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08-09-2008, 04:08
What are the rules for having a stubborn general lead non-stubborn troops?

08-09-2008, 04:58
Eh, erm, well... troops use his Ld, which is unmodified, but if he wasn't in the unit the unit would modify his Ld, so, really, I don't know... good question. I think the unit would have to test on modified Ld, but like I said, I'm really not sure.

08-09-2008, 05:06
The unit becomes stubborn. Pg 78-79 of the BRB.

08-09-2008, 08:05
KF and banner of sigsmund here I come!

Stubbon LD 10 for everyone in 18 in. (I really hate failing break tests.)

08-09-2008, 10:14
The banner of Sigsmund makes the bearer and his entire unit Stubborn, so Karl Franz his unit of Knights and BSB on barded steed (I'm assuming you are having the Emperor on steed) would all be stubborn because of the banner, you dont have to worry about the whole stubborn character ina unit problem. It is important to note that other troops within 18" of the Emperor would not become stuborn, they just become Ld 10.

10-09-2008, 05:43
gee, thanks, glad I got that cleared up... (you are right, right?)

10-09-2008, 06:19
gee, thanks, glad I got that cleared up... (you are right, right?) They certainly are. A non stubborn character that joins a stubborn unit lets them use his Ld modified normally or their own non-modified stubborn Ld. But a stubborn character that joins a non stubborn unit lets them always test on his stubborn Ld, basically making them stubborn (at least until he's killed).

The only possible exception would be a DE assassin who can be stubborn, but never lends his Ld to the unit he joins and so probably never makes them stubborn either.

12-09-2008, 23:21
so no stubbornness within 12 inches of my general huh? dang, and it was such a good idea too...

Lord of Skulls
13-09-2008, 10:11
But what if your Stubborn character is within 12" of a Stubborn unit?

13-09-2008, 10:26
A unit uses the best Leadership available to it. If it is led by a character, it may use the character's Leadership; if the General is close enough, the unit may use the General's. All of these Leadership values may be effectively reduced by combat resolution modifiers. A model with the Stubborn trait, however, ignores combat resolution modifiers - but the unit only benefits from it if the Stubborn model is in the unit. If the General is not in the unit, then regardless of his Stubbornness, if the unit borrows uses his Leadership it is still subject to combat modifiers.

13-09-2008, 10:27
Sorry if this is a little off topic but I find this consensus quite interesting, in another thread everyone has a massive problem with the idea that the icon of despair (-2 ld to all units within 12") for daemons should effect units testing on a generals Ld who is outside its range as they says it only effects the units Ld not his and they test on his Ld but everyone thinks it is normal for units to modify his Ld for any other reason even though he himself is not affected by those modifiers (e.g combat resolution modifiers). What do you all think?

13-09-2008, 12:08
The General passes his *Ld value* only to units within range - pg 82
Modifiers then changes this Ld value - pg 36.

Icon of Despair use the phrase "their Ld" which is nebulous and hence heavily debated but lets not go off topic.