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07-09-2008, 21:34
You heard me.

A bunch of races these days seem to have these this time around, The Wood elven alter kindred, the vampiric flying battle standard, the Almost flying saurus and to a certain extent, the 14" running ogre dude.

So how do people actually weild these things?
And what are the best combos for the job?
I made this thread for a discussion of these things, and other related topics.

Here are the examples i came up with (mostly vamps, since i like 'em, not tried any yet though):

The flying blood-SCUD: 200pts
Battle standard.
War banner.
Avatar of death (2nd hand weapon)
Flying horror

+2 combat res basic, and 4 attacks, and he can fly.
Rather vulnerable though, so not so effective i'd say, but still an idea.

Running blood-SCUD: 225pts
Battle standard.
Armour of night.
Sword of battle.
Talisman of the lycni.
Infinite hatred.
Walking death.

The one i'd try if i ever would want to, this guy can run an impressive 18" per turn, is hit on -3 and has a static combat res of +2. And he has 4 re-rollable s5 attacks to swing it further in his favour, this guy can actually with a bit of (i.e a lot) luck beat a fully ranked unit :eek: Slightly vulnerable though, so make sure you hit hard and don't ger yer skull cracked in! .

And the last, but definetely not least experimental:

The missile of hand delivery: 200pts
Flying horror.
Avatar of death (2nd weapon, shield if you really want to survive.)
Hand of dust.

A very overpriced but still fun vampire. He flies straight in to your opponents minor units (skirmishers, warmachines whatever.) and unleashes his hand of dust, 2d6 s5 hits and his 4 s6 attacks are not to be sneered at! The drawback is ofc that he has a low chance of survival (depending on his target) and that you have to get the spell through, so make it count!

Lord Dan
07-09-2008, 21:57
Brettonian SCUD:

Barded Warhorse, Banner of the Lady, Virtue of Disipline

Charge this guy into a ranked unit without a character in it (Or, if you're feeling gutsy, with one.) Challenge the champion and smash him into the ground. The enemy gets no rank bonuses, gets no bonus for outnumbering, and the banners wash. That way the combat is won strictly on wounds, and this guy wins almost every time.

07-09-2008, 22:10
Da Green Arra!

Goblin Warboss
No armour - + spear.

Wollopa's One Hit Wunda + Brimstone Bauble.

Or, One Hit Wunda + Triksy Trinket.

Goblin charge, goblin dies but kills his target. Classic Greenskin style :D

07-09-2008, 22:15
A Herald of Tzeentch on a Burning Chariot... a lot of points.

BSB + Standard of Unholy Victory (+d3 combat res)
Iridescent Corona and maybe Master of Sorcery: Lore of Fire for some Flaming Sword of Rhuin loving. That or maybe Flames of Tzeentch... oh well.

I think this guy is pretty beastly. 20" move due to Flying, impact hits and s3 hits on anyone in base contact, not to forget that there's a static +2-4 combat res. With a Flaming Sword, it'd be pretty awesome too.

I've never played this but I intend to test it the next time I play. Which might or might not be sometime this year.

EDIT: I think that it also cancels ranks? Not sure, don't have the book handy. Also this seems more like a nuke than a SCUD.

07-09-2008, 23:01
For the Goblin, I'd go Tricksy Trinkets over Brimstone Bauble every time. Sure the Bauble can be nifty, and do something neat once in a while. However, bypassing the Ward of a War Altar or Daemonic Herald and taking it out early in the game beats "neat" every single time. For all the gimmicky stuff you want Bauble, but for most of the game-deciding important stuff, the Trinket is pure gold.

Anyway, this is my suggestion.

Dark Elf Master, on a Dark Steed, with the Web of Shadows. Use a Cauldron of Blood to put a Strength of Khaine on him. Charges 18", inflicts 2d6 Strength 3 hits with Killing Blow.

It's great for taking out tooled-up characters early in the game, especially ones without a good Ward. Be careful of enemy champions who can draw him away from your target, but remember that the champion has to be in combat to challenge. Often, even if your target of choice is in a unit containing a champion, it's possible to get the lone torpedo into contact with just the target and not the champ, due to his small frontage. I've used this guy against Vampires with great effect in the previous edition, and now (with Killing Blow) he's even more lethal.

07-09-2008, 23:29
HE BSB with full armour, lance and battle banner... doesn't even need to do wounds to beat a fully ranked unit...

08-09-2008, 00:14
An updated version of the old Strigoi flying circus...for 2k

Vampire Lord
Flying Horror
Avatar of Death
Infinite Hatred
The Carstein Ring
4 re-rollable attacks with effective AFS, and can be sent on suicide missions to assasinate wizards. Can also exchange the Ring for some other items.

Walking Death
Infinite Hatred
Talisman of the Lycni
Sword of Battle
Gem of Blood
Soft to shooting, but powerful in CC.

Vampire BSB
Flying Horror
Avatar of Death
Flayed Hauberk
Black Periapt
As BSB is key to keeping characters alive in case of bad luck, he gets the 2+ save.

Flying Horror
Avatar of Death
Goes with one of the other characters.

The characters also give a decent magic and magical defense (8 PD, 7 DD). They are supported by only the fast stuff - Varghulfs, Fel Bats, Black Knights. Ghouls are there as core, for the extra 8" movement before game start.

08-09-2008, 00:16
my standard oldblood:

Oldblood, spawning of the old ones, quetzl and ItP. light armor

sword of might, enh shield, 4+ ward vs str 5 and up, jag charm

5 str 6 attacks, rerolls, 18 inch run/charge. this guy can do it all.

Da Black Gobbo
09-09-2008, 15:04
WE Highborn, greatweapon, alter kindred, item that makes enemy allways strike last, helm of the hunt, cast over him is you want some bear anger and you got a bomb.