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08-11-2005, 21:55
I have seen some of these scattered around in different threads, but I wanted to consolidate them into one and be selfish enough to apply this to my army.

My first game was in a 4 week 1000pt league where your army list was locked down from week 1. So I played and realized my initial Runes were way off and almost not that useful. The league is almost over and I am about to move my army list around.

We go into a new 1250pt league in two weeks and I added a few more items into my army. which will consist of 20 Ironbreakers w/ Command, 20 Warriors w/ Command, 20 Thunderers w/o Command, Flame Cannon, Dwarf Cannon, and a Runesmith or a Thane. My tatics usually involve holding a corner or hill and forcing them to come at me. I am about to try moving foward and flanking on a small scale, or using full on straight forward marches.

Can anyone suggest rune combinations between the Iron Breakers (50pt Standard), Dwarf Cannon (Engineering Rune), and either the Thane (50 pts of any rune) or Runesmith (75 pts of any Rune).

I don't think I can fit both a runesmith and thane in a 1250pt game.

I am looking for 3 types of configurations:
1) Dwarf Army vs. Non-Magic Army
2) Dwarf Army vs. Heavy Magic wielding Army
3) Well rounded configuration for either. (Like a league where my list is locked for 4 weeks).

One Combination I heard of:
Spelleater Rune and Rune of Luck
- Allows you to reroll to eat the spell if you need to. If sucessfull on first 4+ roll to eat the rune, the run of luck is useful for many other things.

Any other suggestions?

Again, thanks in advance for any advice and tips. Also, please excuse me if I misjudged what forum to place this in. Still figuring out ettiquite on this board.

Tormentor of Slaanesh
09-11-2005, 22:06
are we talking just anti-magic runes or runes generally.
personally i just have a runesmith with 3 runes of spellbreaking for anti-magic at any level.

09-11-2005, 23:44
Runes Generally.

Tormentor of Slaanesh
10-11-2005, 18:24
well, rune of resistance with rune of gromril and rune of spite is good.
rune of fury and cleaving makes a mega thane.

12-11-2005, 12:40
I usually have 2 runesmiths with anti-magic and thats it, I don't find runes that helpful on characters to be honest.

My General and BSB can function prety well without runes.

On warmachines I might take one or two, but usually I prefer to go for rank and file than anything fansy.

Bran Dawri
12-11-2005, 16:38
I tend to use a tooled-up lord for 2K points and up.

MRO swiftness, RO cleaving, RO fury (or two RO cleaving) in a unit hammerers.
Each wound that the lord causes is a potential 3-point swing in combat resolution. Gotta love that.
I also enjoy making a BSB with a 1+ rerollable armoursave.

Beyond that, there aren't many useful combinations that I'm aware of, save the ubiquitous 1+ rerollable, 4+ ward unkillable dwarf character armed with greatweapon.

Tormentor of Slaanesh
12-11-2005, 21:29
Beyond that, there aren't many useful combinations that I'm aware of, save the ubiquitous 1+ rerollable, 4+ ward unkillable dwarf character armed with greatweapon.

Which we all love.
I have a bolt thrower with rune of penetrating, just for chariots, in this edition at least.

13-11-2005, 15:12
Standard rune combo which are cheap and effective,

Stone thrower, rune of accuracy
Bolt thrower rune of penertrating
Cannon rune of forging

For my runesmith in 2000 I take 2 spell breaking, rune of warding and a rune of stone.

I always go rune heavy and in 2000 points I take tooled lord and Bsb with a rune smith. I think I spend 350 points on runes for the 3 characters, as I put so much effort into tracking something to fight down that when I get their I want to kick its ****.

2 of my fondest memories is my ironbreaker taking a charge from 10 choosen knights of khorne lead by an undivided Lord and champion of khorne on table 1 of a GT qualifier (note not sure if characters with incorrect marks can join units but wasn't fussed about it). Ironbreakers kicked their **** and broke them first term.

The same unit has also taken a charge from a treemen in the rear, woodelf scouts in the flank, and dyrads in the front. The tooled characters kicked **** and won combat for me.

Runed up characters are one very very cool being as runes are the defining element of dwarfs and separate them from all other armies, and secondly they are very useful.

Anyway more on point, 1250 your have plenty of magic defence anyway so the don't need a runemith. If worried still a rune of battle and a rune of warding on your ironbreakers as they are likely to be a target.

Take a thane with, cleaving, fury and rune of stone with Grom armour and a shield. Gives him 4 str 5 attacks and a 2+ save for 115 points

Gratnuk Ironfist
15-11-2005, 08:09
I take a GW and the unkillable rune combo for my lord vs chaos and any other army that relies havily on their knights, then Mro Swift + ro cleaving + rune of fury with ro stone and spite when against horde armies.

My rune smiths (I take two in a 2000pt army that is going magic heavy armies) give 3 dispells and Mro balance. Whcih works generally well, especially in torunaments.

My longbeards always get ro Battle.

The BT, one has ro of penetrating and then depending on the enemy the second either gets ro penetrating+ ro fire or ro flakkson. The ST gets ro accuracy.

And that's about it, I always do my best to have numbers of single unit strength.