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09-09-2008, 12:40
Greetings to all!

I've just returned from the Las Vegas Grand Tournament, and wanted to do a quick post up here! I'm beat and exhausted from the trip and partying, and I'm about to shower and take a much needed nap! :lol: Just thought I'd get this Battle Rep ready...

So Thur late afternoon my boyz Toby & Paul pick me up from work, we zoom around to get my models (left them at Ricky's pad), back up to my place to get my luggage and hop on the road for a 2 1/2 hour drive up to Vegas. No traffic, nice weather, we arrive around 8pm, meet up with Mike and go to his Time Share room, grab some 2 liters of Coke-Cola and I break out my large bottle of Johnny Walker... :D ...so a couple hours later I've finished off all but a swig of the bottle by myself (Toby did have 1 drink though), and I'm pretty hammered and cracking jokes and talking lots, and lots of smack to my boyz, who of course are doing the same in return! :lol: Good times! I eventually get to tired to drink or smack talk, and pass out around 2am...

Friday morning starts with me waking up like I hadn't drank at all! :huh: I felt completely fine and even ran around the time share room waking up the rest of the guys (it was about 7am) giving them some elbow drops and more smack talk! We all get showered, dressed, and packed up for the Doubles Tournament and head over to Treasure Island Hotel/Casino to register for the events...

As we get into Treasure Island Hotel/Casino, and find the escalators downstairs we run into a very hot hoola girl named Haana'leeka who was a waitress at the Hawaiian style bar downstairs. She was passing out flyers, and all the gamers were just kind of ignoring her, almost either timid/shy or embarassed because we all were carrying our models around. I have no such shyness, or shame, so when I passed by I said "hello", she replied "hi", and started to ask me about the models I had! I stopped to chat with her for a few minutes (about 10 actually) while Toby and the guys watched on in amazement I guess. She asked me to come back and visit her when I got a break inbetween rounds of the Tournament and I said "of course!"...

We find the elevators heading up to the meeting halls where everything was set up at, and all of a sudden my head started to pound, and my stomach started to twist and turn on me... :huh: ...I found my Kommando boss and good buddy Chris "Go-Go" and started to inquire as to how I could get a ticket for the event, as I still didn't have mine. One of the photographers, Eric, offered me his for only $100 and I quickly snatched it up! Sweet, I had $40 more to eat/drink with! Dave Taylor, Tim Liason, John Shaffer, Alan and the rest of the GW Staff boyz all came out, said hi and we chatted a while amongst ourselves about Tournament predictions, new Army Books, the NFL, etc. My stomach continued to hurt, while my head had a gremlin trying to escape! I think that bottle of Johnny Walker finally caught up with me!

We filed in, I met up with Matt "The Legend" Lewandowski and his fiance Nicole (who also works for GW as a Paint Judge). We quickly signed up for the Doubles Tournament that was about to start, and I went to find myself some coffee!

After catching up with all the GW Tournament Staff, Matt and I got our table assignment for Round 1 of the Doubles Tourney...here's our lists...


1x Herald of Nurgle; Noxious Vapours, Stream of Bile

21x Plaguebearers of Nurgle: FC, Seeping Decay
14x Plaguebearers of Nurgle: FC, Seeping Decay

3x Beasts of Nurgle


1x Herald of Tzeentch: Spell Breaker

18x Horrors of Tzeentch: FC, Icon of Sorcery
16x Bloodletters of Khorne: FC, Skull Totem
11x Chaos Furies

6x Flamers of Tzeentch

Our lists weren't bad, and functioned exactly as I planned, but 2 huge factors costed us dearly.

First, I was severly hung over, and having to concentrate on not puking on the table and being "that story in Vegas".

Secondly, my dice were just horrid! I couldn't pass a Ward Save, Cast a Spell, Hit, Wound, etc.

