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07-09-2008, 04:13
The winds of prophecy told the priests that an invasion was imminent. The skinks scurried and scuttled in preparation. The raids were becoming all to frequent. And despite their losses the enemy continued to return, usually with an even stronger force. It was time to teach them a lesson they would not forget. This would be the largest force hitting the shores of Lustria in some time and the priests were there to make sure it would be a long time before it was tried again. So while the enemies ships still sailed across the seas the skinks began the rituals to call forth their most powerful Lord.

The Orcs were returning to Lustria, undaunted by the disappearance of their previous expeditionary hordes. This time they had hired on some mercenaries. Sure they thought they were better then the orcs, but the Black orc general knew how to use them and sacrifice them to ensure his horde conquered this festering land. The ogre general in the meantime was glad for the coin the orcs had provided but was planning on them not surviving the raid. More loot and foot for the big guys. They each knew however they must overcome the natives before they could claim anything or turn on their meager ally.

>The armies were 2500 pts apiece. Lizardmen had straight 2500 while the orcs and ogres were 1250 each. Separate generals and leadership. Iíve been a big fan lately of Slann. My last 3 or 4 armies have all used one in various combinations. So the plan was to go out one last time with the big one before going back to some Saurus lords.

So hear is my list:

Lord Kroak. Nuff said. 1225 (ouch!!!!)
The Sacred Handler, Level 1 Priest Mark of the Old Ones 100
18 Saurus Warriors ( 6 x 3), Full command 246
18 Saurus Warriors (6 x 3) FC 246
12 Skinks, Pipes 72
12 Skinks, Pipes 72
3 Salamanders 195
Stegadon 235
3 Terradons 105

On initially constructing the list I immediately panicked and made another. This just was not as hard hitting and infantry heavy as I usually play. I made a second gen slann for about half the cost of Good Ole Kroaky Boy. But I figured I would never use him if not now so went ahead with this list. I let both my opponents a few days ahead of time so they could prepare. We usually donít use special characters, and never someone this big.

07-09-2008, 04:14
My opponents went something like this:
25 black orcs with champ.
25 big uns with Black orc general
25 Night goblins
1 Boar chariot
1 stone thrower
1 Giant

5 Iron Guts w/ GW and Hero with 5+ ward save
1 level 1 butcher
1 Slave Giant

They pretty much gave up the magic phase and tried to go heavy on hard hitters. Also a few of the things were just about fun (i.e. the giants).

I pretty much thought I was done for. I just didn’t have anything to stand up to any charges. So my battle plan became this: Throw every spell and shooting at the ogres, take them out and then take some charges from the orcs. I thought I could possibly take them in combat with what I had.

I let them deploy first and they placed the last unit but I still lost the roll to go first. I rolled 2 rerolls on the Old Ones. My spells were Second Sign of Amul for the skink and Kroak had:
Ruination of Cities
Dispel Magic
Creeping Death
Unseen Lurker
Shades of Death
Steed of Shadow
Burning Head

I really, really wanted Pit of Shades but just wasn’t getting it so switched ot get soem damage spells with mym last 2 and ended up with the fire spells. Was really not happy with how it ended up.

Terrain didn’t really have any effect. My zone had a small hill in the right corner. There was an impassable rock formation in my left corner. Just off center we had some spare tress here and there. There was also a hill just outside their zone on the left and right.

They set up with orcs strong to my left, ogres in the middle. It went left to right Gobbos, Blorcs, Ginat, Big Uns.Slave giant Ironguts 1, ironguts 2, butcher behind them, boar chariot on the end.

I went strong right and left most of my left open. I had skinks with sally’s behind them. Then Saurus 1,, Terradons, stegadon behind them, skinks the saurus 2. Behind them I had kroak up on the hill.

I didn’t record the whole battle so will recall best I can. Will only list exceptional rolls or numbers.
Turn 1
Their turn they pretty much came forward. No animosity. Boar chariot went around the back of trees to come down my right flank. Not much for magic. Stonethrower hit right on aiming for saurus 2 in front of kroak. Got 4 partials that turned into hits on skinks and 3 on saurus. Didn’t wound the saurus but 4 skinks dies. Not bad for me. But the ogres and even the orcs were now a lot closer then I was happy with.

My turn I brought the saurus 1 back just a but out of charge range. Skinks all moved up to block charges and take shots. On my left 24 shots at the slave giant yielded 4 wounds. Probably best I’ve ever done. The other skinks wrapped aorund the Ironguts 2, waiting for thr charge. Goal was to have them lead them away from the main army and into my saurus in front of kroak. Moved the terradons up just behind and to the side of the ironguts as well. Lots of shooting, killed an ogre. Stegadons bow missed, even with a reroll from Amul. 2 1's. :( Magic was fo course where it came together for me. Salamanders shot Ironguts 1 with 26 hits. Of course I only die like 6 wounds but none were saved. 2 dead ogres. It was nice to see the eyes widen when I rolled out the power dice. Started right out with Ruination of cities, but it was scrolled. Creeping death on the Ironguts 2 went thru. 3d6 str 1 hits. They weren’t concerned. Rolled 3 6's and they started to think better of it. Did 5 wounds total. Fireball was dispelled. Burning head was out of range. So end of my turn we saw 2 ogres from each unit dead and a couple left over wounds, as well as major damage on the slave giant. I was okay with it, but starting to get nervous. They were really close.

