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05-09-2008, 00:54
I have 60 spearmen and about 50 CB men. should i use the spearmen to slowly advance behind my assault troop(whitch elves and cold one knights) while my CB keep up a steady rate of fire while supported by my bolt throwers? Any1 have better tactics?
I forgot to mention that these tactics would be used against Orcs and goblins.

05-09-2008, 03:19
that sounds like a very boring game. how about you drop like 30 CB and throw in a Hydra and some BG or Exec to spice things up

05-09-2008, 03:23
I'm assuming (praying is probably more accurate) that the spears and Repeater Crossbows are in multiple units? (Something like... 3x20 spears and 2x25 RxBs?) Anyhow, I usually don't like leading with the expensive stuff, (Except for my HE and their ASF) Because the lead regiments tend to get shot/charged/magicked/stabbed to death first.

Personally, I'd advance the spears, using the Witchelves and Cold One Knights to guard flanks while keeping the Repeaters firing. (Both kinds) I don't know the range of the repeater crossbow (I think 24"?) So moving up first turn could be useful.

Basically, the spears are your anvils, and Witchelves/Cold One Knights are your hammers. Tie them down with spears, then slam them with your killy units. Not knowing your opponent's build (or the rest of your army) not much else I can offer.

If you have a strong magick contingent, consider hanging back and letting the Repeaters and Mages do their thing while the Spears provide meat shields/power dice.

05-09-2008, 17:18
Dont be afraid to move and shoot with wour crossbowen, if you fight an oponent who sets up missile troops on a hill (and lets face it when there is a hill in your deployment zone who dosen't put some form of unit on a hill) cause 10 guys in 2 ranks of 5 will pump out 20 shots, fair enough you would need 6s to hit but as each unit would only be 120 pts a pop you get a load of dice todo it with. The point of the dark elves is attack, you have to go for it or you'll be beenten into a bloody T3, 5+ save on average pulp.

Also get a lvl 2 sorceress give her the sacrificial dagger and pearl of infinite bleakness, put her in a 30 man spear unit and let rip with a lot of magic. A level 2 dark elf sorcereress is the only lvl2 mage in the game that you would want to roll a 5 and a 6 for when choosing magic spells