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06-09-2008, 08:52
this list has a small defencive flank and a compact hard hitting one.
let me know what you guys think.

Dreadlord 282pts
- hand weapon, sword of battle, heavy armour, enchanted shield, sea dragon cloak, black amulet, cold one

Master 342pts
- hand weapon, death piercer, heavy armour, shield of ghrond, sea dragon cloak, manticore,

Sorceress 185pts
- hand weapon, lvl 2 wizard, sacrificial dagger, dispel scroll

Warriors (22) 169pts
- hand weapon, spear, light armour, shield, full command

Crossbowmen (10) 100pts
- hand weapon, repeating crossbow, light armour

Black Ark Corsairs (10) 100pts
- hand weapon, repeating handbow, light armour, sea dragon cloak

Cold One Knights (9) 267pts
- hand weapon, lance, heavy armour, shield, standard & musician

Cold One Chariot 100pts
- hand weapon, spear, repeating crossbow

Shades (5) 80pts
- hand weapon, repeating crossbow

Reaper Bolt Thrower (2) 200pts
- hand weapon, light armour

War Hydra 175pts
- beast scourge, hand weapon

2000pts total

i'd like to get some comments on the list it's meant to face high elves (not very shooty)

06-09-2008, 10:31
well you got a lot of points wraped up in your hero on a manticore, if you insist on bringing him I suggest giving him the pendant of khaeleth, always give one of your characters that pendant, it will make them almost imposible to kill, I would drop the lord all together and make it a hero lvl character, I havnt been impressed with lord lvl melee de for the points they cost.

1 lvl 2 sorceress in a 2k army will do nothing, I recomend bringing 3 lvl 2's esspecially against high elves, they have the best magic defense in the game, or bringing one or two lvl 1 scroll caddies. In my opinion black guard are a must have in any armie by far the single best melee unit in the game and give them the always strike first banner that will allow you to fight in innitiative order agains the high elves, they have initiative of 6, or 7 if you put a hero in with them, only 2 units in high elves can match a 6 with out a hero, now if you decide to reduce your sorceress to a lvl 1 caddie dont bring the spearmen, and dropping the lord to a hero should free up some points for a unit of black guard. other than that it looks pretty good, dark riders are also good harras and march block, good luck. 9 cold ones seems like a big unit, since you wont get a rank bonus, I usually just bring units of 5 with no upgrades, that makes them 135 points a unit and is no biggie if they die but still hit just as hard.

06-09-2008, 15:02
they have initiative of 6, or 7 if you put a hero in with them

That is not correct. If the Black Guard have the ASF banner and then have a hero in them, they aren't all Initiative 7, only the hero is.

Anyways, Like DarkStarr said, drop the dreadlord. Too many points for almost nothing too special. IMO, I would say turn him into a level 1 scroll caddy. You'll need it against High Elves and V counts.

With the leftover points from dropping the dreadlord and adding the lv 1 sorceress, try adding another unit of warriors (20) or another unit of Corsairs(10)