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Gaz Taylor
04-09-2008, 14:05
With all the Chaos Rumours floating around, I've been thinking about trying the hard northern guys out for WFB. I know the book is out in a few months, but I've decided to try and collect an army of them over the next few months as I really like the sound of some of the rumours. Here's a list I'm thinking about trying out using the WD list which I thought about at work today.....


Exalted Chaos Champion @ 210 Pts
with Mark of Slaanesh, Shield, Sword of Might, Armour of Damnation, and rides a Daemonic Mount
What's not to like about this guy. Dishes out 4 strength 6 attacks (which are magical due to all the undead and daemons around), riding the big horse of doom (nice 18" charge) and wears his greased up armour to make him a bit slippery for any opponents to hit him!

Battle Standard Bearer @ 130 Pts
with Mark of Slaanesh, Biting Blade and Enchanted Shield
I think in the WoC list you really need to have BSB due to average leadership, but the icing on the cake is the fact that he's also a nice fighter (again magic weapon for Undead and Daemons).

Lv 2 Chaos Sorcerer @ 165 Pts
with a Chaos Familiar and riding a Chaos Steed
Lv2 Chaos Sorcerer @ 175 Pts
with Two Dispel Scrolls and riding a Chaos Steed
My magical Offensive and Defense. The standard Scroll Caddie is here of course and the Familiar helps give me a 'reasonable' magic phase in todays climate. The Steeds make them a bit faster, bit better in units (due to fudging the ranks and giving me an extra bit of US) and of course gives them a nice tasty armour save for a wizard!


14 Chosen @ 357 Pts
with Mark of Slaanesh, Shield, Full Command and the Banner of Wrath
I wanted to include Chaos Warriors in the list and the only way I thought they would be worth it was as a unit of chosen, due to getting an extra attack and chaos armour. The BSB will be in this unit making it a bit tougher and it gives him a safe hideout.

17 Marauders @ 120 Pts
with Flails, Standard & Musician
17 Marauders @ 120 Pts
with Flail, Standard & Musician
Nice units which give me some static CR , nice Strength 5 attacks and a bunker for each of the sorcerors.

5 Chaos Warhounds @ 30 Pts
5 Chaos Warhounds @ 30 Pts
Some of the best units in the list for dirverting, cheap deployments and wot not!


6 Chaos Knights @ 248 Pts
with Mark of Slaanesh, Standard, Musician and War Banner
Like the warriors I wanted a unit of these guys. I would have liked them to be Chosen Knights but I'm not too sure where to fish the points from. I think I might have the Big Bad Boy in here but I'm not too sure as his horse of doom gives the unit a massive frontage.

2 Chaos Chariot @ 240 Pts
with Mark of Slaanesh
Chariots are good, as they will help support the infantry as well as being a steam roller of doom.

5 Marauder Horsemen @ 86 Pts
with Flails, Throwing Axes, & Musician
5 Marauder Horsemen @ 86 Pts
with Flails, Throwing Axes, & Musician
Fast Cav are so useful and these guys are no exception! Flails give them a nice first round charge while the throwing axes makes them very cheeky while not breaking the bank.

Any Thoughts?

04-09-2008, 16:19
i really like it!
i would definately put the Ex.champ in the knights to give them more bite
other than that, nothing wrong with the list

05-09-2008, 22:04
Why do you need magic attacks against undead and daemons? It helps for wraiths and banshees and the very rare ethereal vampires, but everything else in those two lists is hurt just as well be mundane weapons as by magic ones. Perhaps you are thinking of WE forest spirits, those don't get their ward save vs magic attacks?

Lord Dan
05-09-2008, 22:13
I like it a lot. You're thinking about multiple threats and building to deal with them, and haven't allowed your army to fall for the all-eggs-in-one-basket trap that so many WoC fall for. However, I would reccomend just a couple things:

Break one of the marauder units in half, and give both units of 10 flails. I find that big blocks of marauders with flails don't do as well as the smaller ones. These can be used to scare off fast cav, hold table quarters, protect flanks, or die so your chosen don't. Anything you feel like!

Give the larger unit shields instead of flails, making them more durable.

Drop the throwing axes on your horsemen. I've never once played a game where I thought: "Man, if only my marauder horsemen had axes!"

If you're not taking a magic banner on your BSB, give him some uber-cool weapon! Biting blade? For shame! Give him something good and chaos-y. Make me proud.

Anyway, it looks solid nevertheless. Good work.

05-09-2008, 23:50
i would agree with the splitting down of marauders
but i would say the axes are fine, nice when you arent able to charge to lob S4 at enemy fast cav and warmachines
biting blades are coool!! especially on an As.chump, -3 save you say?