Game 1 we faced off against a team of Empire & Dwarfs. We barely scraped out a Minor Victory. Game 2 we battled against a Skaven & Wood Elf team, and my dice rolling was so bad that I was actually able to count how many successful Ward Saves I made throughout the whole game...6...so I was left with just a single Flamer with 1 wound on it...we were horribly Massacred. At this point I was both frustrated and sick, but Matt was trying to cheer me up. Game 3 began and it was against 2 of my friends Carlos and Mike who used a High Elf/Dark Elf team. We now Massacred them horribly, with my dice still not doing well at all. In the end we won nothing, and both earned some good ribbing from the Event Organizers as to how did we manage to "not win?"...

I grab some grub with the boyz, and try to relax that night. No more drinking for me for a few days I figure!

Saturday morning arrives and we get up at 7am to be at the Hall by 8am for all the announcements and initial pairings. I still felt like $#!+ and everyone could tell! I check the board, and I'm on Table #12 vs Jeremy Smith...

GAME #1: Jeremy Smith (Vampire Counts)
Scenario #1: Capture Objective Markers (3 in total)

Jeremy was a very pleasant guy, who I'm sure I've met at some other big Tournament though we hadn't played yet. He had a great looking Vampire Army, with lil' bats on every model! Every Skeleton and Graveguard and Fell Bat had at least 1 small bat floating around on the base. Truly cool to look at, and very well painted! Jeremy and I exchanged lists, and I realized right away by just talking with him a bit that he's a crafty veteran. Looking over his list I groaned a little, as he had Mannfred Von Carstein, a Lvl 2, and Wight BSB w/Regen Banner...a few big blocks of Skeletons, 3 units of 4 Fell Bats, large block of Graveguard w/Banner of Barrows, and 5 Blook Knights w/Ward Save Banner vs Missles/Shooting. This was going to be a tough game...

And was it! I attempted to isolate Jeremy's Blood Knights with my Flesh Hounds by staying just at the base of a large Hill on my right, while he did the same with his Knights. Flamers unloaded in one of the Skeleton on my far left, while Horrors crept up the right to unleash Flickering Fires/Gifts of Chaos. My Herald of Tzeentch had rolled Bolt of Change, and promptly Miscasts on Turn 1, doesn't take a wound but looses the Spell and a Level! :rolleyes: stupid dice...

We jockey for position, Plaguebearers fight against one unit of Skeletons, he has Mannfred pop out of the Graveguard who I'm closing in on with my Bloodletters & Herald, and into the 3rd Skeleton unit. Flamers dust off 2 of his Fell Bat units (should've wiped out the 3rd in hindsight), etc. I finally take out 2 of the 3 Skeleton units, kill all the Graveguard w/BSB, kill his Lvl 2 support Vampire, I loose my Flesh Hounds to the Blood Knights (horrible dice rolls again for me for 2 full combats). I have 2 of the Scenario Objectives pinned down with my Flamers and I have Mannfred's Skeleton unit surrounded, and only 2 Blood Knights remain...I'm up by around 1,250 VPs...

Bottom of Turn 6 begins, and Mannfred unleashes a hell of Magic! He Danses his Blood Knights into my Horrors right Flank, then Danses Mannfred w/Skeletons to their front, raises back 1 Blood Knight (now breaking my Ranks), and extends his 4 pack of Fell Bats to 8 strong! He strung them out in such a crafty way as to take both the Objectives I had away from me!!! Combat goes horribly wrong, and I fail 7 out of 8 4+ Ward Saves, then roll box cars back to back for my Instability Tests! Bye, bye Horrors w/Herald of Tzeentch...and about 600+ VPs!

Game ends, we tally up the VPs, and I'm ahead by 578...22pts short of the Major, and he has earned all 3 Scenario Points! A great game, well played on Jeremy's part, and I believe he gave me his Favorite Opponent vote, so I again thank him! I look forward to more games bud!

I now have 13 Battle Points and lunch begins, with me in a very bad mood...

