View Full Version : Jurrassic Park DINOS

03-09-2008, 11:14
Fun flufy dino-list:

Oldblood (carnosaur, light armour, +2 attacks weapon, shield, 4+ward save, itza spawning, +1 dispel dice, +1 Scaly skin)
lv1 Skink Priest (diadem of power)
lv1 Skink Priest (cube of darkness, blessed mark fo the old ones)
10 Skinks (scouts)
10 Skinks (scouts)
10 Skinks
5 Terradons
4 Kroxigors
4 Kroxigors

03-09-2008, 11:25
First of all, your list is illleagal. Oldbloods can only take 3 spawnings, and they need to use 1 to ride the carnosaur.

-IMO, one priest with diadem is fine for magic defense. Otherwise you waist lots of points against people who take no magic.

-You did not clarify witch of the 4 ward save item you took. I would do the 4+.
-Your Old blood has no shield. Thats 1 AS point gone for 3 points...
-I would drop sotec for Spawning of the Old Ones on your Old Blood.

Other then your heroes, it looks pretty good, as long as your opponent has no bolt throwers.

03-09-2008, 11:37
List edited to make it legal. Cube of darkness and blessed mark of the old ones is an awesome combo, as it lets you end the enemy magic phase on 4+ with a re-roll. :)