View Full Version : Banished Dark Elf Tribe

Little Aaad
04-09-2008, 22:05
Going for a very rebelious feel, the idea being that Toryl took a War Hydra to battle without permission and was exiled. She didnt get assasinated, but now roams between Lustria and Naggaroth.

185: Toryl, Dark Elf Sorceress - Sacrificial Dagger, Pearl of Infinate Blackness
155: 20 Dark Elf Power Tokens - Full Command, Shields
117: 5 Dark Riders - Repeater Crossbows
117: 5 Dark Riders - Repeater Crossbows
136: 8 Shades - Additional Hand Weapons
119: 7 Shades - Additional Hand Weapons
175: War Hydra


05-09-2008, 00:42
looks good to me.

For the storyline It sounds good, but a banished person sacrificing her own troops when she can't get new ones... Well guess shes in a Frenzy

05-09-2008, 02:59
Well if you're going to sacrifice, expand the unit to 25 so you'll have a chance of full CR when combat ensues. Otherwise I would just go for the Cloak of Darkness, it'll be more efficient for small points values like this one imo. Other than that the list looks great, man you are going to have a pretty nice shooting phase!

Little Aaad
05-09-2008, 16:30
Yeah, they arnt for combat, I am thinking of removing Full Command, but hey, I had 15 points spare!