Lunch was a small buffet as part of our tickets, but I didn't eat much. My buddies new that I was mad because I had made mistakes throughout the game, and that my dice just sucked serious A$$...I should've had the Massacre, but Mannfred's ability to throw dice like no other Vampire came through. I hate Special Characters, but considering the "No Comp" scene, I don't blame or hold it against Jeremy for bringing him.

I wander back to the Hall, find my new table assignment, #21 vs Corey Mellish....

GAME #2: Corey Mellish (High Elves)
Scenario 2: Diagonal Deployment, capture more Standards

So with my Minor win and no bonus Scenario points, I get moved down to the second row of tables, much to the surprise of many apperently. My opponent was a younger guy, Corey, who I'd have to describe as a newbie when it comes to Fantasy...he's played many 40K GTs, but this was his first shot at the Fantasy side. He and one of his buddies flew in from New Jeresey, and were both quite ecstatic about the whole event. We chatted a bit, exchanged lists, looked over the Desert Table we were assigned to and began setting out dice to find the Deployment Zones.

Corey was very cheerful, and really relaxed the whole time. I think at first he may have been a little nervous when we first started talking, but he warmed up quickly and the game went very smoothly.

From what I can remember, this was his list...

1x Teclis
1x Mage: Lvl 2, Ring of Fury

25x Spear Elves
25x Spear Elves: Standard, Musician

15x Phoenix Guard: Standard, Musician, Banner of Sorcery
7x White Lions
18x Swordmasters: FC, War Banner
5x Shadow Warriors

4x Bolt Throwers

At first I was quite worried! The amount of Magical Assault he could unleash coupled with 4 Bolt Throwers was quite scary...but Corey's dice rolled as poorly as mine! :lol: His first Turn of Magic, he Miscasted his first Spell with Teclis which was of course ignored, then Miscasted his 2nd Spell and promptly drained he pools of Magic and ended the phase!

He made a lot of beginner mistakes, mainly marching up Teclis in the Phoenix Guard right in front of my Flesh Hounds, while his other Mage was in the Spear Elves with a Standard/Musician parked in front of my Beasts of Nurgle. I promptly charged with both, killed both Teclis and his support Mage thus shutting down his Magic. Swormasters got hammered by Magic and Flamers for 3 full Turns before they got to charge my Horrors on a Hill...after Combat Res was calculated, the Hill gave me the Draw! Herald of Khorne w/Bloodletters hit their left flank, broke them and Pursued them to the far edge of my Left. He Rallied with the Swordmasters, but again my Herald w/Bloodletters charged them, cut many down, and broke them, this time catching them! White Lions attempted to catch my Flamers, who easily blew them away, while my Furies took out 1 Bolt Thrower. He fired a lot into my Furies, reducing them down to 3 models, at which point I walked them into a Woods behind the Hill he had his Bolt Throwers pearched on. Beasts of Nurgle finally died, but only after taking on both Spear Elf units for 4 rounds of Close Combat. My Herald of Nurgle w/Plaguebeareres hit one unit in the Flank, broke them, then hit the front of the other, effectively tying each other up till the end. Remaining 3 Bolt Throwers wiped out my Flamers, but not before they took out 4 out of the 5 Shadow Warriors so they couldn't contest/hold a Table Quarter. Flesh Hounds eventually got grounded out by the Phoenix Guard, as I couldn't get through the 4+ Ward Save...

The Game ends, and after Table Quarters, captured standards, and dead units/characters I edge out the Massacre! I also gained all 3 Scenario points! After the game ended, I talked with Corey quite a bit who was like a sponge for information on how to field/play his High Elves. I gave him my advice as to how I'd play them, maybe change a few things in his list, and we laughed about all the crazy dice rolls that we both had...mostly all bad!

So I walked away with 20 more Battle Points, Big Quentin (Phazael) had bought me a beer to take my edgyness down a notch or two, and we prepared for Game 3....

