop a warrior(-21pts)
drop the flesh hounds (-80pts)
drop the shields on the remaining warriors (-15pts)
now you've dropped 116 pts
put in 2 units of 6 warhounds (+72pts)
add add. hand weapons to the warriors (+45pts)
That puts you one point over

Here's something else you can change but only if you want to. in not completely recommended:

drop the the non-chosen knights with their banner (-310pts)
drop the steed off the exalted champion (-16pts)
that gives you 326pts to work with
Now add a large unit of say 19 marauders with hand weapon/ shield light armour and full command (+158pts)
and add 2 small units of 10 marauders with great weapons (+160pts)

that gives you a good block of troops with detachment like units. And put the exalted champion in the big unit. If you can find points I suggest getting a champion in at least one (detachment) unit, 2 if you can.

If you make both changes then that should leave you with 7 pts to work with. With that drop a warhound from each unit and put champions in the great weapon units. Making you 1 pt over.

hope this helps

13-11-2005, 14:49
It would work like this, the only thing I don't like is teh chosen warriors, the chance taht they reach combat is really small and they seem to be the weak point because of the point cost.

Drop it for some chosen knights (yes it is cheesy, but khorne bassicly is always chees)
The giant makes a cool thing. With the new plastic one this could be really cool. But You will need some warhounds for your knights. So I would drop the warriors and take some chosen and warhounds.

14-11-2005, 06:45
thanks for the rates guys I appreciate the input.

The detachment idea I really like but that's a crap load of marauders I don't have. :(

The unit does get into combat more often than some might expect. And it decimates.

most people charge their hardest knights into them 2 units at a time and then I flank charge with the khornegors.:skull: that dark heart is one NASTY surprise.:)

The Lord is in the mega unit of knights because this is a campaign and if I loose my general he may infact DIE:wtf:

14-11-2005, 20:03
The Lord is in the mega unit of knights because this is a campaign and if I loose my general he may infact DIE:wtf:

then don't pay attention to what i said about the lord. Keep him alive at all costs!

17-11-2005, 13:16
the only reason for taking the chosen w/ shields is the option i've been planning on for some time, 3 attacks and a 2+ save as opposed to 4 and a 4+, almost seems to defeat the point of spending an extra 6 points on the models to give them an extra attack. i don't know which will be more effective just yet, i plan on running a unit of each in my 2k pts list(an infantry heavy khorne list? bizarre i know), and will try out the two combos. still collecting the army though first!

17-11-2005, 16:07
I still never would even dream to thake chosen warriors. Especially not khorne.
They are infantry and the chanes of them following some fast cav or even normal is to big.

Also the the impact of a bolttrower or stone strower is huge. If you would even kill the half unit you will have a lot of points, that are really hard to take back.

Other than that I still like it.