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06-09-2008, 05:21
So now that black reach is out, i finally have officially got my hands on the new rules. So i figured it was time to update my advanced rules for use with the new edition. And here they are, i hope you enjoy.

07-09-2008, 12:41
Hi Torga_DW.
I have had a quick read through, you seem to have brought some Epic Armageddon ideas into 40k, and 'blended' them very well!

Just one question, why didnt you use a movment stat?

Anyhow, Ill give em a try out!

PS , how would you feel about a re-write of '40k +your advanced rules ', to include all your ideas , but in a more elegant way? (40k rules are a bit clunky , I didnt mean you had done a bad job!)


13-09-2008, 20:42
Hiya, thanks for responding.

I've never played epic armageddon, i just made changes i thought were sensible based off what i hear on the forums.

Well a movement stat would require a much greater change to the game. I'd have to include stats for everything, which would mean codexes were no longer self contained. And the fleet and run rules would need to be changed, although that in itself wouldn't be too hard. I guess if i got enough positive feedback i could do it.

I could make an all-in-one ruleset, but then i wouldn't be able to post it on the forums here due to copyright infringement. Again, if i got enough positive feedback i'd consider it.

I hope you enjoy the way the rules change the game. Imo it makes this a lot more fair and tactical. Please let me know your opinion after trying it. :)