GAME #3: Dan Armstrong (Empire)
Scenario 3: Capture 4 markers

I was quite relieved to find out my Game 3 was against a buddy from Seattle, Dan "The Man" Armstrong! He and his gaming group from up north are all great guys, and I've played against several of them last year in both the Team Tournament and regular Tournament! I think Dan was also relieved to be facing my Daemon Army, and not one of the other nastier ones. He brought a very well balanced, tough list...

1x Empire General
3x Warrior Priests

25x Swordsmen: FC
*10x Free Company Detachment
25x Spearmen: FC
*10x Free Company Detachment
10x Handgunners
10x Crossbows
9x Knights of the Empire: FC, War Banner
10x Bowmen: Scouts, Skirmished

5x Pistoliers: Musician
5x Pistoliers: Musician
2x Great Cannons

1x Steam Tank
1x Hellblaster Volley Gun

I won the dice off to go first, and since we were on Table #5 now, I figured this game was going to get a bit tense...but it never did! I moved my Horrors onto a Hill on my left, Flesh Hounds went up the far right, the rest up the middle. I get Bolt of Change off with my Herald of Tzeentch, and get 7 hits at S(6), getting a few wounds, but Dan makes all but 1 Armor Save...his first round of Shooting at long range, skirmished (Furies) is hitting on '6s' with his Hellblaster, Handgunners and Crossbows, but he does well and eventually inflicts 9 wounds of which I only make 1 Ward Save! 8 Furies go down, and I'm already begining to worry...

Dan wisely moved his Steam Tank full tilt boogie towards my Horrors on the Hill, as I had hoped, so I reversed back 2" which took me off the Hill...now his Steam Tank couldn't charge them because he was on the other side and had no Line of Sight. Flesh Hounds chase off both Pistoliers eventually, Bloodletters recieve a charge from the Knights w/Priest, win and break them, but fail to catch them. On my Turn I charge them again, and they Flee off the table, while Flamers unload on his Detachment for the Spearmen. Beasts of Nurgle wiff against his Swordsmen w/Priest and General, and end up taking too many wounds to Instability over a couple of Turns of combat.

My 3rd turn I moved up my Horrors to the edge of the Hill where Dan had parked his Steam Tank (thus he wouldn't get the +1 for higher ground). Magic did nothing, Flamers wiped out more Spearmen, and Bloodletters w/Khorne Herald marched around. His 2nd Cannon blows up early, while the 1st one just couldn't find it's mark! It either under or overshot or just Misfired and stuck in the ground for no bounce. Hellblaster didn't do much to the Flesh Hounds, only killing off 1 before it got ran over, while my Furies attempted to take out the 1st Cannon...they wiffed and the 3 crewmen killed 2 Furies, leaving 1 all alone and loosing Combat by 4 and no General around...bye bye!

Plaguebearers get stuck in with his Swordsmen (Priest & General) while my Khorne units mopped up his Crossbows and Handgunners. Eventually I break them on Turn 6 while his Steam Tank finally grounded out the last of my Horrors and Herald of Tzeentch. A lot was happening and going on during the game, but it was never an arguement or a question raised between the two of us! After points were added up, I had a Major Victory, but was 32 VPs from the Massacre! <_< I gained a couple of bonus Battle Points, and get 16 Battle Points for this win.

Dan was a gracious player regardless of how bad either of our dice rolled, and I look very much forward to facing him again, as well as his Seattle boyz!

Day 1 of the Vegas GT was over, I had 3 Victories though not the type I was used to. I ended the day with 49 Battle Points and was hoping to avoid any tough Armies and/or players for tomorrows Game 4...

I decided to just head back to the room and get some rest, though hanging out with Haana'leeka was fun, and I'm sure staying the night at her place would've been rather enjoyable, I was much more focused on the GT!


09-09-2008, 20:37
Well I've read up to game two now.

