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03-09-2008, 04:30
Just got 4 minotaurs and some spawns of chaos and now made my 1500 pt list for campaigns, tourneys, etc. The main goal with this list is to rush forward, move back, then rush forward again and possibly get the charge, sort of a khorne tactic being used with nurgle. And for all people telling me to switch to khorne or tzeentch, I won't because I prefer Nurgle's style of play.

Biting Blade, shield, chaos armour, horn of the great hunt, mark of nurgle
Bray Shaman:200
level 2, staff of darkoth, dispel scroll, Mark of Nurgle
Bray Shaman:206
level 2, bray staff, dispel scroll, goretooth, mark of nurgle

Beast Herd:140
11 Gors, 7 Ungors, full command, 2 hand weapons
mark of nurgle, 15, full command, vitriolic totem
Tuskgor Chariot:135
Mark of Nurgle

4, 2 hand weapons, mark of nurgle, light armour
Chaos Spawn:75
Beast of Nurgle
Chaos Spawn:75
Beast of Nurgle

The beast herd ratio may be "off-balance" as some of you say, but I think that units of 18 with a majority of gors seems better than a whole pincushion of no command at all after the gors are dead, which will happen fast.

03-09-2008, 12:34
I like the idea of the nurgle army, don't see them around much anymore which is a shame as they can be beautiful looking army(if slightly gruesome).
As for the army, it feels like you havn't got enough models for a beastmen army, they rely on large numbers and with only 3 units and 2 supporting models you could find yourself outnumbered. I reconmend that you drop the horn of the great hunt ( you have no ambushing units anyway) and drop the second shaman to level 1, remove the mark of nurgle and the goretooth and instead use the lore of beasts and use the bears anger to support the combat units. With the points spared you could afford a small beastherd unit and use that to ambush.
Hope it helps, sorry can't be more exact I havn't got my book on hand.

04-09-2008, 00:43
i have a beast herd unit to ambush which i usually have a mage to weaken the units before they move up. As for the level 1 shaman, i'll probably make him a scroll caddy or give him a dispel scroll and The Dark Heart to boost the charge range to a max of 13"

05-09-2008, 22:51

Oh, and i'm probably going to get a couple more beast herds with majority of gors so i have the uber bashers. Raiders is fun in 2k since i have a doombull led 2k army.