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08-09-2008, 22:50
Hello on octobre i have a tourney with about 30 people in which you play once a week or each two weeks and whenever you loose 3 battles you are discualified.

I dont have my demon army fully built so i want some advice to know what to buy. Here is what i have been thinking.

I want to play a competitive list since here on tourney people goes to win at all cost, and last tourney i took a fun list and i had pretty much trouble though i made it to the semifinals, but this time i wanna go for the win which is 200€ on model (nice)

Bloodthirster Goremane = 515
- Immortal Fury
- Armour of Khorne
- Firestorm Blade

Herald of Tzeentch = 165
Master of sorcery

Herald of Nurgle = 240
- Lvl 1 sorcerer
- Battle Standard Bearer
- Great Standard of Sundering

19 Plaguebearers = 240 (Cadaver goes here)
- Standar

10 Horrors = 120

10 Horrors = 120

5 Flesh Hounds = 175

3 Screamers = 90 Pts

3 Flamers = 105 Pts

3 Bloodcrusher=230
- Standar

ED = 7; DD = 6

Total Models: 57

Total points = 2000

The level 1 on Herald of nurgel is for the spell which gives 1 to stats.

The HoT can get the lore of beasts which will either give him the chance to cast againts monsters and so with 2 or 3 dices. or cast to make the HoN strong which will gain 6 S7 attacks and T6.

another change is to give the HoN the palanquin taking off a few bearers or the standar from the bloodcrushers.

O BTW since the daemon faq has not come out on my home languaje where we play it is not taken into account so HoT can also go for full tzeentz, and sudering is actually affecting IoN and such spells

I would also love to add some furies but i have no ideas of where to get the points from

09-09-2008, 12:44
anyone throw some advice?

09-09-2008, 15:34
Thirster is perfect.

Crushers are best with a Khorne herald to make them hate. Otherwise hounds are a better choice.

I am not a fan of screamers and the flamers unit is too small, kill the screamers, buy more flamers.

09-09-2008, 18:23
which size screamers unit do you people use? wouldnt a bigger unit be too vulnerable?