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07-09-2008, 01:03
Lord; Sheild, axe with Ro fury and Ro cleaving, Gromril armour with Ro stone and Ro resistance = 210

Runesmith; shield, Gromril armour with MRo balance and Ro stone = 127

Thane; shield, Gromril armour with Ro stone = 72

Dragon slayer = 50

25 Warriors; shields, full command = 250

25 Long beards; shields, full command = 325

10 Thunderers = 140

10 Quarellers = 110

Cannon = 90

Bolt thrower; Engineer, Ro penetrating 90

Bolt thrower; Engineer, Ro penetraing and Ro burning 95

10 Slayers = 110

Gyrocopter = 140

15 Miners; full command = 190


Ive been tinkering with this for a while now but this will be my (initial) finalised version as it has not yet seen a table.

Grom Hellscream
07-09-2008, 22:11
I'm new to dwarves too.... but i heard that 25 longbeards is just too many, drop them to 20. with the 60 points you save, you can give shields to your gunlines and get the rune of forging on your cannon.

07-09-2008, 22:41
I like big blocks, if I have 20 longbeards I lose a rank at a single casuality (well technically 2 as my lord will be in there) 25 means that I can take some damage and still have enough ranks to matter when I make contact, it may also make a difference against numerous fear causing beasites.

The models dont have sheilds and I cant be bothered adding them so....nah.