The biggest tactical mistake I can see you made was not hooking up with that girl inbetween the matches ; )

Crazy that the VC player came backa nd won after it looked like he was done for. When you can raise models and magically move them the game is never over until it's over.

Good that you gave the HE player some tips.

I'll keep checking back for when you post the next battles.

10-09-2008, 15:05
Forget the game man! How did you make out with the Hola Girl?

11-09-2008, 20:59
My alarm wakes me around 7am, I hop in the shower, and begin to cross my fingers about who I'd be playing today...most of my buddies have been razin' me because I haven't Massacred everyone like I normally do...So now I'm of course feeling some pressure!

GAME 4: Bill Edwards (Bretonnians)
Scenario 4: Kill more Characters

I find the posting of who/where I'm playing and realize I'm about to play one of the best players here on the West Coast since the dawn of time! Bill Edwards has won several GTs, and placed in the Top 10 and all the rest I believe!!! He was up in San Fransico at the Quake City Rumble laying the beat down there, and somehow we never got lined up to face each other...well today was the day! I was very nervous and started pounding cups of coffee like it was going out of style...

We were set to play on Table #5, so I sat my things there and watched all the tables around me get paired up. A lot of Daemons were floating around and almost every Army was tooled out that were playing on the Top 8 tables! I felt like I had brought a gun to a cannon fight...the round starts and everyone around me is playing, but Bill still hadn't shown up yet! As Alan begins to make announcements for players who don't have an opponent yet, I have to raise my hand, which of course becomes an easy joke for Alan (GW Staff mgr) as he poins out "no one wants to play you Touradj, I don't blame them!" :lol: :lol: This gets a pretty good laugh going throughout the hall, and I myself laugh it up as well. Bill finally shows up, guess his Army had been moved by one of his buddies back up to their Hotel room. We immediately start to roll for Terrain placement, Spells, etc. and chat for a while.

Turns out Bill has been playing Warhammer longer than I have! I started back in 3rd Edition, while ol' Bill has played since 1st Edition!!! :blink: I knew I was going to be in for one hell of a scrap and good game! Bills Brets looked something like this...

1x Bretonnian Lord; Grail, Virtue Challenge, Gromril Helm, etc.
1x Paladin: BSB, Grail, Virtue +1 Combat, War Banner
1x Paladin: Grail, Pegasus, Virtue Killing Blow vs Large Targets, etc.
2x Damsels: Barded Steeds, 3x Dispel Scrolls in total

6x Knights of Realm: FC
9x Knights of Realm: FC
9x Knights Errant: FC, Errantry Banner
5x Knights Errant: FC

5x Questing Knights: FC, Valorous Standard
3x Pegasus Knights: FC

5x Grail Knights: FC

Lots and lots of Knights! I liked his list because it wasn't overpowering but tough. I knew that he'd earned his way up to Table #5 with all the power builds out there by playing well, and this game was no different! His Army kneels and prays to the Lady while my Daemons move forth...

Turn 1 I bounce my Flamers into a Building on my left, while the Horrors march up to use it as a Flank protecter of their left flank. Plaguebearers up the middle, with Flesh Hounds inching up to their right. To their right the Bloodletters angle in some as the Beasts of Nurgle pull up and angle in more to face the center of the table. I plant my Furies along the middle of the Bloodletters and Beasts of Nurgle to see forward and string them along the back side up to the Woods and Hill on my right. Bill and I had placed terrain in such a way as to create the "Valley of Death"...there was a Hill, Woods/Building on the Left, and a Woods then Hill on the right. Only the center of the table was completely free for LOS and movement.

My Horrors cast their first Spell, Flickering Fire at his large pack of Knights Errant and I promptly roll triple '1s'!!! 4 Horrors poof back to the Warp! Then my Tzeentch Herald trys for Flickering Fire and he rolls '1', '1', '2' and takes a S(8) hit failing his 4+ Ward Save of course... :rolleyes: ...I do hate my dice, but it made for some great ice breaking between Bill and I as I just laugh it up and give Bill a high five saying "that's how we roll!" The Flamers unleash hell upon the Questing Knights w/Damsel, get 6 wounds but Bill passes all 6 Armor Saves... <_< :lol: ...Ok, it's going to be one of those games!

