View Full Version : 1500 Wood Elves - 2nd try!

04-09-2008, 18:27
After the feedback to my first list, I've made some small adjustments.

Noble - Light Armour, Shield, Great Weapon, HoD Arrow, Helm of the Hunt, Alter Kindred 158

Spellsinger - 2 dispel scrolls 140

12 Glade Guard - Musician 140

12 Glade Guard - Musician 140

6 Scouts 102

8 Dryads 96

8 Dryads 96

5 Glade Riders - Musician 129

5 Glade Riders - Musician 129

6 Wardancers - 108

6 Wardancers - 108

6 Waywatchers 144

Total 1500

Benigno (WE)
04-09-2008, 19:44
You have no anvil units in the army, you may add a treeman or a Ethernal Guard unit, or be very carefull with your movements :/

Any charge to your troops will end in an inevitable defeat.

04-09-2008, 21:43
You have no anvil units in the army

That's kind of the point.

The only juicy targets are the Glade Guard units, and the enemy has to go through hell to get them. I really can't see any point in adding a unit worth >200 points.

Redundancy and flexibility were my main concerns designing the list. Having played against these kinds of lists, I know that it's difficult for opponents to set priorities. Nothing is worth very many victory points, or is indispensable to the plan.

05-09-2008, 01:41
Overall I like it, rather similar to my own builds in terms of a very hard to pin down army. I liken it to forcing your opponent to attempt to nail jello to the ceiling.

On a housekeeping note your glade guard units are actually 150pts so your actual army cost at present is 1510 (your current actual math is 1490).

Some thoughts:
The musicians on the glade guard probably don't add a whole lot. These guys are probably far enough back a single flee move will get them almost off the board. Additionally, I'm not convinced going over 10-man units is worth it. I often go with 12 and the occasional 15 (gasp!) but am finding 10 usually the best bet.

Also since you have waywatchers and glade riders I'm not sure the scouts really add that much in terms of march blockade for the price.

If you shrank your glade guard to 10-man units without musicians and dropped the scouts you'd gain 162 points which is easily another unit of dryads, glade guard or glade riders, or even warhawks (you have a spare special slot). The glade riders and especially the warhawks would seriously augment your already good movement/march-block/annoyance factor.

The only other issue for me is that I like to have champions in my dryad and wardancer units to improve their number of attacks over their frontage. If you're not averse to this, I think you've certainly got room to free up the points for this.