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07-09-2008, 00:49
Alright guys and gals I want some advice on this list.
I want a themed army so I'm looking for a mostly corsair theme here. i know the force doesn't pack a hard punch, but i think it looks pretty solid.
Note that i love the character behinde Lokhir Fellheart and 'The Tower of Blessed Dread' so i included him in my force.

Lokhir Fellheart. 250pts

Master w/ BSB, Great Weapon, Armour or Darkness, Ring of Hotek. 159pts

Sorceress lvl2 w/ Dispel Scroll, Darkstar cloak 185pts

23 Black Ark Corsairs w/ 2 weapons, full command w/ the Banner of Murder-(piercing attacks for the unit.) Lokhir is in this unit. 280pts

23 Black Ark Corsairs w/ 2 weapons, full command w/ Warbanner. Master with bsb is in the unit. 280pts

17 Black Ark Corsairs w/ 2 weapons, full command. Reaver with 2 repeater pistols. (sorceress in this unit) 198pts
Assassin w/ 2 weapons, Touch of Death, Rune of Khain. 151pts

10 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen. 100pot

5 Dark Riders w/ Repeater Crossbows, spear light armour, shield and musician. 122pts

5 Shades w/ Repeater Crossbows, Great Weapons. 90pts

5 Shades w/ Repeater Crossbows. 80pts

5 Cold One Knights w/ Dreadknight. 155pts

2 Reaper Bolt Throwers. 200pts

This is a breakdown of what some of the units do starting from top to bottom.

Lokhir Fellheart is joining the Corsair unit with the Banner of Murder to make his impressive number attacks (because of the red blades) and his unit armour peircing so they can actually chop through armour pretty nicely. he confirs a -2 armour save. good considering he'll probably have 6+ attacks with re-rolls to hit and to wound.

The BsB Master is with the other corsair unit to give the unit an additional point of combat rez. that combined with the units banner/warbanner and his own add +3. plus ranks. he also has a great weapon to do some extra good killing and a great 1+ armour save. also the Rink of Hotek will protect my army from most of the hostile magic.

the Sorceress is in the small corsair unit so that she and her unit looks vunerable and so when they get charged the assassin pops out with lots of poisioned attacks (3+1 ext wpn+D3 for Rune of Kaine) and striking first, re-rolling the hits because of hatred and killing lots. He also hase killing blow which is good for everything.
also the sorceress is there mostly for a little more magic protection and some spell casting. with the Darkstar Cloak and the Power of Darkness spell she should be able to get a couple of spells through.

The Crossbowmen are pretty straight forward. find a good firing spot with the Reaper Bolt Throwers and shoot flanking units and things that i'm scared of.

Dark Riders and there to annoy the enemy's flank, re-direct charges and deny them movement.

The shades do a little bit of everything. shoot. deny marches, and just be a pain in the ars.

The Cold One Knight are just to give my force some good shock troops and flank chargers if they survive long enough. I wanted the unit to stay cheap so i only gave them a dreadknight. putting a banner in the unit would make the unit too many points and also give the enemy a easy 100VP's for capturing the banner.

Note: the army has around 100 models so I'm thinking the enemy might not suspect that there is an assassin in the force because my army is quite large compared to most elf forces. and I'm thinking the enemy will most likely think the assassin is in Lokhir's unit to put real good use to his Merciless Slaver rule (enemy units destroyed and caught my Lokhir are with double VP's.)

let me know what you think ,and if you believe i should make any changes to the army?..

07-09-2008, 02:00
I would love some great weapons on those shades to be able to give some extra punch if needed. I see shades as the handymen in the Dark Elf Army. Shooting good, scouting, annoying and bringing some damage to the fight with big sharp things.

Im not sure about that sorc.. i think i would skip the extra level and just go scrollcaddy. The least you should take if you want to cast some spells are two lvl 2 with dagger and cloak. Then you got a chance in the magic phase. In this way you save up some more points for buying great weapons for the shades and perhaps something extra.

Drop the shields on Dark Riders so they become Fast Cavalry because that kicks ass. You wont be able to use the Flee/rally/move/shoot manouver if you have 4+ save.

Add shields on crossbows, they get a potential 4+ save in CC from the front wich can save their day many times. For example you can charge the sides of units that are engaged by the Corsairs if you need to without feeling theyre too frail.

On the assassin i would add black lotus since if you roll a 6 to hit for poison you wont get a chance to get a killing blow in. And rerolling 1īs to wound will increase the odds even more for a KB.

When i did all these changes i ended up with 2236 points so maybe get a musician or something for the cold ones or perhaps just add one more corsair somewhere.

Hope it helps, cheers. Kaos

08-09-2008, 21:16
it does thank you

09-09-2008, 16:55
Always put GW on shades from what I've heard.

If you go with just one sorc, she won't be able to cast anything against heavy magic armies. Either give her 2x scrolls and nothing else, or put a second l2 in there somewhere

EDIT: just said the same stuff as guy above :). But I do disagree on one point...go with manbane on assassin, not touch of death or black lotus. It will allow you to take down big baddies a hell of a lot easier.