07-09-2008, 04:15
Turn 2

O & O Orcs started moving up but were stuck behind the ogres. IG 1 declared a charge on the salamanders. The slave giant charged the skinks. I declared a stand and shoot against the giant and a stand against the IG. However I failed my terror check with the skinks. They fled staright thru the sally’s (oops, just caught them), who fled in panic. This broke basically my lef tflank and left only the exposed saurus there. On my right the IG2 charged the skinks, who ran at an anlge towards my right corner. They went thru the saurus who were salivating at the now exposed ogres. Not good for me. I now had almost half my army fleeing and right near the table edge though.

Lizards: Time to go for broke I figured. The saurus 1 charged the IG1. Stegadon charged the now exposed side of IG 2. All my units miraculously rallied. Went to magic expecting to do some serious damage. Miscast on Second sign with the skink. Had to use dice to dispel an ogre spell. Failed Ruination once and used a reroll. Failed again (13!!! if only I had my skaven lol). Fireball hit the slave giant but failed to wound. Failed to cast creeping death, Last 2 dice I used on Unseen Lurker. Completely surprised the ogres by throwing the saurus 2 into the front of IG 2. They now had saurus to the front and a stegadon to the side. We did the other combat first and I killed an ogre that had been weakened but then they rocked me. I had luckily moved Kroak up at this point and he was about an 1/8" within 12". They stayed to fight another round but I was down to 11. Now to the other combat. With a failure of a magic phase and seeing my other saurus getting rocked I was looking at the end. My left flank had an untouched orc army coming at it with only 12 skinks and 3 sally’s to hold it down. And on this side the ogres were tearing me apart. I ahd to win this combat. I rolled impact hits first and got a 1. I blew my last reroll from old ones and ended up with 6 hits. At this pint there were 3 ironguts and a hero. He challenged (as he always does...) And I gladly sent my champion to die. I had 6 wounds from the stegadon alone after impact and hits. I did one to his hero from my champion and another 2 the last ogre. He had no one to attack back, but did 4 in the challenge. I still won. A lot. He ran, I pursued with both. Caught him and pursued straight back into the butcher. Stegadon plus 17 saurus. Dead butcher next round. My terradon had charged the boar chariot and did 3 wounds! The orcs failed to hit back and it no longer threatened my exposed right flank.

Turn 3

O & O
Some inopportune 6's on animosity put the big uns directly behind the IG1 so they just turned to face the stegadon and saurus after the ate the butcher and pursued into them. Blorcs kept coming up. Slave giant charged into the combat with IG1 and Saurus 1. They slaughtered them but couldn’t pursue into anything. The orc giant charged the salamanders. They stood and took the charge. Chariot headed back to the boat. No one told them there would be flying lizards I guess. No magic, and stonethrower missed. Into combat we went. Giant did ‘eadbutt for 1 wound. Salamanders attacked back, hit but didn’t wound. Giant stayed stubborn. Butcher died horribly but with positioning I couldn’t get an over run into the Big Uns. Stupid stegadon ran only 6 and ended right in front of the saurus.

I pulled the stegadon now right in the middle of the table around to charge the orcs next turn. Skinks all moved up to start shooting at the remaining ogre unit (down from 6 strong to 4 with a couple wounds on each) and slave giant. Terradons moved back to start throwing jav’s at the remaining ogres. Skinks failed to wound the slave giant but got a couple on the ogres and took one out. No failed panic checks yet for them, which sucked for me. They were pretty much in my deployment zone and though the ogres were being devastated I was losing units everywhere and the orcs were untouched. Magic ended up pretty useless. Fireball killed the slave giant. Ruination failed again. I Lurkered the saurus 2 into the big uns. If they survived the stegadon was now set to charge their side next turn. We did the combat and I did well. Of course the orcs missed completely, including 2 1's and a 2 from the orc general. I ended up losing by 1 after ranks and numbers. But love that cold blooded, we stayed to let the Steggy in. Just had one more round to survive.

07-09-2008, 04:15
Turn 4
O & O
IG1 charged and destroyed the remaining skinks from the left flank. There were still 12 of them, but 2 ogres with great weapons and a hero were too much. They died valiantly though. The ginat yelled and bawled. Failed my break check and was run down. My left side was now done. I had to win the combat in the middle of the table, or survive the round. The battle had now moved to run length wise on the table with everything converging to the middle. My saurus wiffed horribly but luckily so did the orcs. I still lost by 1 or 2 but Kroak was near and they were sturdy.