The game continues on and we have all kinds of mishaps with bad dice rolling, mostly me of course. The Building on the table turns out to be Bill's undoing as he had no troops that could assault it, and I hid my Horrors in there while my Flamers bounced around blasting his units to pieces.

My Plaguebearers take a big charge from his Errants w/Errantry Banner and General & BSB w/Grail Knights, hold loosing only 1 model, and eventually get Flesh Hounds into his right Flank, and my Horrors pop out of the Building, and left Flank him the following turn to add Unit Strength and numbers to a long fight...

Bill's dice go south on him, and he starts to fail a lot of Armor Saves and only 2 Break Checks, but it's enough to give my Daemons the advantage they needed. A mistake on where to charge his Pegasus Knights in the late game ends up sealing his fate and the game ends in my favor. We tally up VPs and I'm up by 1,187....just shy of a Massacre! We laugh and shake hands and start to fill out our Sportsmanship sheets when one of the Rules judges reminds us that we miscalculated the big combat...I don't mind since Bill was an excellent sports about the whole game, but Bill insists (like a true good Sportsman!) that he should have to make the relevant Break Tests. His general (all alone at this point) passes them both, but his Pegasus Knights fail and Flee which gives me the Massacre...I offer to keep the Solid Victory as I had a true blast playing Bill, but he felt I had earned the Massacre and thus should take it.

Bill Edwards, I salute you as a player bro, more should endeavor to have this attitude! I pick up the scenario bonuses and get another 20 VPs thus putting my total up to 69 Battle Points...

Just about everyone hurries to get lunch (boxed) but I stick around and have a long conversation with Bill. Turns out he trains in MMA as well, and we exchanged a lot of funny stories! His passion for this game (Warhammer) is evident, and he and I both agreed that the Comp System is sorely missed...

GAME #5: Thomas VanDyke (Daemons of Chaos)
Scenario: Diagonal Deployment, capture more markers

Oh boy, I'm now on Table #2 vs a fellow Daemon player and very good one at that in Thomas VanDyke. It's no wonder that he's buddies with Bill Edwards and several other great players that made the trip from California bay area! Looking at Thomas's Army I figured I really can't beat his list, the "Great Wall of Nurgle" is just too much for my Army to cope with straight up...

1x Great Unlcean One: Lvl 3, Nurgle's Trappings
1x Herald of Nurgle: Lvl 1, Palanquin
1x Herald of Nurgle: Lvl 1, Staff of Nurgle
1x Herald of Nurgle: Lvl 1, Staff of Nurgle

16x Plaguebearers of Nurgle: FC
19x Plaguebearers of Nurgle: FC
19x Plaguebearers of Nurgle: FC

3x Beasts of Nurgle

OUCH!!! :blink:

Ok, so I figure I truly have to try and out play Thomas who's a very chill and nice guy. We were both feeling the pressure of being on the upper tables, and realizing that the outcome of this game was going to make or break either of us. I decide to split my Army up during Deployment to force him to spread out and fight my fight, not his.

Far left (Diagonal going from my right up to my left) I placed a Hill and a Building (I do love Buildings!). There was a Woods and a Hill on my lower right. Up on the Left I placed Flesh Hounds, Beasts of Nurgle, then Flamers behind the Building, and Horrors peeking out the side of the Building. Bloodletters kinda held the center, then to their far right went my Plaguebearers hiding behind the Woods and my Chaos Furies.

Thomas kept it simple with all 3 units of Plaguebearers w/Heralds in his middle, and the Great "Unkillable" One and the Beasts of Nurgle towards my right near my Plaguebearers and Furies.

