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04-09-2008, 18:24
Have a game tonight against my friends daemons. First time I'll be bringing my dwarfs.

He plays Nurgle/Tzeentch. Big unit of Plaguebearers, big unit of Horrors, a Herald for each, and then some form of support unit, most recently Flamers.

The Ironbreakers are my favorite unit, and I took the thunderers to help against his flamers and to soften things up. The bolt thrower is to try to think out a few plaguebearers, and I'm hoping the Thane can take his Nurgle Herald in combat.

I'm thinking of either castleing up in one corner, or doing a battle line with a strong infantry center. I'm on a pretty rough losing patch right now, so I'd really like a win.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Characters 134

Great Weapon
MR of Kragg
Rune of Flaming
Rune of Resistance
Rune of Gromril

Core 485

20 Warriors
Full Command

10 Thunderers

10 Thunderers

Special 380

20 Ironbreakers
Full Command
Rune of Stoicism

Bolt Thrower
Rune of Burning

Total 999

Chaos Undecided
05-09-2008, 15:27
I think you could really do with a Runesmith to combat the spell dice superiority a herald of tzeentch and a large unit of horrors (and potentially the Nurgle Herald as well) will give him so you might have to sacrifice a unit of thunderers to make room for one.

Your thane looks ok you just need to be careful going up against his herald of Nurgle as they can have a few powers which ignore your armour (although generally require toughness tests so a Thanes fairly safe).

Rune of Courage on the IBs banner would be a safer bet if you can spare the points as well.

Regarding the skirmishers generally an Organ Guns the best option but I cant really see you fitting one in here so I guess the increased chance to hit from Thunderers is the best option (their armour piercings pretty useless versus daemons but the increase accuracy vs skirmishers still makes them a better choice than the cheaper Quarrellers)

Little Aaad
05-09-2008, 16:10
- Rune of Flaming
- Rune of Kragg
- 1 Thunderer unit
+ 1 Quarreler Unit
+ Runesmith

Just for added mage protection and so you dont get outranged by the likes of high elfs. Solid as is, though.