Boy this was going badly. My opponents were very happy with what they were doing. My magic was almost useless. My units were breaking. All the spectators were singing my funeral dige. Never give up though. Some very poor rolling from me couldn’t last. I am one hell of a lucky roller. SO we started with a side charge on the big uns who had the saurus engaged to the front. They were down form 17 when the combat started to 12 or 14 but hadn’t lost any attacks yet. I love the 6 wide saurus. Last 5 skinks moved over to shoot at the ogres. Kroak who seemed to still be asleep finally woke up in magic. With the Butcher dead I had free reign. First thing I did was throw Ruination right next to the black orcs. Of course it scattered directly towards the center. A roll of 10 ensure dit would hit everything except the steggy who was just outside. 10 hits on the orc giant, 5 wounds. 8 on the Blorcs, 5 wounds. 5 more to the big uns, 4 to the saurus. Only 3 hits on the skinks, only wounding once! The faithful shall be saved! Did one more wound to the damn Ironguts who just wouldn’t die. Now for Lord Kroak himself... 2d5 str 5 hits And fo course I roll... 12 hits! Lol It was awesome. So worth it. Everyone was laughing. Cool. But alas, t6 and 2+ ward save meant he took no wounds. Ahhh that would have been classic... With a fireball I took out the ogre general, who was now walking around with just a hurt ogre trying to get a bead on the terradons and skinks running circles around them. Shooting took out the last Ogre so they were now done.
Just had to wipe up the orcs now. Broke the big uns but failed to catch them. Had 6 impact hits and finally hit with my saurus.

Turn 5


Big Uns failed to rally and ran further, but were heading towards the left table edge which was a long ways away. The Blorcs tried to come up but ruination cut their movement in half. Gobbos moved up and threw a fanatic at the steggy but he came up short. Guess he needed more shrooms, err motivation.


Moved after the big uns. Moved saurus, terradons and skinks to quarters to capture VP’s. Kroak ran after the black orcs. Fireball, Creeping Death and Burning Head and they panicked.

Turn 6

Everyone rallied. Gobbos moved away from the steggy. Stone thrower continued shooting at nothing.


Charged big uns with the steg but couldn’t break them. Didn’t run myself though. Blasted the crap out of the Blorcs again, got them under half. Last shot hit them with everything and a lucky 11 on panic check I had destroyed the Blorcs as well.

So that was it. I had lost a unit of skinks, sally’s, saurus and half of another saurus. One skink unit was under half. Stegadon was untouched. I had killed the ogre general, had 2 quarters and 2 standards.

It looked dark at the beginning but some good rolls and opportune rerolls and charges saved my butt. Bottom line is they couldn’t touch Kroak. Maybe not a fair match up. Even when he hit himself 12 times he was untouched. While at the beginning I was lamenting his point cost right bout turn 4 he became worth it all. I realized about turn 3 there was no stopping him. They were lucky with my poor spell rolling early on, but ti wouldn’t, couldn’t last. Definitely need 6 turns though. We usually only make it thru 4 and that would have sucked for me. Things like slann really need time to ramp up.

Over all awesome game, One of the most fun i’ve had in a long time. Probably never use Kraok again, but he was a blast just once.

08-09-2008, 16:28
It was a theme game to take out kroak and they 'gave up on the magic phase'? Your lucky he had only one dispel scroll.

I just can't stand Kroak. So many points for basically that 1 spell which first you have to get off (and as you found it isn't easy to do), then hope it isn't dispelled (6 scrolls are cheaper than the difference between a 2nd gen and kroak), then hope you don't misfire, and then hope your scatter goes well.

If he had the same rule as teclis where any double was irresitable then he'd be worth that massive amount of points.

Thanks for doing the battle report though : )

09-09-2008, 00:21
It didn't start as a theme game. And I cannot explain one bit why they didn't try to slow the magic down at all. I guess they figured more troops, get in fast and hit hard. However, as I said we don't typically use special characters, and have never used Kroak before. So none of us really knew what was going to happen. A couple more dispel scrolls could seriously have hurt me. Or even another caster to try to take out. I had the Butcher gone in 3, ony because I had left him alone. If there had been more I would have to have sent skinks, terradons or some spells their way and saved some shooting on the units and giants.

I really just took him because thought it would be fun to see if he was 'worth it'. This time, yeah I guess, but I can;t say he would always be. If I had not gotten Ruination off when I did then he would have been useless. of course had I gotten it off a turn or two earlier... lol It really is all about that spell with him and that bothers me.

My alernate Slann was this:
Second gen
BSB, war banner
plaque of dominion, tepok diadem of power

I think that would have put him at 610. HALF the cost of Kroak and I would have gone all Shadow and gotten Pit of Shades. That would have been just as deadly as Ruination as it would have )hopefully) gone off more.

09-09-2008, 01:33
You don't go plaque of protection? I didn't used to. Thought my 8 wound monster with a 4+ ward would be just fine... then the cannons hit... *cringes*

Well it was good to see a report with him though. It's a shame when a special character almost never gets used.

11-09-2008, 13:13
My background is a skaven player. I have toruble looking at a list that doesn't have many and huge blocks of infantry. I usually sacrifice and item or a hero to get another block. And I really like saurus, as over priced as they may be. The only issue I am having is that with the spawnings they ar enot very cost effective wither with my current run of blocks of 16. It would mean I would be paying an extra point per model or more in most cases. And usually it's the +1 as spawning, so they get expensive quick.