I win the dice off for the first Turn and gladly take it! I move up my Flesh Hounds and Beasts of Nurgle to fake a hard sweep from my left, while the Flamers hop in the Building Plagubearers inch up using the Woods on my right to protect their right Flank, while Furies Fly over the Woods to get out of LOS and march block the Beasts and Great "Unkillable" One. Magic kills off 1 Plaguebearer, while Shooting does the same...this was going to be really tough if he keeps passin most of his Ward Saves like this!

Thomas Marches up most of his Army, and unleashes his Magical Assault which I'm able to shut down just this first Turn.

My Turn 2 has my Plaguebearers move up to tempt his Beasts of Nurgle and/or Great Unclean one to chage them. Bloodletters make a nice march from the center of my lines to my right to set up fake counter charges. Flesh Hounds and Beasts of Nurgle spread out, trying to set each other up for the Flank counter charge on his oncoming unit of Plaguebearers I've been blasting. Furies fly over to march block his 2 units of Plaguebearers in the Center, the Beasts of Nurgle and the Great Unclean One! Good ol' Furies...Magic kills off 2 more Plaguebearers, while Shooting does the same...damn he's passing a lot of Ward Saves! So much for Flaming attacks!

Thomas now commits his Beasts of Nurge to charge my Plaguebearers while he moves his Great Unlcean One out of range of my Bloodletters w/Herald. His 2 units inch up just 4", while the farther unit I'm blasting moves up full 8" to try and force the issue with my Flesh Hounds and Beasts of Nurgle. His Magic gets off Rancid Visitation on my Flamers, killing 1 off. Also now has Miasma on all 4 Characters. Beasts of Nurgle are lined up so that 2 are corner to corner with my Herald BSB on the far end. I like this as now Noxious Vapors slows them down! The far Beast gets 5 attacks but fails to get any wounds through on my unit. I then have Thomas roll seperately for the other 2 Beasts and both get 5 Attacks each. The middle model is in contact with my unit Champ, so I needed to know how many, if any, attacks were going that way. He allocates 5 of his attacks to my BSB, which fail to get a wound through, then attempts to allocate the last 5 on him as well. Here we had a bit of a Rules issue. I didn't allow him to make those attacks, because he needed to allocate them all at once. He said that was his intention to direct them all at my BSB, but I told him it looked like he was just directing enough to kill him, didn't do it, then wanted to direct more at him to make up for bad dice rolls.

Thomas relented and directed some of them at my unit champ and the unit itself, but again he either wiffed or I passed the Ward Save. My Herald did manage to wound 1 Beast, so I win Combat by 7 (THE CHOSEN NUMBER!) and he uses his nearby general's 9 to roll...and gets a '3' so he takes a wound.

My turn 3 I charge my Furies into the Rear of his 3rd unit, the one nearer my Bloodletters and Plaguebearers, while the Herald of Khorne charges out of his unit into the left Flank of his Beasts. Bloodletters manuvere around, while Flamers bounce out of the Building onto the Hill behind hit, allowing my Horrors to enter the Building now. Flesh Hounds and Beasts of Nurgle now back up creating a greater angle between them for the oncoming Plaguebearers. Magic takes out a couple more Plaguebearers, as does Shooting, and in Combat my Furies manage to drag down 1 Plaguebearer! YEAH! I take 1 wound back, loose Combat 6 to 3, and test off my now nearby general's 8. I roll a '7' and loose 1 more Fury. My general now unleashes his Firestorm Hellblade on the Beasts, but Thomas continues to pass Ward Saves, and only 1 wound gets through. My Herald BSB wiffs, as does the unit, Thomas directs the left Beasts attacks against my general, and announces correctly that all 9 attacks from the other 2 Beasts are going against my BSB. No wounds get through either side, and I win Combat again by 7. This time he rolls a bit higer and 2 of the Beasts go down!

