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06-09-2008, 20:21
I have a very fast army (Doombull list.) No unit I own has a speed under 6. I find it very bothersome that I have to slow down my lines so that my slow-assed chariots can keep up. Sure it works well when I am facing an opponent that is advancing slower than I am. (Set up counter charges/flank charges, etc.) But when I am in a race to cross the board these units constantly under perform! I am thinking that instead of 3 chariots I should add 2 nice units of centigors. These are units I know will be there when I need them, and with their additional attacks on the charge I think they can do more damage than a chariot as well. What have other beastmen generals found in regards to this matter?

06-09-2008, 20:30
Until you fail stupidity tests and they bumble across the board :P

06-09-2008, 20:36
That would be poor rolling indeed to first roll the stupidity, and then fail the test.

07-09-2008, 15:20
While I'm not a Beasts general, I've fielded Centigors constantly for many years in my Mortals army. I've seldom felt disappointed; their track-and-field skills and occasional bout of 'angry' (ie, frenzy), far outweigh their less frequent 'dumb' (ie, stupidity).

That said, the Tuskgor Chariots' auto-hitting impact hits might be missed. Worth trying though, I'd say.

10-09-2008, 20:58
No one else has traded off chariots for Centigors?

10-09-2008, 22:24
Personally I use 3 chariots and 2 units of centigor. As you said, centigor are fast enough to nearly always be charging on turn 2 and can in the right situation deal a lot of damage. Being able to move through woods, not cause impact hits when they flee and their ability to break ranks are all very decent advantages over chariots.

Chariots on the other hand provide impact hits which are extremely helpful. I find my beasts often outmatched in 1 on 1 combats and the small frontage of chariots is a very effective way to get combo charges in. They only need to be corner to corner with the enemy to be at (almost) 100% effectiveness. Also, they're your best bet against Always Strikes First stuff. Oh yeah, and they can reroll psychology for free and don't take 25% casualty panic tests unlike centigor.

So, I'd try to fit both in somehow :)

What else could you drop? With the lame magic item selection in the book I normally minimise characters. I also generally limit herds to screening and baiting duty so don't spend a lot of points on them. Hope this helps.

10-09-2008, 22:58
As you said, centigor are fast enough to nearly always be charging on turn 2 and can in the right situation deal a lot of damage.

Hitting what though? And did you need to hit it?