View Full Version : Chaos Worshippin orcs! 2000 pts

08-11-2005, 16:36
ok I'd like to know what you all think of this.....yes my orkz worship tha chaos

Black Orc Warboss-135 pts
G weapon, dead ard, umm's, baubles

Orc big boss BSB-115 pts
ittle ring

Night gobbo shaman-110 points
2 scrolls

24 big ums-220 pts(BSB goes here)
choppa, shield, full comman

40 ard grotz-132 pts
hw/shield/light armot, musican, standard

20 wolfriders-270 points
full command, la/shield/spear

40 n gobbos-167 pts
3 fanatics, standard, musican

30 orcs-178
full command

30 orcs-178 pts
full command

19 black orcs-286(Warboss goes here)
War banner, full command

2 wolf chariots-126 points

2 Chukkas-70 pts

all 2000 pts, ok thanks!

08-11-2005, 17:17
Looks nice. Lots of troops backed with some chariots and chuckas. Some things I'd change though:

1) Why does the BSB have the 'itty ring? You have only a scroll caddy so he won't be getting that bound level 3 spell through. (If you want to be evil, give your big 'uns spears and Nogg's banner of butchery to the BSB.)

2) 40 goblins is overkill; 30 is enough. Oh, and drop the standards. I'm sure you don't want to give 100 vp's to the enemy for taking out goblins.

3) The wolf rider unit is quite big. I'd use two units of 5 with musicians and maybe one unit of 10 to go with chariots. Grimgor's buddy always hyped the riders + chariot combo and I'm sure it's quite effective (Yo Grimmy, you still with us?).

4) I've found that 25 orcs in one unit is enough though some people prefer 30 so it's up to you.

5) The black orc unit is too big. Elite infantry is not very good in the current edition of WHFB so it's better to keep them small and in supportive role. Try 12 in 6*2 formation with great weapons. It's a very hitty unit this way and you'll save a lot of points.

With the points saved, I'd get a couple of sacrifice units (24 night gobbos with musician is my favourite). More chariots and chuckas would not a bad idea either.

Lord Anathir
08-11-2005, 22:24
cut back alittle on the troops, maybe make the orcs 25 ish and the gobbos 30 and use the extra points to get two more chariots.

10-11-2005, 16:30
25 orcs?....when I play against mainly dwarves and empire

11-11-2005, 14:11
*Sigh* This is the very reason I'm not keen on commenting army lists anymore. People post their lists and leave it at that when there should be discussion. Your pathetic

25 orcs?....when I play against mainly dwarves and empire

is nowhere near discussion. What about the other comments I made? Did you even read them? You didn't make any changes on your list so were all my suggestions useless? If you bother to post your list for other people to comment, you should also bother to thank those people for useful tips and make counter-arguments on things you didn't agree on. Check out Amagi's wood elf army list (wood elf army of doom or something like that); brilliant exchange of ideas (and only mild flaming :)).

14-11-2005, 19:50
Alright I'm sorry then, alright I'll explain myself...

1-the BSB, well he might as well do something, but I may drop this

2-those gobbos are for fightin, really....4+ save gobbos aren't anything to laugh at, though I may drop them to 30, as others have said the same

3-Yeah everyone else has seemed to say the same thing, it just worries me about shooting

4- I like 30, in lets them soak up all the hits and it looks nice

5-The whole black orc issue has been a heated one, lots of other folks saw that I should use them in commando units of 10 with great weapons.

The Judge
17-11-2005, 12:09
20 wolf riders is unmanoueverable... an opponent of mine took units of fifteen, I shoot thm and panicked them, and they were gone, off the board. Lots of points when smaller units of five will do.