The game actually continues on with me moving units around to create the fights I need. His Plaguebearers eventually kill off my Furies and combo charge with his Great Unclean One into my Bloodletters who hold them off for 3 rounds of CC! Eventually my Herald of Khorne hits the Rear, while my Plaguebearers hit the Flank of the Great Unclean One and we have a big nasty fight for 3 rounds! Flamers and Horrors team up to completely wipe out one unit of Plaguebearers w/Palanquin Herald, as my Beasts of Nurgle get in the Rear of his 1st unit fighting my Flesh Hounds and we just roll pathetically!

In the end, my ability to split his Army apart and fight the fights on my terms gave me 579 VPs ahead of him, just shy (again!) of the next step up win. I still take the Minor Victory and earn all 3 bonus Battle Points! I end up with 15 extra bringing my total to 84 Battle Points for the weekend.

Thomas and I had a tense game at some spots, and I'm sure it was mostly due to both of us being on Table #2 in a hard fought battle. I look very much forward to playing him again, and I'm sure we'll have another great game!

The GT ends, dice are down, and all my stress starts to seep away...I go 5-0 as I had hoped, and faced some really, really good players who had either tough balanced lists or just powered up! All 5 games were very fun, while Bill Edwards eeked out a Favorite Opponent vote from me!

I sit around with Matt "The Legend" Lewandowski and my buddy Bill Curry chatting about Tomb King builds and how I play mine, etc. when they begin to make the Announcements...in the end I take 2nd Best General (the other guy had 85 Battle Points), and 13th Overall! Much better then last year, so I'm happy!

Hope ya'll enjoyed the read!

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
11-09-2008, 21:11
Great report, I really enjoyed reading it:) keep up writing the good reports.


11-09-2008, 21:24
Five games and five wins, hard to beat that : ) It sucks when you're just short of a massacre.

I thought the bret team would give you trouble, but if they can't beat you on the charge then it's all over (flesh hounds in the flank).

12-09-2008, 10:21
Great batreps and even better played games. I like it how before every match you fear the worst (nasty army, good enemy player etc.), but always come out on top ;)

12-09-2008, 12:19
Great reading :)

12-09-2008, 17:41
Much thanks to all! I did have some fun with the hoola girl, Haan'leeka, but I decided against going back to her place to spend the night...needed to save my energy and focus on my games!

20-09-2008, 03:06
Nice to read some GT battle reports. I play against a multi-Canadian GT champion weekly at our local club (and run his qualifying events) and it's interesting to see the kind of army builds and tactics that go into winning those games. I find I can win around 80% of my games with fluffy/balanced lists against similar lists, but my win percentage dips to MAYBE 50% with my Brets and High Elves against highly competitive lists. I also find I can beat anything I can make run away fairly easily, but I just get stuck so badly against Undead or Daemons.

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
20-09-2008, 06:25
Much thanks to all! I did have some fun with the hoola girl, Haan'leeka, but I decided against going back to her place to spend the night...needed to save my energy and focus on my games!

Hehe, well then you are different then me:p, if a hot girl wants to sleep with here I would no longer care about the tournament outcome. Altough I have a girlfriend so she wouldn't be happy if I would do such stuff:p

20-09-2008, 22:25
another set of nice ones.
As for your first day hangover, if you were mixing cola and whisky (as seem implied :) )you deserve it for your blasphemy

22-09-2008, 19:33
TheSanityAssassin: That's about the norm for most Armies. Armies that are "reliable" are much harder to defeat, because they take away certain game mechanics. Breaking, Fleeing, Panic, etc. are all gone when facing Daemons, Tomb Kings or Vampire Counts. But, this reliability comes at a cost...

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: :p Well, I don't have a significant other for about 4 months now, so I was in the clear! But I have plenty of "friends with benefits" out here, so my focus was on the reason I went to Vegas...Collect Skulls, Spread Plagues, and Corrupt w/Change!

SevenSins: Not the combination of...just drinking a whole bottle wasn't my brightest idea! Should've picked up some Makers Mark...