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06-09-2008, 22:02
I'm going to be getting into Warhammer within the next month. The only thing holding me back is that I'm not sure what army I want to build. So far its been narrowed down to Daemons, Tomb Kings, and Lizardmen. I want to have a list that's a play style that I'll enjoy but that can also remain competitive against the friends I'll mostly be playing against. They run VC, Dark Elves, and Daemons as their main armies but can also bring Skaven, Orcs/Goblins, Ogres, Beastmen.

So here's what I came up with as a TK army. Correct me where I'm wrong, I didn't have as clear an idea about how the army would play as I do with the Lizardmen/Daemon lists I've made.

Tomb King on Chariot- Armor of Eternity and Chariot of Fire (316 pts)
Hierophant Liche Priest- Incantation Plaque on Casket of Souls (310 pts)
Tomb Prince (100 Points)
Liche Priest- Dispel Scroll and Dispel Brooch (165 pts)
1 Unit of 19 Skeleton Warriors- Swords/Shields with Light Armor (171 pts)
1 Unit of 19 Skeleton Warriors with Bows (152 pts)
3 Units of 3 Chariots- King in one unit (240 pts)
19 Tomb Guard with Musician (246 pts)
4 Ushabti (260 pts)
2 Tomb Scorpions (170)
1 Screaming Skull Catapult with Skulls of Foe (110)

Lord Dan
06-09-2008, 22:56
Don't you have 2 lord selections?

This list is nice and balanced, but you don't really appear to be trying to excel in anything.

07-09-2008, 00:41
Duh, dumb mistake. But it works out to the same point values if I just drop that guy to a normal Liche Priest and put him on a Soul Casket.

Do I really need to change this list to try and excel at something specific? Balance is nice for fighting different types of armies, but I don't want to balance myself into mediocrity.

Here's a 1500 point list in case anyone wants to comment on it

Tomb King (170 pts)
Liche Priest- Dispel Brooch (140 pts)
20 Skeleton Warriors (Melee)
20 Skeleton Warriors (Ranged)
10 Skeletons (Ranged)
19 Tomb Guard (228 pts)
3 Ushabti (195 pts)
3 Ushabti (195 pts)
Catapult (90 pts)

This list has a clearer idea behind it. Basically the skeletons hold things while the Ushabti get spelled to attack twice per turn and beat on them.

07-09-2008, 03:44
Some thoughts.

Never put your Heirophant on the casket of souls. He becomes entirely static and all too easy to kill. A good setup for a heirophant is the Cloak of Dunes and something else. Keep him mobile, and keep him alive.

Tomb Kings need to max out on characters. At 2k-2250, that generally means either a King and three Priests or a High Priest, regular Priest (or two) and a Prince (or two, depending on how many priests you brought). I like the King & 3 Priests combo, but most 'competitive' lists make use of the High Priest.

Tomb Guard do better with a banner. Even a warbanner or the infamous Rakaph to keep them mobile. Give them a champ, too, if you're going to put a priest (or prince) in them.

Princes on foot are made for great weapons. Princes or Kings on chariots like flails.

Consider buying one more skeleton archer and splitting the unit into two. That way you can split up your fire if you need to, and can still use them for cheap redirecters/flankers.

Skulls of the Foe will be useless against VC and Daemons, but are great against other armies.

Tomb Kings really struggle at fewer than 2000 points. They're so character-dependent that you end up with no army. They're also challenging to play vs Counts and Daemons. Tomb Kings rely on fear-autobreaking to a great deal, and both of those armies ignore it.

That said, they were my first army, and I still have a blast playing them. They can be a very rewarding and tricksy army to play.

Grom Hellscream
07-09-2008, 22:18
well, with that 1500 point list, its not yet 2k so you can't have the King....
remember that the incantation of smiting makes it so each model in the targeted unit attacks ONCE, so you'd only get 3 extra ushabti attacks, not 9. I would use your incantations on your shooters to knock out the enemies support units so you can tarpit their main blocks before you flank with the ushabti.
TK are a very picky army, and can be played a few different way effectively, but magic heavy really is a must. so pick up an extra priest for that 1500.

for the 2.25k, feel free to take the casket (remember it counts as a rare) and run your heiro away from it and replace him with another priest (Q+A confirms that it is legal) and make sure that the second priest has either the 4+ ward, or the collar of Shapesh.

Good Hunting.

07-09-2008, 23:25
I slept on it and I've pretty much decided that Tomb Kings is the army that I'd like to play. I like their look best and they seem like there are a lot of tactics involved in playing them.

I made a new list today. I have a clearer idea of what I'd be doing with it. It's basically a magic/shooting army. I would probably add Khalida for 3000 points games.

Liche High Priest (340)
-Golden Anhkra, Cloak of Dunes, Plaque of Incantation
Liche Priest (165)
-Dispel Scroll and Dispel Brooch
Liche Priest (140)
-Hieratic Jar
Tomb Prince (144)
-Great Weapon and Scorpion Armor
20 Skeleton Warriors with Swords/Shields (175)
-Champion and Musician
10 Skeleton Bowmen (80)
10 Skeleton Bowmen (80)
10 Skeleton Bowmen (80)
10 Skeleton Bowmen (80)
19 Tomb Guard (298)
-Full Command, Rakaph Banner
4 Ushabti (260)
2 Tomb Scorpions (170)
2 Skull Catapults (180-220 depending on enemy)

I think this is a pretty good list right now. But If I dropped:
-10 Skeleton Bowmen from the second unit
I could get a Soul Casket for the 3rd Liche Priest. I don't really understand the role (doesnt seem like it should really be in enemy LOS ever) of a Soul Casket, would it be worth it?

08-09-2008, 11:21
The Casket of Souls has two effects. First of all, it means that all enemy magic casts on -1, which is good enough in itself. The main effect, however, is the bound spell which affects everything in LOS. It will either do fairly decent damage to large portions of the enemy army, force the enemy to stay out of LOS from it (which is difficult in many cases, particularly if the Casket is on a hill), or (very likely) force your opponent to save Dispel Dice for negating the Caskets bound spell.

Personally, I don't like it that much. I think it exposes a Liche Priest too much, and while I don't have any firsthand experience on the effectivity of the Casket effect, I dislike army elements that largely play themselves.

09-09-2008, 18:01
I would advise against TK for a beginner army, simply because TK is garbage in any game smaller then 2K.

For 2K, a high priest is just too powerful to pass up, however much fun core chariots are. You need all the magic you can get to compete, even against less then competitive armies. The casket is good fun, but not for the heirophant. It forces the enemy to either avoid it, which isn't easy, or to save dispel die, letting you get more incantations through. And the -1 to casting helps against VC spamming IoN, which is always a plus.