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03-09-2008, 18:00
I'm playing in a 2250 league in a few months and I'm getting mah leezards together. It's mostly for fun, though I expect some good competition; I don't really care if I win as long as I can stick to theme and be somewhat competitive.

The only restrictions are that I cannot take two of the same Rare choice or more than half my specials as the same type (so 2 packs of Sallies is out, etc.)

Saurus Oldblood w/Light Armor, Spear & Shield
Blade of Realities
Mark of Itzl & Topec

Skink Priest Lvl 2
2 Dispel Scrolls

12 Skinks w/Javelins & Shield
10 Skinks w/Blowpipe
10 Skinks w/Blowpipe
15 Saurus w/Spears & Command
15 Saurus w/Hand Weapons & Command

6 Saurus Cavalry w/Command
4 Kroxigors

3 Salamanders

03-09-2008, 18:42
Well being that it's only semi-competitive I don't know what you want us to say...

That lord eats up a LOT of points and will be a huge target of warmahcines. I'd drop the carnosaur to beef up the saurus units and get a jaguar scarvet.

03-09-2008, 19:25
Well if you want dinos, the carnosaur is a must.

I run a very similar list. My only difference is that I run a jaguar scarvet with that list.

Very simply, drop the 4th krox, drop the two dispel scroll and get a diadem of power.
Drop the sixth cold one rider. 5 is plenty.
If you can (depending on the models) do NOT use spears on the saurus - waste of points. You are much better with the HW and shield, as you get better Armour saves.

On the lord, I would keep the Tepoc. With the diadem of power, it means that you have more "unsued" dice from your dispel dice that you can use as power dice. This way you have 4 dispel dice giving you more flexibility in choosing offensive or defensive magic from your unused magic dice. The problem is, it raises the cost of your lord.

That is why he MUST wear the aura of quetzl. This 4+ ward save for St5 hit has saved mine many times from cannons and is a must buy. It does however increases the cost of your lord. But so be it. The beast is not cheap, nor do you want it to be cheap.

Then drop the 12 skinks to 10, and that 'should' take to 100 or so pts, then take a Scar vet, give a GW and give him the jaguar charm. Just dont make him expensive, he is supposed to have very specific battle role: chariot hunting, big lord on horses hunting in challenges and warmachines if your terradons cant get to it.

I find that the carnosaur is very good at taking out small to mid size units (10-15) no bigger because of the risk of losing combat resolution.

03-09-2008, 20:00
I agree with guillaume on the Diadem. It is really a great magic item if you are low on magic (or if you are high on magic for that matter!). If there is a problem with the list it's a relative weakness against massed battlelines. You'll need a lot of frontage of flank to get enough units stuck in to do some damage.
Personally I'd either go with some more saurus, or (which is better for a dino army) less saurus, but bigger heavy-hitters. Seven Cavalry with full command and a war banner makes a VERY powerful unit, capable of breaking almost any non-elite unit in one turn, and most elites too. If you drop one block of saurus you could still make the other block five bigger, or get some more skinks, or even skink scouts if you drop the priest to level one for a "magic defense only" list.
Seems like a good list altogether, and a lot depends on your regular opponents.

04-09-2008, 12:59
Your lord has no ward save. Him and his carnosaur will not reach the enemy if they have any bolt throwers.