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08-09-2008, 23:33
Well here is another list for the same tourney which is another option im thinking off

"Hello on octobre i have a tourney with about 30 people in which you play once a week or each two weeks and whenever you loose 3 battles you are discualified.

I dont have my demon army fully built so i want some advice to know what to buy. Here is what i have been thinking.

I want to play a competitive list since here on tourney people goes to win at all cost, and last tourney i took a fun list and i had pretty much trouble though i made it to the semifinals, but this time i wanna go for the win which is 200€ on model (nice)"

Keeper of secrets = 595
Lvl 4
Siren song

1 Herald of Tzeentch = 260 Pts
- Sorcery Master
- Winged daemon
- Greater icon of dispair

1 The Masque = 90 Pts

16 Bloodletters = 222
- Full command group

10 Horrors = 120

10 Horrors = 120

5 Flesh Hounds = 175

3 Screamers = 90 Pts

3 Flamers = 105 Pts

3 Bloodcrusher=230
- Standar

ED = 7; DD = 6

Total Models: 57

Total points = 1997

Do you guys think this could work?

The HoT can allways keep up with KoS and the masque thanks to flying, does will go in and terror make run everyone or casting the spells which 1D6 that keep on hitting or area spells for panic tests

The we have for a flank the doggies and the screamers and for the center the bloodletters and the blood crushers and the flamers

08-09-2008, 23:58
i see your idea but there are some things u need to consider. 1) allure is 25 points Temptator = 50pts. and what is the benefit of the bloodletters without a herald? for this type of army i would suggest taking 3 core units of horrors (10 each) and then filling special slots with flesh hounds and the rare slots with flamers and fiends of slaanesh. this will guarantee army action in turn 2 (where you WANT to be). and if u have any remaining points put it into getting some furies as cannon fodder and screens.

09-09-2008, 12:43
thanks rocky i know about the bloodletter but not enough money to buy more than 20 horrors for the tourney. and i have the letters.

i could change things around to make a herald fix and change battle tatics check my other list

09-09-2008, 13:48
I wouldnt bother using just 3 screamers, from my experience they die too easily, use the points on more flamers.

09-09-2008, 18:22
how many screamers do you people use?