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the blind knight
07-09-2008, 16:57
Well the impossible has happened yesternday.I have played a 500 points battle of warhammer 40 000 with fully painted,converted and based army.Of course I got smashed by a 32 firewarrior army.

But that is not the point.The point is that it was,as far as creativity and art goes,the thing that I am most proud in my life so far.

In that name my hunger for 40k doubled so I am opening this project log so that it will push me to my first 1k points painted.

First thing first

Here is my to do list:
finish painting one kroot
finish painting the shasvres burst cannon
finish painting two sniper drones and a spoter
paint the broadside
paint the devilfish
convert/paint 3 krootoxs

Damn i have a lot to do now that I have finally put it to paper.Anyway here are the pictures with a short description of conversions and similar:


First of all a mandatory shot of my room/workbench which has a total of 3 square feet.



As you can see I am also a Alan ford ;D

Now finally we move on to models.First we have two crissis suits:



The left one is the commander with a converted necron weapon(plasma rifle) and the other is the deep striking suicide suit with the converted weapon being a shortened burst cannon and a twin linked flamer.

Now thats out of the way I presume that you are wondering why the hell I have so many races in the Tau army.Well I have to say that I have been toying around with an idea for a while.Here it is:

Tau mercenaries.

To get one thing straight there are not like Farsight.They do belive in greater good but there concept of greater good differse from the main Tau people.Aldo they are not banished from the Tau empire for the simple fact that the empire doesnt know of their activites, they do not posses the same supplies like the other cadres.

Hence my army is configured to the Farsight rule(only one of preety much anything except suits and firewariiors)and why it relies heavily on alien species.

So how bad is my fluff idea? ;D

the blind knight
07-09-2008, 16:58

Next are the stelath suits which are pretty straight forward.



Now these are my two troop chocies which are all converted at least a little but nothing major so I will let you spot the small changes.

That concludes the original 500 points that were fighting yesternday and now comes the WIP part for the 1k count:


the blind knight
07-09-2008, 16:59

Sniper drone team.The only larger conversion being the spooter and of course the sniper drones are actually IG snipers ;D



Now this is interesting.To the left is a fantasy Ogre Leadbelchers representing a krootox and on the right the new white dwarf ork miniature as a kroot shaper with pulse carbine(heavy bolter)


Last and by all means least is the devilfish and broadside which are undercoated so you cant see a damn thing:

Lord Inquisitor
07-09-2008, 17:06
Like the red and white check thing you've got going on those devilfish! Not sure the basebal caps are very Tau, though...

I like the idea of proxying other races in. Not sure the Orks are really with the whole Greater Good thing though.

07-09-2008, 17:10
The devilfish looks amazing! I can't even see it, it's camo scheme is so good! ; )

But I like what you're doing with this.

08-09-2008, 08:20
Devilfish is spectacular.

The drone/gutplate swap is clever, and the suicide crisis suit idea is interesting.

08-09-2008, 12:24
Nice Devilfish ;)

I do really like your idea of using other races models to count as Tau stuff, fits in nicely with the Tau fluff.

(Though as Lord Inquisitor says, perhaps including an Ork is stretching it a bit!)

08-09-2008, 13:39
Bloody Croat! :P

nah, you know I love you, baby. looks good, can't wait to see more.